Hungryinbrooklyn's Recipes

Fresh Squeezed Greyhound

MAKING 1. Fill a glass with ice. 2. Add the vodka and then the grapefruit juice. 3. Add a wedge of grapefruit to the glass. SERVING 4. Serve as a cocktail with appetizers. - 107.716

Beurre Monte Dipping Sauce

BeurreMonte is a melted butter sauce that is used is basting or for making sauces! So how you make this lovely emulsified butter. Shea shows you how in this video! - 123.835

Two Versions Of Mackerel Ceviche With Banana Crisps

Ceviche is a delight to have as an entrée! Make one of these fro brunch and you and your loved one can enjoy it thoroughly! Watch Shea make this ceviche in this video! - 136.029

How To Cook Trout - Hungry In Brooklyn

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. MAKING 2) In a mortar and pestal, grind the garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary until a paste has been formed. 3) Thin out the paste with the lemon juice and olive oil. 4) Place your fish on a baking sheet... - 107.692

How To Cook Pumpkin

A delicious mound of sautéed pumpkin atop toasted baguette spread ?Then it’s back to the kitchen with Shea for a delicious soup to serve as a first course for your Thanksgiving dinner. - 118.406

Ramp And Vegetable Scramble

This ramp and Vegetable scramble recipe video is a tribute to the Pittsburgh's local vegetables and its growers as they are trying hard to preserve it. This dish looks exotic and yet it is very simple to prepare. The taste no doubt will be amazing with all... - 123.902

Summer Cocktail Bonanza

This summer cocktail bonanza recipe video will show you a variety of nectarous cocktails that suits the season. Take a look at this video to see how you can enjoy these exalted rinks on your own or serve it to a crowd for a party. - 109.191

Bacon Potato Soup And Pan Seared Fish

If you want to have a gourmet dinner at home with your loved ones, then this bacon potato soup and pan seared fish recipe will take care of it. The creamy and chunky texture and its decadent flavor will bowl you over and the zesty fish and asparagus will take... - 127.32

Perfectly Roasted Turkey

Who doesn't know how to roast turkey? But how about a perfectly roasted turkey this season. Take a look at some very important tips that will make your turkey one of the best ones ever. After all, when something is giving away its life to be your food, it has... - 123.481

Easy Kale And Cabbage Salad

Easy Kale and Cabbage Salad is a fine demonstration of making a sumptuous green salad without any lettuce. Now that is creative thinking! It’s a perfect one if you don't have time to prepare it on time; prepare it in advance and it will taste even better.... - 136.3

Caffeine Cupcakes

Caffeine cupcakes are workaholic's paradise. It has that additional energy kick apart from being sinfully delicious that will keep you going when you need it the most. Take a look at this easy and fancy cupcakes which will lure you for sure. - 118.604

Grapefruit Greyhound Cocktail

Its always nice to have some good cocktail recipes like this grapefruit greyhound cocktail with you as this is a level up of the normal cocktail with the freshly squeezed juice making it more spirited and sapid. View this video for recipe details. - 115.234

Citrus Cuban Mojo Marinade

This citrus Cuban mojo marinade is a zestful and nectarous recipe to use with any meat, specially pork. It gives an extra kick to the meats due to its piquant flavor and makes the meat more pleasant. View this video and whirl it up for the next time when you... - 119.273

Organic Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

If you are wondering what to do with all that buttermilk sitting in the fridge, here is an organic buttermilk ranch dressing recipe for you that will not only use up all of that but also add a little zing to all the dishes that you put it in. Take a look at... - 129.891

Exotic Baked Oysters In Half Shell

Do you believe that cooked oysters taste wonderful? Well if you don't here is a decadent recipe for exotic baked oysters in half shell that will change your perception about oysters. This recipe is really twisted and will taste dainty. Watch the video and... - 99.0168

Holiday Mulled Apple Cider

The Holidays are here and one cannot do without the Mulled Apple Cider. This dulcified drink comes packed with the spirit of the Holidays. In this video, you'll learn how to make this warm drink. Enjoy! - 106.11

Easy Cranberry Sauce

We can't really do with or without Cranberry Sauce, can we? Nope! Learn how to make this easy recipe in this video. Besides, the Holidays are almost here and you will need it for most of your dishes! - 100.588

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 92.7415

Poached Egg Made Easy

If you are one of those who never get a poached egg right, you are in the right place. This video enumerates the simple yet skillful task of poaching an egg to its soft and fluffy white cloud like avatar. A good way to perk up your breakfast menu, poached... - 125.027

Walnut Basil Pesto

A farm to fork account which traces the journey of walnuts. Walnuts grown in most Northern Californian farms are the products of organic and sustainable agricuture. They find their way into delectable desserts and savory dishes all across the country. - 119.579

Buttermilk Ranch Salad Dressing

How about a nice tangy ranch dressing to go with your salad! Shea shows you just how to go about it in this video! Easy steps to follow, see the video and you'll want to give this a go! - 115.107

Cuban Mojito

Have drink with your friends and be careful because this drink could be as dangerous as fireworks! Make this delightful drink with Shea in her kitchen! See the video for more! - 121.847

Scallops Cooked The Right Way

Seared scallops over some rice and roasted veggies sounds nice for that dinner? Watch this video to get these scallops seared to a delight! - 115.688

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Everyone's favorite dessert is ice cream! How about getting one made at home? Watch this video on making your home made ice cream provided you have an ice cream machine! - 122.23

Beef Brisket Braised In Beer

There are times when you want to make you dish way ahead! This dish is one of them! Shea gets going a nice braised beef brisket! See the video for more! - 120.496

Three Signature Cocktails

Having a new year party, then have a blast with three signature cocktails which are a must! Shea shows us how to get this drink going! Watch the video for more! - 124.981

Mashed Parsnips

Parsnips are a deliciously sweet root vegetable in-season after the first frost. So here in the Northeast, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy them. What Shea make them in this video! - 128.557

Classic Chicken Stock

Have you made a nice flavorful chicken stock. Shea makes a nice robust chicken stock right to make a soup or any gravy! Watch this video for more! - 111.25

Versatile Beets

Do you the different techniques involved in cooking beets? There are different colored ones which taste differently. Shea takes you through the local market showing the varieties! - 95.7892

Mushroom Tacos

How about using mushrooms in the tacos topped with some cheese? Nice? Then make these yummy tacos with mushrooms. Shea shows you how in this video! - 94.0372

Kale Pizza

Ever tried a different pizza especially the one with Kale? No? Then Shea show you how to make an exotic healthy looking pizza. See the video for more! - 94.3466

Classic Pulled Pork

How about a nice pulled pork for a sandwich filling? Want to make the best pulled ever then watch this video and Shea shows you how to make this wonderful roast pork! See the video for more! - 118.869

Mussels Cooked The Right Way

How about attempting mussels for the day! Steam them and crack some salt and pepper over them and pour some butter sauce and that’s all there is to this! See the video for more! - 91.975

Sauteed Swiss Chard With Garlic

One of the woodier greens, Swiss chard is a versatile one when it comes to holding texture and taste after being cooked up. Easy on the pocket, Swiss chard is packed with nutrients and is versatile enough to be added to a wide variety of dishes. A simple... - 118.758