ChefAndrewMarin's Recipes

Cabbage And Yellow Carrot Slaw With Raisins And Pine Nuts

There is no limit to how creative you can get with food! This is not a regular Cabbage and carrot slaw recipe. Watch this video and learn how to take your regular soggy and mayonnaise dense slaw to a whole new level. This recipe includes golden raisins and... - 101.338

Golden Beet And Yellow Carrot Salad

Ever heard the phrase "eating with your eyes"? This Golden Beet and Yellow Carrot Salad recipe will have you doing just that! It’s so pretty you will love it before you even taste it. The colors are vibrant and fresh and instantly make you want to dig in.... - 104.678

Eggplant And Peppers Bruschetta

Who doesn't know how to make a bruschetta, right? But, have you tried putting together Eggplant and Peppers on French bread? This makes a pretty and delicious bite. Watch this video and give this recipe a try. These are ideal for a patio summer party and are... - 113.763