The girl with the red glove's Recipes

Fried Autumn Apple Pies

What can I say, except that they are the yummy little fried pies that burst with apple goodness, flavored with cinnamon. - 48.3597

Witch's Snot Brew

Of all the grossest drinks made on Halloween, the Witch's Snot Brew tops the dirty drinks list! - 38.7183

Bloodshot Egg Eyes!

A horrendously yummy appetizer for this Halloween! - 46.861

Spooky Bones Meringue Cookies

Spooky Bones Meringue Cookies are sweet, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth confections that is sure to keep your Halloween spirit high! - 43.1859

Banana Ghosts

This is a Halloween trick that your child would want to do over and over again. - 40.9743

Brain Damaged Cakes

The classic cupcakes with a brainy twist, all set to be served on this Halloween. - 51.4756

Sweet And Sour Fusilli Salad

This is a fantastic sweet and sour vegetable pasta salad – a vegan delight. - 49.6924

Mummy Returns

A simple dish, made to look like mummies. - 38.3003

Cheesy Crackers

Cheesy crackers just look like candy corn. They make great snacks or appetizers. These crackers are good plain, or served with dip or salsa. - 38.8026

Michael Jackson's Thriller

This an original recipe from the mixologist Robert Stahl at Alexandre's Bar in Dallas. The cocktail was created as a part of an Michael Jackson inspired drinks challenge. Why I chose to add this cocktail recipe here is because I think that this drink looks... - 43.2457

Smelly Pumpkin

A delicious cocktail with a naughty hint of pumpkin pie spice. - 33.2049


This is just a Halloween take on the regular gooey chocolate brownie. - 49.0613

Morning Muffins

Breakfast in a muffin cup! - 41.6535

Waikiki Hawaiian Salad

Waikiki Hawaiian Salad is an easy, no-fuss summer fruit salad. It is a joyous blend of cut up maraschino cherries, pineapple, and mandarin oranges with tiny marshmallows, walnuts and sour cream. - 37.9466

Dirty Popcorn

Dirty Popcorn is a crunchy snack that is made from popcorn filled with generous additions of cookies, almonds, M & M's and caramelized by melted marshmallows. - 50.7484

Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a delicious Thanksgiving morning coffee that has an unique pumpkin spice aromatic signature. - 38.4152

Dark Knight Cocktail

Dark Knight is made when Kahlua is shaken up with Cognac, Triple Sec, mildly sweetened the simple syrup while the lemon juice accentuates all the flavors. - 38.7567

Black Mamba Martini

The Black Mamba Martini is dark Halloween concoction of Black Vodka and Chambord! - 30.3739

Spooky Martini

The Spooky Martini is a dark, brooding and yet delicious Halloween cocktail made from Black Rum and Blackberry Brandy. - 31.385

Stir-fried Squid With Chili And Basil Leaves

Squid stir fried with onion, chili, basil and fish sauce creates this succulent dish. - 41.0537

Creature Wings And Bog Dip

Creature Wings and Bog Dip is a yummy Halloween party appetizer made with chicken wings and delectable spices that is baked to perfection. - 46.4478

The Sublime Slime Cocktail

The Sublime Slime is a Halloween cocktail drink, made with sweet rum, egg white and cordial syrup and gets it freshness from mint sprinkled on top. - 38.6059

Chettinad Kozhi Varuval - Chettinad Chicken Fry

An spicy chicken stir-fry with recipe from the land of Chettinad! - 47.9477

Stir-fried Pork And Prawns With Wing Beans

A fabulous mixture of tender pork tossed in a red curry paste with bright green wing beans and fresh prawns moistened with fish sauce and with a tease of sweetness. - 43.2164

Romance Sorbet

Romance Sorbet, like its name is an aphrodisiac sorbet recipe. It has several herbs that go into this romantic concoction. Ideal for Valentine's Day! - 48.3778

Asparagus With Parmesan Cheese

Asparagus with Parmesan cheese is a very simple recipe and guess what.. asparagus is a powerful aphrodisiac. - 40.4139

Two To Truffles

The classic chocolate truffle with a red twist! - 38.1975

Breakfast Polenta With Mascarpone And Maple Syrup

Polenta with Maple Syrup and Marscapone – It is a pretty simple dish and enough said! - 39.5986

Quail With Rose Petals

Quail with Rose Petals is a fragrant dish. The flavors beautifully balance out each other and what you have is an exquisite dish, teasing you with an afterglow of the rose fragrance. - 43.0824

Kumamoto Oysters With Pineapple Vinegar

Aphrodisiac is supposedly a substance that when consumed would ignite or fuel the sexual desires. Oyster, from times immemorial, has been a sought after aphrodisiac. Oysters gained reputation from the principles of sympathetic magic, due to their shape.... - 41.1227

Michael Jackson Drink

Michael Jackson is the name of a Soy milk drink that is sold on the streets of Malaysia. - 30.7465

Jay -z's Fried Catfish For Beyonce

Jay -Z's Fried Catfish For Beyonce - Enough said! - 41.683

Gai Pad Mamaung Himmaparn

Gai Pad Mamaung Himmaparn is a delicious combination of delicately sweet, almost creamy, cashewnuts toasted to bring out the nuttiness and then stir fried with chicken breasts. The dish is subtly flavored with fish and oyster sauces and has a flirty hint of... - 39.8704

Pad Priew-waan Gai - Sweet And Sour Chicken

Thailand is a melting point for all Asian dishes. This dish has a very distinct Chinese influence, especially the sweet and sour taste. Here the chicken is stir fried and simmered with colorful veggies, flavored with tomato, sharpened with rice vinegar and... - 43.235

Pla Meuk Kratiem Prikthai - Stir Fry Squid With Garlic

Pla Meuk Krateim Prikthai is a mildly pungent dish. It gets its beautiful flavor from the artful bending of garlic, coriander, pepper and oyster sauce. - 38.5286

Pra Raam Long Song - Beef In Coconut Curry

Pra Raam Long Song - There is a very interesting story behind this recipe. King Rama had a pool in which he loved to swim. This beef in a creamy sauce, surrounded by freshly cooked greens is supposed to represent his bathing paradise. - 52.1041

Gaeng Khau Goong - Prawn And Pineapple Curry

Gaeng Khau Goong is a classic Thai curry that uses the Red curry paste. Prawns are simmered in coconut milk and red curry paste. This a dish where the heat from the chilli, sweet and sour from pineapple, saltiness from dried prawns - all blend well to form a... - 46.662