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Wine Video 28 - Love The Champagne Lifestyle - For Under £10?

Love the Champagne lifestyle? Want great fizz but for under a tenner? - 110.769

Perk Up Your Love Life With Some Gosset Grand Rosé!

Hi my name's Rebecca Dunphy with the perfect wine to spice up your love life. Call me fussy, but it would be positively unromantic if 'he' turned up with some cheap pink fizz. I want quality Champagne and believe me the best wine to perk up your love life is... - 113.689

Wine And Cheese - Why Not Try Whisky Instead?

For some there is only one thing to drink with cheese -- and that's wine -- but break the rules and try Whisky instead! - 111.49

Which Wines Go Best With Venison?

Rebecca Dunphy chooses a wonderful organic, no sulphur added wine to go with Paul Webbe's roast loin of wild venison with cassis sauce and poached pear. - 111.562

Wine Video 27 - Wine On A Diet - Can It Be Done?

Hi, my name’s Rebecca Dunphy with some top tips on what to avoid and which wines are best – when you’re counting calories. The calories in wine come from sugar and alchohol, so I’d recommend you go for wines with lower sugar and lower alcohol. - 125.139

Wine Video 26- Soave With Chestnut Gnocchi And Wild Mushrooms

We often think of mushrooms as the red meat of the veggie world that demand savoury reds. But Paul's dish is sweet, creamy, nutty, and I think a full-bodied white will be a better match. - 112.022

English Sparkling Wine With Stilton

Move over Port, let's find an English wine to go with Stilton! Hi my name's Rebecca Dunphy with an English alternative to Port. In summer I find Port too rich, alcoholic and sweet. And anyway why should we be drinking a Portuguese wine with our greatest... - 116.924

Soave- Bland And Boring- Think Again!

Rebecca Dunphy, helps you pick out the best and some great ideas for pairing with food. First, look for this emblem here -- vinaioli independent -- the best independent wine makers who put quality above all else and Classico, the wines from the hilly vineyard... - 113.794

Whisky And Chocolate

Rebecca Dunphy, experiments with chocolate and a couple of Whiksy. With Easter coming this is a grown up alternative to Easter Eggs. Find out which goes best with which. - 112.01

Port With Stilton

Port with Stilton but why not break with tradition? Port and Stilton are wonderful together but if you want an equally good partner with just as much flavour but it isn't going to bump up your units at just 11% try Hungarian Tokaji. It's amber gold, smells... - 117.051

Wine Video 23 - Red Wine With Steak, But Will Any Red Do?

Hi my name's Rebecca Dunphy with a beautiful piece of rump steak. Being rump steak it has lots of flavour and muscle but not much fat. So whilst it's good for those on a diet it can be dry and tough. I like my meat tender so the key is to marinade and then... - 107.405

Wine Video 22- Beat The Summer Heat With A Glass Of Pink

Hi my name's Rebecca Dunphy with one of my favourite roses. Nowadays there is a sea of pink on the shelves -- Malbec Rose from Chile, Shiraz Rose from Australia, Zinfandel Blush from the States, even Nero d'Avola from Italy, but if I could only choose one... - 117.09

The Perfect English Wine To Drink With Dover Sole

Rebecca Dunphy is having grilled Dover Sole for lunch and she's going to tell you what wine pairs well with this subtle flavored fish. She's chosen England's first Biodynamic wine, the First Release 2010 from Sedlescombe Vineyards whose subtle flavors of... - 105.96

English Fizz With Sea Bass

Rebecca Dunphy with Sicilian Chef Angelo is preparing Sicilian inspired summer gnocchi in this one. She is preparing it with fresh spinach, basil, tarragon, olive oil and lots of garlic, served with sea bass cooked in foil with thin slices of lemon, fresh... - 108.591

Celebrating With English Sparkling Wine

Hi my name's Rebecca Dunphy, with some of my favourite English Fizz. There may be cheaper options but why buy Champagne, Cava, or an Aussie Fizz when our own home grown versions taste so fantastic. Celebrate the English way and Enjoy English Sparkling wine. - 112.547

Wine With Salmon

What to drink with sweet and spicy fish? So often we just opt for Chardonnay when eating fish, but many recipes today have an Asian twist and are loaded with spices, chili and sweetness, which can dominate so many wines. so, enjoy your drink with some sweet... - 112.563

Wine On A Diet!

I like a glass of fizz with my food, but when I am cutting back the calories do I have to make a choice between the two? Check out! - 111.179

Fish, Chips And Wine For Summer

Summers are here and the time has come to enjoy the weather to its fullest. The heat waves can be made pleasant with a glass full of wine along with fish and chips. Watch the video here to see how Rebecca Dunphy enjoys her time at the beach by taking sips of... - 103.636

Did You See Legs Of Your Wine

Have you ever seen legs of the wine? Well, no kidding here as the video shows what are the legs of the wine. Meet Rebecca Dunphy in this video and know about the aging, color and legs of the wine as she compares Chablis and an aged Chardonnay. It's definitely... - 123.41

Wine Pairing With Rhubarb Fool

Pairing wine with food is interesting. And if you are a wine enthusiast, you would definitely know what to pair with fish and what to drink with steak. But not many of wine lovers would know the pairing with English dessert, Rhubarb ful. If you are one among... - 115.785

Alternatives To Chateauneuf -du-pape

If you are fond of Chateauneuf Du Pape, here is a must watch video for you. Rebecca Dunphy shows different wine alternatives to Chateauneuf Du Pape. Vacqueyras, Carta Roja Monastrell are some of the alternates. Watch out for more… - 117.209

Learn How To Taste The Wine

If you want to enjoy your wine, you must know how to taste it then. Listen to Rebecca Dunphy in this video and see what she tells about wien tasting. The sniffing and aerating helps in tasting thw wine better. Watch the video to know more… - 117.771

Eat The Fish With Red Wine

Want to have something fresh and fruity with your fish? Watch this video to know what goes best with the dish. Just check it out now... - 110.175

Tips For Buying The Best Prosecco

If you are into the taste of Prosecco, you must watch this video as Rebeccah Dunphy gives some useful tips on picking the best Prosecco. Scanning the labels and exploring the taste, watch this video to know about this Italian White Wine - 119.38

Taste The Champagne With Your Nose

Have you ever though of tasting Champagne with your nose? If you feel, it's not serious, watch the video out here and see how people are doing it at one of the sniff and spit events. - 97.0163

Enjoy The Bites Of Christmas Turkey With White Wines

Christmas is soon approaching and this time try out some white wines with the turkey. Watch this video to know about some of the recommended white wines which pair just so well with Christmas Turkey. Explore all these wines with Rebeccah Dunphy in this video... - 110.433

What To Eat With Prosecco Wine

Friends coming over and you want to surprise them with good food and wine? Watch this video here and know how you can surprise your guests by giving them a treat of Calamari with Italian white wine, Prosecco. Watch this video to know more... - 108.363

Relish Christmas Turkey With Red Wines

Instead of Pinot Noir from Burgundy try some reasonable priced red wines with Christmas Turkey this year. Watch this video out here and know from Rebeccah Dunphy about soe great tasting red wines with the turkey. - 121.681

Enjoy The Festivities With Sparkling Shiraz

If you want to celebrate the festive season with some wines, taste this fruity Shiraz from Wyndham Estate. This rich wine pairs well with puddings and can be procured in just £10. Watch this video to know more… - 115.712

Enjoy Bacchus With Goat Cheese

If you generally pair Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese, here is time for some change. Watch this video to know about Bacchus wine from England that pairs with goat cheese. Enjoy the freshness and tanginess now by watching this video right now… - 123.468

Wine That Goes With Parmesan Cheese

If you enjoy the bites of cheese with wine, watch the video out here to know which wines match with the etaste of Parmesan. Rebecca Dunphy sips Champagne Taittinger and relishes it with parmesan. Watch out the video to experience the biscuity taste of this... - 112.086

Just Sniff And Spit To Know Your Wine

If you want to be friends with wine, follow the video here and learn how to know the wines with sniff and spit. This interesting video gives some tips on smelling wine and knowing it. Watch it out to learn it yourself… - 114.784

Sip The Rich Aussie Shiraz…

For all those Shiraz lovers out there, here is a must watch video for you. Watch Rebecca Dunphy speaking on Shiraz wines. Explore the color, taste and origins of some Shiraz varieties with her in this interesting video… - 108.194

What To Pair With Scallops

Guests coming over and you have cooked some deliciously tasting scallops….which wine to serve with it? If you are just confused with it, watch the video here to know about the wines which can pair with juicy scallops and will - 113.262

Distinguish Scotch, Irish And Bourbon Just With A Sniff

If you want to differ between Scotch, Irish and Bourbon whikey, learn how can you do it just with a sniff from the video out here. It is easy, interesting and so much fun…Try it now… - 105.398

Wine And Chocolate- A Marriage Made In Heaven

Wine and chocolate combination is a bliss and the video here shows how to relish the sips of wine with dark, crisp chocolate. If you are also tempted, watch this video now… - 107.907