Academiabarilla's Recipes

Meat And Seafood Barbecue Marinades

Summer without barbecues is something impossible, so why not learn making them? This video is one stop shop for all your marinade recipes. Chef is showing different marinade recipes for seafood, white meat and pork, so whatever may be your favorite barbecue,... - 116.224

Easy Mackerel Salad

If you like mackerel like Chef Matteo Carboni, then this simple and easy Mackerel Salad will win over your heart. This is a salad recipe and would give you a break from baked and barbecued mackerel. Poached mackerel with lettuce, toasted pine nuts, olive... - 132.064

Easy Rack Of Lamb With Herbs And Artichokes

If you want a little twist in cooking your rack of lamb, this Easy Rack of Lamb with Herbs and Artichokes is going to be more than perfect for you. Chef is using some Academia Barilla ingredients which makes the dish full of flavors. The Sapori Italiani... - 116.859

Risotto With Gorgonzola Cheese And Fresh Pear Sauce

If you want an authentic Italian recipe that is healthy and easy to make. Try making Risotto with Gorgonzola Cheese and Fresh Pear Sauce with Chef Matteo Carboni from the Academia Barilla. He shows the recipe step by step making it easy even for non-Italians... - 128.239

Grape Must Jelly

Homemade Grape Must Jelly is always healthy and cost effective. Chef Matteo Carboni from the Academia Barilla Culinary School is making Grape Must Jelly using three different types of table grapes. This helps in getting a jelly that is more flavorful and... - 102.652

Quick And Easy Holiday Treats

Want easy and straight forward recipes for the holiday season. In this video, chef Trish shows two such recipes that are no mess even if you take help from your kids. These treats are a made with little twist on the classics and will be loved by kids. Serve... - 86.1223

Melon Sorbet

Want a fresh summer dessert? Try making melon Sorbet along with the chef in the video. A simple boiling, blending and freezing is just enough to make a melon sorbet at home. Chef is using a professional ice cream machine, however he explains how to make it in... - 119.623

Tuna Steak With Caponata

How about a typical Italian dish to go with your tuna steaks? In this video, chef is showing how to sear tuna steaks in a pan and make caponata in Italian style. He is making caponata with basil, garlic, capers, sugar and white vinegar. The best part of the... - 97.0526

Strawberry Mousse With Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena

If strawberry is your favorite fruit or if you get loads of fresh strawberry at your place then, you must try this Strawberry Mousse recipe. The recipe is quiet simple compared to the stunning look it has. The best part is serving of the Strawberry Mousse... - 113.437

Italian Traditional Pasta With Broad Beans Sauce

Want to learn and try a traditional Italian dish at home? In this video, chef is making Italian Traditional Pasta with Broad Beans Sauce. If you have seen his garganelli pasta recipe video, this video would help make a perfect sauce for it. Those who... - 129.954

Eggplant Rolls With Prosciutto And Pecorino Cheese

How about an Italian appetizer to treat someone special? Here is an exclusive antipasto Eggplant Roll with prosciutto and pecorino cheese. It takes just about 2 minutes of cooking and looks absolutely stunning. Grilled eggplant slices wrapping prosciutto is... - 114.547

Penne With Pumpkin Sauce

When pumpkin are in plenty, it can be used for making a delicious pasta sauce. Chef Matteo is making an Italian pasta sauce using pumpkin cubes and puree along with finely chopped bacon and parmesan cheese topping. This is an easy to make pasta sauce and the... - 131.896

Pasta With Cavolo Romanesco Sauce

If you love true Italian food, then you must try this Pasta with Cavolo Romanesco Sauce recipe. Chef is making this simple pasta dish with Cavolo Romanesco, a type of cauliflower. It takes few ingredients but it’s actually very flavorful with the use of... - 128.166