Cookwithadam's Recipes

Caprese Salad

GETTING READY 1. Cut tomato and mozzarella into ½-inch slices. MAKING 2. On a serving platter, lay tomato and mozzarella. 3. Drizzle balsamic glaze, and olive oil on top. 4. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and basil. Let it rest for 10 minutes. SERVING 5. Serve... - 99.5418

Spicy Angry Clams

GETTING READY 1. Clean clams from inside and outside. MAKING 2. For sauce, place a skillet on medium flame, and heat oil in it. 3. In warm oil, drop garlic, red bell pepper, and shallots. Stir, and cook for 4-5 minutes or until softened. 4. Sprinkle red... - 97.834

High Protein Vegan White Bean Dip

Looking for a way to get rid of the cans of cannellini beans kicking around the pantry? This white bean dip is just what you need. It is such a great alternative to serve on chips rather than calorie dense nacho cheese and it’s wonderful over toast for... - 90.3083

Italian-style Curried Eggplant And Tomato

Adam shares a wonderful side dish or even a whole meal using only vegetables. It is completely vegan and takes only 5 minutes to prepare. He shares a wonderful tip to curry up your food without having to simmer and fill up your whole house with the aroma of... - 89.7893

Only Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is not a beverage; it is the quickest, nutrient packed power meal that one can make in less than 2 minutes. Adam shares his favorite fruit smoothie recipe which has no milk, yogurt, juice or protein whey. It is pure fruit and nothing else.... - 94.5241

Super Bowl Special Buffalo Wings

With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s the best time to make Buffalo wings. Yes it’s the same old chicken wing recipe but who doesn’t love Buffalo wings? This recipe shows you how to cook the wings and make the best Buffalo sauce you have ever had. This... - 89.0445

Easy Roasted Asparagus

On this episode of "Cook with Adam", Adam shows his recipe for Roasted Asparagus, perfect as a side dish! This is very simple to make and it will be a perfect accompaniment for any main course meal. Enjoy! - 89.2993

Christmas Cookie Ornaments

In this video, you will see Adam showing you how to bake these pretty Christmas Cookie Ornaments. You should kids in the making of these cookies as they will enjoy the process. The recipe is pretty simple, watch and learn! - 92.9997

Classic Royal Icing

The Classic Royal Icing is something that you might want to learn of you are planning bake some cakes or cookies, and then coat them with icing. In this episode, Adam shows his easy and simple recipe for Royal Icing! Watch and learn folks! - 87.9819

Christmas Spice Cookies

Hello there! On this episode of "Cook With Adam", Adam shares his recipe for Christmas Spice Cookies! These molasses cookies have a nice rustic touch to it. If you haven't tried baking these type of cookies, then you can start with this one. Have fun! - 91.9265

Christmas Coconut Macaroons

On this episode of "Cook with Adam", Adam shares his recipe for Coconut Macaroons! They are totally simple, delicious, and will make a great addition to your cookie making forte. These cookies are plain sensational if you have a soft spot for coconuts. Enjoy! - 91.8554

Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

Come on, and join the Christmas party. On this episode of "Cook with Adam", Adam shares his favorite recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies! They are probably best chocolate chip cookies that you will taste this Holiday season. Enjoy! - 92.6326

Holiday Sugar Cookies

On this episode of "Cook With Adam", Adam makes his all-time sugar cookies with his secret ingredient, lemon juice. Crunchy and so very munchy! Yes, you might want to eat all of them at once. - 92.603

Holiday Jam Thumbprint Cookies

On "Cook with Adam", Adam shares his recipe for tasty Jam Thumbprint Cookies! This is apparently Adam's secret. These cookies are a perfect Holiday snack. But you don't have to wait until the Holidays to make them, try them right away. Enjoy1 - 90.979

Leftover Chili Breakfast

Have some chili leftover from last night’s dinner? Watch Adam as he shares he shows you a really quick and easy way to turn leftover chili into a hearty, high-protein breakfast in a few minutes. This is sandwich is going to get you through the day without... - 90.4542

Fruit Slushies

Slushies are such refreshing summer treats for all the kids, and moms and dads too! On "cook with Adam", Adam does his Italian Ice recipe with his kid cousins! It is fun, simple and super yummy! So take out that blender and make some homemade fruit slushies... - 90.7214

Grandmas One Minute Pickles

While the title may come across as an oxymoron, it is true! You can make pickles in one minute. Adam from "cook with Adam", shares his grandmother's recipe for the really incredible quick pickles which literally take one minute to have ready. No brining, no... - 91.1231

Tequila And Lime Shrimp

This shrimp is going to give you a real kick! Shrimps marinated in lime sugar and cayenne are pan grilled and finished with tequila. They are tender juicy, sweet, spicy sour and zingy! Now this appetizer is surely going to get the party started! - 101.698

Garlic And Bacon Tossed Pasta

Pasta is a favorite side to any delicious meat or stew and adding garlic and bacon sautéed in butter to it is probably the easiest way to tweak plain boiled pasta. The garlicky taste is not too overpowering and gives the pasta a subtle pungent, spicy taste.... - 86.9471

Hearty Winter Salad

Summer is not the only tome for fresh salads. This hearty, tossed, salad elevates the best of winter ingredients. This salad has all wonderful balance of texture and flavors; the crispness of baby spinach, the pungent red onion, sweetness of pear, crunchy... - 102.425

Holiday Cheese Platter

A beautiful cheese plate makes a wonderful appetizer for a cocktail party or Christmas dinner. On "cook with Adam", Adam shows one of his versions of creating a Cheese Platter that makes for an elegant gift when you are going to a Christmas party! It’s... - 96.7599

Homemade Gingerbread With A Twist

Everybody loves the smell of freshly baked cakes during the holiday season and Gingerbread is probably the all time favorite. Instant-mix gingerbread boxes flood the supermarkets but this year bake a batch of homemade gingerbread to treat your family and... - 105.659

Holiday Brie And Blackberry Jam En Croute

Holiday season is here and everyone is looking for really easy but also super fancy appetizer recipes to “wow” their guest. This is one recipe that is surely going to be remembered by your guests. Serving various cheeses with crackers is pretty gourmet... - 99.3871

Christmas Giveaway Winner Butternut Squash Soup

The best part about holiday cooking is all the leftover food and food stock in your refrigerator and pantry. Cooking delicious meals for weeks after the holidays becomes so easy and hassle free. Watch this video where Adam from “cook with Adam” reveals... - 104.069

Christmas Butterball Cookie

Gearing up for Christmas already? Here is a great Christmas butterball cookie recipe that will add to the mood. These cookies will add the charm and magic in to your Christmas season this year. Take a look at the video for details of this recipe. - 96.3183

Soft Ginger Pound Cake

Soft ginger pound cake is another good recipe to have under your culinary belt. Its soft and fluffy and has a kinky kick from the ginger. Take a look at this simple recipe and you will love it. - 94.25

Home Baked Fresh Ham

Are you still eating that store bought glazed ham? Come on! Take a look at this fabulous homebaked fresh ham. It is the real stuff and it doesn't even take any extra effort apart from sticking it in the oven. Of course, it will get as good as you want it to... - 91.353

Easy Roasted Root Vegetables

Wondering what sides to serve next with that meat you bought for roasting? Here is a country style easy roasted root vegetables recipe that is rustic and you can use whatever vegetables you have at home, after all it is comfort food. Take a look at this... - 94.2817

Basic Turkey Stuffing

If you get intimidated by fancy stuffings for turkey, here is a basic turkey stuffing recipe that will not only save your time but also jack up your turkey's flavors remarkably. Take a look at this simple and delicious recipe video.. - 92.8597

Roasted Acorn Squash

Here is simple recipe for roasted acorn squash, that can be a perfect side dish for your meats and good to be served for larger gatherings, as there is hardly anything you need to do apart from cutting the vegetable. Take a look at this video to find out how... - 93.8151

Easy Pumpkin Risotto

Here is a simple and delightful recipe of easy pumpkin risotto that is great way to build up your weekend lunches with its subtle flavors and creamy texture. Take a look at the video and learn how to make the a great tasting effortless risotto. - 91.6555

Fresh Cranberry Sauce

If you are sick of using that cranberry sauce out of a can, here is a great fresh cranberry sauce recipe for you that will enhance your festive dinners this season. Take a look at the video for the recipe of this cool and yummy sauce. - 93.1422

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This roasted brussel sprouts recipe is specially for those who think this vegetable is only for the store and not to eat. Guys, Adam knows how to make the brussel sprouts into a darling dish. View this recipe for this toothsome dish. - 87.3379

Garlic Roast Potatoes With Rosemary And Sage

If you want to know how to turn simple dishes into exotic ones, watch this video recipe of garlic roast potatoes with rosemary and sage. You will see how adding a few fragrant ingredients take this dish to a next level and your diners would ask you to make it... - 89.6672

Gnocchi With Butternut Squash And Italian Sausage

Some dishes like this gnocchi with butternut squash and Italian sausage boast of gourmet meal without any hassles. In this video you will see how it is made with a few simple and easily available ingredients, but put together they become this exquisite dish. - 86.1989

Unbaked Pumpkin Pie

Oh! How nice it is to finally have a recipe for unbaked pumpkin pie this festive season. With the turkey and the sides filling up your oven, this is what will save you time and make the cooking more comfortable as you'll have one less dish to bother you.... - 91.5743

New Orleans Bourbon Pudding

As good as it gets is the perfect description of this New Orleans bourbon bread pudding recipe video. Watch this rustic dish being prepared in a patient and professional manner. You would love its looks and ambrosial flavors after you make it. - 85.5089

Chicken With Curried Peaches

There is no limit to how creative you can get with mixing various ingredients and this chicken and curried peaches recipe is a great example of doing a mix and match of ingredients and getting an exquisite dish out of it. View this video and see how amazing... - 87.314

Homemade Meatballs

With so many meatball recipes around, this homemade meatballs recipe is a must have for any household, due to its ease of preparation and choice of simple ingredients. It is low on fat and smells great with those herbs in it. Watch the video for the recipe... - 86.2794

Simply Curried Couscous

Dishes like simply curried couscous are very handy to have under your culinary belt as they don't need any time to prepare and are a great snack or side dish. This video shows how quick and easy it is to prepare this toothsome dish that will be loved by all... - 88.2113

Festive Sweet Potato Casserole

A few recipes like this festive sweet potato casserole are too decadent for everyday meals. But when you put in the effort to make it, it turns a normal meal into a festive meal, with its spirited, scented and luscious flavors. Try it this festive season, or... - 88.0241

Banana Cupcakes With Honey Vanilla Frosting

How often do you want to treat you kids or yourself with something exotic, but lack the strength to make it. Here is an easy recipe for banana cupcakes with honey vanilla frosting, that is perfect as a dessert or a snack with tea. Get the details from this... - 91.2065

Homemade Banana Nut Bread

Love banana bread? Try this homemade banana nut bread and you won't be looking for anything else again. This recipe is an amazing combination of the regular ingredients making it a must have for the cake lovers. Watch the video for recipe details. - 79.0611

Simple Collard Greens

Simple collard greens is the best way to cook this nutritious green leaf in a simple manner and maintaining its original flavor. Check out this video to see how you can make this into a sumptuous side dish. - 85.2757

Baked Codfish Delight

Baked codfish delight is probably the most twisted home baked fish dish that you would have ever come across. View this video to find out the secret of this scrumptious and jazzy recipe. - 84.8544

Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli

This homemade pumpkin ravioli will take your home pasta cooking experience to a whole new level. You will love the easy ways of making this perfect pasta for your family. Try it on! - 86.5571

Easy Authentic Ramen

Ramen is so misunderstood in our country. Take a look at this easy authentic ramen to see how the real ramen tastes like. It looks snazzy and tastes divine. Watch on and try it for you will make it again for sure. - 87.2424

Apple Cider Martini Cocktail

Apple cider martini cocktail is a little decadent recipe of the age old martini cocktail. In this video you can see how it has been twisted a little bit to make it more flashy. The first sip is a little piece of heaven. - 87.2351

Homemade Keylime Pie

This homemade keylime pie recipe is the chef's age old traditional family recipe and it does smell of the greatness which made it so popular over the years. See how you can make this wonderful pie in your kitchen watching this video clip. - 88.8842

Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is a fabulous dish that will always remind you of the festive season and keep a smile on your face while you eat it. View this recipe to find out how to make this ambrosial cake. - 88.9913

Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Homemade alfredo sauce recipe will woo away those bottled sauces from your kitchen cabinet, as you will never want to try anything else after you try this recipe. Take a look at the simple instructions of making this classic sauce that makes your pasta divine. - 82.5034

Easy American Meatloaf

Easy American meatloaf is a super easy and comfortable take on this age old classic dish. Take a look at this video for the exact way of making this succulent and rustic meat lover's delight. - 83.3737

Homemade Chocolate Guinness Cake

Homemade chocolate Guinness cake is a great way to reward your family once in a while for being your family and show them your love. Watch the video for this mouth- watering exquisite cake. - 86.7709

Easy Pulled Pork

Easy pulled pork is an easy take on the classic recipe. It is a good recipe to have under your culinary belt. Watch the video for the easy steps and it will be worth spending all the time when you take that first bite. - 87.3153

Peach Berry Martini Cocktail

Peach berry martini is a snazzy drink to spice up your house parties. It looks vivacious and tastes heavenly as usual. Take a look at this video for the directions of making this sexy drink. - 86.5631

Basic Vinaigrette

Basic vinaigrette is a great dressing to keep in your fridge. It is piquant and zestful and adds a nice kick to your salads. View this video for details of the recipe. - 86.5284

Best Margarita

Best Margarita is one of the best and cleanest margarita recipes around. Watch the video to see why this particular recipe is so clean and exciting. You will love its simplicity and zesty flavor. - 86.6681

Simple Tomato Sauce

Simple tomato sauce is not as simple in its flavor as the name suggests. It is a hearty all purpose sauce that is luscious and the possibilities are endless to cook with this sauce. Watch the video and to see how you can make this ambrosial sauce. - 87.4734