Opusculinarius's Recipes

Raw Lemon And Berry Cheesecake

A wonderful raw and vegan cheesecake, which you shall never forget. - 115.286

Eggless And Dairy-free Chocolate Mini Cakes

All you need is twenty-two minutes and seven ingredients from your kitchen is all you need to make the world’s most delicious, chocolaty and moist vegan chocolate cakes. You have to try this recipe to believe how velvety, smooth and rich these cakes are. It... - 98.1326

Healthy Vegan Brownie

Can you believe you just saw the words 'healthy' and 'brownie' in the same sentence? It is true; these vegan are brownies made flax seeds and spelt flour which have amazing health benefits. You'll be surprised at how incredibly rich and satisfying these are.... - 104.76

Vegan Carrot Cake

This vegan carrot cake is as unique and moist as anything that you have ever had before. This carrot cake is baked in something that is different from the traditional tin. It is baked in a glass jar, which retains the moisture for a much longer period of time... - 104.409

Gluten-free And Vegan Banana Bread

This banana bread is vegan and gluten free and yet wonderfully moist and dense. It is difficult to believe but it is true! It has amazing flavors, from the sweetness of the ripe bananas and brown sugar and is fortified with a super food; flax seeds. So the... - 88.0328

Gluten-free And Vegan Vanilla Muffins

Delectable and moist gluten-free and vegan muffins! Yes all of that in one, it is indeed possible. Vegan and gluten-free are two words that have often taken the connotation of being bad tasting, dry and of being nothing similar to their traditional... - 93.1277

Healthy 3 Grain Crackers

The so called “Healthy" crackers available on your supermarket shelves are not so healthy after all. They are filled with unhealthy fats, preservatives and unnatural flavorings. Why spend a whole lot of money on something that is not doing you much good?... - 100.142