FlightyHostess's Recipes

British Style Sidecar

British have their own philosophy about making the classic sidecar cocktail. Take a look at this video for the British style sidecar. It doesn't look very different but it does differ in the taste. Take a look and make it in your own style. - 101.914

Mary Ann Cocktail With Ginger

Do you like your cocktails with some twisted flavors once in a while? Here is a Mary ann cocktail wit ginger that will entice your taste buds and leave you asking for one more. Take a look at this video for this zippy drink. - 103.341

Real Brazilian Caipirinha

How about a caipirinha without vodka? You heard it right, a real Brazilian caipirinha and that is not made with vodka. Take a look at this video to find out what is the secret ingredient that makes it authentic and a few tips to make it all the more rustic. - 109.651

Perfect Negroni Cocktail

Do you find it difficult to get a perfect negroni cocktail when you order it in a bar? Well take a look at this video and see what is the secret of a perfect one. Next time you make it you know how to and next time you step into a bar you would know how to... - 106.634

Citrus Cocktail Sweetener

Do you sometimes feel that you cocktails lack that extra kick? Try this citrus cocktail sweetener next time and you will get an exalted citrus or sweet cocktail drink. Take a look at the video for this easy recipe. - 104.81

Mexican Mojito

How about a yanked Mexican mojito? Take a look at this flashy mojito recipe in this video that not only looks snazzy but it would taste twisted. Try it! - 103.939

Bijou Cocktail Three Way

Bijou cocktail three way is an effort to enhance this classic recipe and make it decadent with some exquisite ingredients. Take a look at this video for the details of this wriggled drink. - 102.547

Georgia Bourbon Julep

Georgia bourbon julep is Flighty's crud take on the classic cocktail and this recipe is as good as it gets. Finally you get a zippy and spirited drink, that will build up your mood when you are down, or need that extra push. Take a look at this video for the... - 105.613

Deluxe Cocktail Cream

Deluxe cocktail cream is a wonderful base for all the cream based cocktails. In this video, you can see, how flighty adds her little twist and makes that cream thick and sweet. So next time you make an Irish Coffee, remember to use this cocktail cream. Take a... - 105.724

Deluxe White Russian

This deluxe white Russian cocktail recipe is a level up of the original one. It uses a vanilla vodka that gives it a nice kick of ambrosial flavor. Take a look at this video for the details of this recipe. - 103.046

Macdaddy Appletini

Macdaddy appletini is a good alternate for appletinis. It is more flavorful, with real fruit and an added kick from the ginger. Take a look at this jazzy recipe in the video clip. - 105.87

Bloody Mary Vodka Mix

Bloody mary vodka mix is nothing less than a fragrant edible pot pourri. Just look at this video for the number of exotic ingredients going in there. Man! You won't even need a cocktail, that vodka looks enticing on its own. So chill it up and take a sip or... - 113.944

Peach And Ginger Old Fashioned

For all the old fashioned lovers, here is a new recipe for peach and ginger old fashioned that will twist your taste buds with its nectarous fruity flavor and the ginger kick. Take a look at this video and give it a try. - 105.149

Vodka Aperol Refreshing Cocktail

Vodka aperol refreshing cocktail is a flashy and animated drink that will exalt your in house parties with friends or make your romantic mood when you need it the most. Best served any time of the day, this drink is fit for royals, so treat it with respect.... - 105.838

Pimm's Cup With Cucumber Spa Mix

Pimm's cup with cucumber spa mix is a healthier and tastier take on this classic English cocktail. Flighty has done a good job in this video by preparing this drink with her own blend of flavoring nectar. Take a look at this glistening drink. You might want... - 106.152

Organic Lemon Drop Cocktail

Organic lemon drop cocktail is a brand new take on this classic cocktail. Watch the video for this crisp recipe of making this all time favorite cocktail. You will love its new avatar. - 104.291

Classic Aviation Cocktail

Great cocktails are all about getting the right mix of right ingredients in the right quantities. Take a look at this classic aviation cocktail that is simple and looks salacious. Watch it and give it a shake. - 102.801

Easy Spa Collins

The best recipe for a drink is the one that uses the ingredients or the booze you got. So here is an easy spa collins recipe video that will show you how you can make a fantastic collins using any alcohol and it will taste equally good. Watch on! - 102.09

Hot Ginger Cardamom Sugar Syrup

How about an unctuous recipe for a zesty flavoring that will jack up your drinks? Here is a recipe for hot ginger cardamom sugar syrup that is full of essence and this elixir will dignify your drink. Take a look for the recipe details in this video. - 105.114

Healthy Cucumber Spa Mix

If you like your drinks healthier and with an extra kick, here is a recipe for healthy cucumber spa mix that will add life to any cocktail or mocktail and make it more spirited and zestful. Watch this video for the details and keep it ready for the next time. - 105.365

David Bowie Cocktail

Once in a while a new recipe is created and it becomes a heartthrob for its jazzy looks and zestful flavor. David Bowie cocktail is a similar invention. Its worth its name and you will know that, once you make it and drink it. Take a look at this video for... - 106.339

Playboy Bourbon Cooler Old Skool

Here comes a whiskey lover's favorite drink, playboy bourbon cooler old skool. This is a twisted version of the famous cocktail and its worth changing the recipe a little as it takes this drink to a whole new level. Watch this video and get that shaker going! - 103.54

Refreshing Mojito

Refreshing mojito is another recipe for this famous drink that has an edge over the other recipes for the way it is prepared. Take a look at this wonderful recipe and be rest assured, it will wriggle your parties or lift up those moody evenings when you are... - 107.674

Floridita Daiquiri

Floridita daiquiri is a fabulous recipe from the famous Floridta bar of Cuba. This spirited zippy drink can become the hot topic of your house parties. Watch this famous recipe as its very easy to go! - 104.469


MAKING 1. In the cocktail shaker, place the lime and raw sugar. 2. Using a muddler, muddle for few seconds. 3. Pour the fresh lime juice and cachaca and stir using a bar spoon. 4. Add the ice and give a good shake. 5. Pour the drink in the low ball... - 111.433

A Date With David Bowie Cocktail

MAKING 1. In the cocktail shaker pour vodka, Maraschino liqueur, aerol, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and orange slices. 2. Using a muddle, muddle everything for few seconds. 3. Rub the rim of the high ball glass with lime and the drench it in stardust... - 120.515

La Floridita Daiquiri

MAKING 1. In the cocktail shaker place the ice cubes and pour fresh lime juice, simple syrup, Cuban rum and Maraschino liqueur. 2. Rub the rim of the cocktail glass with lime and the drench it in fine sugar. 3. Pour the Daiquiri in the cocktail glass, and... - 110.132

Pear Necessity

The Pear Necessity is the mother of all necessities. This is a hot drink with some jazz happening there. In this video, Alberta teaches viewers how to make the perfect collision of fruit and gin in a cocktail recipe that only she could create. Cheers! - 101.883

The Playboy Bourbon

Yes, Alberta found this cocktail drink recipe in a Playboy magazine of the 1960's. So, in this video, you will find our flighty hostess goes retro with this drink. Go on, grab your favorite bourbon, make this whisky drink and lounge about with nostalgia.... - 99.9592

The Flighty Mojito

MAKING 1. In a Collins glass pour the squeezed lime, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, rum and fresh mint leaves. 2. Using a muddler, muddle everything for 1 minute. 3. Top it with crushed ice, stir with bar spoon, muddle with the spoon. 4. Pour soda water... - 125.186

Flighty Macdaddy Drink

Interesting! Our Flighty Hostess calls this girly drink as the Macdaddy drink. This is her spin on the Martini leaves the Appletini in the dust. Grab your best vanilla Vodka and see how to make this most delicious treat in this video. So serious fresh apple... - 100.456

Flighty Collins Drink

Tom Collins is a classic and we know it. This is the perfect summer cocktail drink that you might want to sip while relaxing on the couch. Whether your spirit of choice is gin or vodka, watch as Alberta whips up her unforgettable and refreshing version of a... - 100.62

Flighty Simple Syrup

This is the most basic thing of mixology – know how to make the simple syrup. In this video, Alberta makes the Simple Syrup with just sugar and water, too sweet to pass up. - 96.0301

Flighty Essential Drink

Alberta shows viewers how to make one of her "most essential essentials" -- a refreshing Latin American recipe that can replace cranberry juice. Enjoy this mixer on its own as a crisp summer drink! This is not alcoholic, so you can use it in any drink of your... - 97.4131

Flighty Peach Old Fashioned Cocktail

This bourbon cocktail isn't your grandpa's Old Fashioned. It's peachy, as with all of Alberta's drinks, Alberta takes the flavor and presentation to the next level, and it is guaranteed to leave your taste buds reeling. Cheers! - 102.888

Flighty Mary Ann With Ginger Cocktail

Interestingly enough, Mary Ann With Ginger is a Gilligan's Island inspired cocktail! In this video, Alberta throws in everything but the kitchen sink, including Pimm's #1 and her patented Spa Mix. Watch, learn and enjoy! - 107.487

Flighty Spa Sensation Cocktail

Do you know why this drink is called the as the 'Sensation'? Because, it is sensational! This drink here is Alberta's variation on a classic gin drink. You can use vodka if you want for this easy, fun, and refreshing drink, but Alberta likes the gin. Cheers! - 100.248

Flighty Tipperary Cocktail

The Tipperary is a fabulous Irish drink with whiskey and Chartreuse. A Manhattan could be dandy, but in the summertime you want a cocktail with a bang to it! So, here it is! Now, there are three variants: the Tipperary, the Shamrock, and the Everybody's... - 101.443

Flighty Georgia Julep Cocktail

It's about time to take that trip down South. This peachy drink keeps you peachy! Alberta shows how to make the classic cocktail in this video. The candied peaches incorporated with ginger sugar, and fresh mint go into this formidable refreshment. This is one... - 103.334

Old Fashioned Peach Cocktail

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 94.5418

Mary Ann With Ginger Cocktail

Are you looking for some interesting cocktail recipes? This video will surely prove helpful. Watch the bartender mix up her secret concoction to prepare this yummy Mary Ann with Ginger Cocktail. It is indeed very impressive. - 98.7358

Refreshing Spa Sensation

Are you on a lookout for some easy to make and innovative cocktail recipes? This video is just apt for you. Watch the bartender stir up this brilliant concoction now. - 98.1984

Classic Tipperary Cocktail

Want to serve a classic drink to your guests tonight? Try this wonderful Tipperary Cocktail. The drink has an irresistible combination of ingredients that makes it totally drool worthy. Give it a try. - 98.4903

Southern Georgia Julep Cocktail

Hosting a party and wondering what to include in the drinks menu? This video might just come handy. Watch it now to learn an easy to make Southern Georgia Julep recipe. This is a very very flavorful cocktail and is sure to impress all. - 102.685

Infused Vodka Bloody Mary

You often host parties at home an like playing the bartender? This video may come handy as the chef shares an innovative recipe to prepare Infused Vodka Bloody Mary. The recipe is simple and you too can try it. - 100.831

Classic Bloody Mary Mix

Have you been looking for the Classic Bloody Mary Mix recipe? This video is just right for you. Bloody Mary is said to be one of the most complex cocktails however, now you can achieve just the correct mix by following this video. - 99.341

Taca Tuaca Collins Cocktail

Have you been looking for an easy to make cocktail recipe? We've got one right here for you. Watch this video to learn how you can prepare this Taca Tuaca Collins Cocktail. The drink is simple and absolutely irresistible. - 99.0688

Old Style Manhattan Cocktail

Unexpected guests at home? Serve them with this classic Old Style Manhattan Cocktail. Watch the chef blend up this impeccable concoction that is truly impressive. - 106.289

Classic Belmar Cocktail

Looking for a contemporary cocktail recipe. Give this one a try. Watch this video to learn a lethal Belmar Cocktail recipe. This video is a detailed demo of how you can prepare the drink at home. - 98.7461