Sudhir's Recipes

Bharwa Aloo Tikki

This Bharwa aloo tikki recipe is your answer to an anytime comfort food. Really easy to make and delicious, you can now make this popular street food right in your kitchen, for your guests during parties or festivals. Do let me know how it turned out for you. - 46.6742

Makhana Pulao

This Makhana pulao is just what you need to add both beauty and taste to your table. A simple and easy to make rice preparation - try this truly irresistible mouthwatering delight. Make your day with a great meal. - 47.2136

Aloo Achar

This Aloo Achar recipe is a delicious side dish that goes great with rice or rotis (Indian bread). If a party for family and friends is what you are planning, then this potato delight is a must have on your menu. - 42.5659

Miloni Sabzi

A wonderful combination of vegetables, is that what you are looking for? This Miloni Sabzi recipe is then just right for you. Enjoy the goodness of vegetables cooked in a variety of Indian spices. - 45.4147

Gajar Halwa

One of the most popular Indian desserts - the Gajar halwa -is just what you need to make your day. Enjoy the simply delicious taste and flavor of grated carrots cooked in ghee, milk, sugar and garnished with the choicest nuts and raisins. - 45.1143

Vegetable Kofta

Relish the flavors of vegetable balls cooked in a rich red tomato sauce. This vegetable kofta is a great addition to your menu. Goes great with both rice and rotis (Indian bread). - 43.9662

Dhal Makhani

This Dal Makhani recipe is all about the authentic Indian flavors and taste. Lentils cooked in a delicious Makhani gravy is both mouthwatering and healthy. Enjoy this wonderful dish with rice or crispy Indian bread. - 47.0322

Vegetable Pulao

This vegetable pulao recipe is the best choice for a healthy and tasty meal. Rice cooked with our choice and flavored with the best of Indian spices is just right for your cravings. - 47.7949

Layered Paratha

This delicious layered paratha is just the Indian bread you were looking for. Make a value addition to your menu with this tasty mouthwatering paratha. Goes great with a dal(lentils) or Indian curry. - 36.4671

Veg Bread Roll

This Vegetable bread roll is a nice twist to the everyday bread. Eating healthy does not mean compromising on taste.Enjoy this healthy combination of vegetables, this delicious appetizer is a real favorite with the kids too. - 34.3943

Paneer Chili

This Paneer chili is a Indo- chinese fusion food that you would fall in love with. Combine the Indian cheese (Paneer) in a Chinese style sauce and add an interesting twist to your everyday menu. - 36.1651