Vanevalentine's Recipes

Vegan Pesto Using Fresh Basil And Spinach

In this video I share my recipe for a basic vegan pesto combining spinach and basil. - 111.853

"chokladbollar": Swedish Chocolate Balls

These are traditional Swedish “Chokladbollar“ (Chocolate Balls) which are practically found everywhere. You’ll spot them in all cafés and supermarkets, definitely an iconic snack around here. While doing research about this snack, I found out they’re... - 117.488

Preparing Banana Bread

In this video I show you how I prepare a basic sugar free banana bread. I avoid refined sugar on this recipe and replace it with some agave syrup or honey, they work perfectly! The best way to use those old bananas you have lying around. Complete this bread... - 107.528

Easy Vegetarian Thai Yellow Curry

It's my comeback video! After a couple months break, I'm back with my recipe videos. In this clip I prepare for you an easy vegetarian (and also suitable for vegans) Thai Yellow curry. A mild version, this is a super delicious exotic dish. Hope you like it! - 116.695

Veggie Power Dish

MAKING 1. In a large heated saucepan, add coconut oil and melt it. Stir in the leek and stir fry for about 3 minutes on medium high heat. 2. Add in the mushrooms, broccoli, red kidney beans, corn and stir fry for another 6 minutes on medium high heat. 3.... - 113.398

Sugar-free Vanilla-butter Cookies

It's the last day of my Sugar Free November project! I wanted to share one last recipe with you ;) Vanilla-Butter Cookies, sweetened with Stevia! - 122.075

Sugar Free Chocolate Mini-bundt Cakes

It's Day 21 of my Sugar Free November project and I've been missing chocolate cake! Here's an easy recipe for sugar-free mini-bundt cakes (sweetened with Stevia). - 124.409

Easy Sugar-free Lemon Cake

As promised on my previous video, here's a recipe for an easy Lemon Cake sweetened with Tagatose, hope you like it! It's Day 15 of my Sugar Free November and things have been going great, more updates to follow. - 123.83

Best Iced Coffee

GETTING READY 1. In a glass, add your favourite coffee powder, pour some cold water into the glass, until all the powder is covered. (This will make enough concentrate for at least 5 glasses of Iced Coffee). 2. Let this mixture brew overnight. MAKING 3.... - 103.549

Veggie Spaghetti Carbonara Ft. Zanussi By Electrolux

GETTING READY 1) Start by chopping the carrots, bell pepper and shallots into small pieces. MAKING 2) Combine the 4 eggs and parmesan cheese. 3) Heat up some olive oil and saute the chopped veggies. Cook over medium low heat till the shallots look a bit... - 82.2546

Quest For The Belgian Waffles! (part 2) Feat. Dutch Oliebollen

GETTING READY 1) Start by heating up the milk a tiny bit, doesn’t have to be super hot and do not boil. Once warm, throw in the dried yeast and combine well. 2) Melt the butter (30 seconds in the microwave will do). 3) Separate the eggs (yolks and whites)... - 93.6747

Pineapple And Coconut Cookies

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to temperature of 225 degrees. MAKING 2) Melt the butter (not until liquid, but until it becomes a bit creamy) and combine with the sugar. 3) Add the egg and beat well. 4) Throw in the vanilla sugar and dried pineapple... - 93.4525

Tofu And Mushroom Sandwich Spread

If you like unusual teasing flavors, this recipe of a tofu and mushroom sandwich spread is just the right one for you. You can serve it with chips, sandwiches, vegetables, meat and the possibilities of using this spread are endless. - 88.2282

Olive And Tomato Tapenade

This olive and tomato tapenade is by far the easiest homemade dip or spread but that doesn't alter its piquant flavor and liveliness. Watch this video to get the exact recipe. - 84.7147

Easy Chinese Mo Pa Tofu

If you adore Asian flavors but get intimidated by the idea of preparing it at home, here is an easy Chinese Mo Pa tofu recipe, that is pretty much close to the traditional dish and tastes almost like the real one. Watch it and stir it up one of these nights. - 83.7507

Pita Sandwich With Pan-grilled Eggplant

You’ll love this sandwich! The eggplant gains a lot of taste as you cook, and becomes really chewy. In combination with the tofu and mushroom spread, they make the perfect vegetarian sandwich! Watch and learn from this video. Enjoy! - 100.263

Homemade Eggplant And Spinach Lasagna

Are you fond of Italian cuisine? Treat yourself to this delicious and healthy, meatless Homemade Eggplant and Spinach Lasagna recipe. The recipe never fails to impress as a main dish when entertaining non-meat eaters. Try making this Italian delicacy in your... - 115.509

Oriental Eggplant And Carrot Spring Rolls

Looking for an Oriental appetizer recipe to serve this evening? Try these innovative Eggplant and Carrot Spring Rolls. The dish is a delicious snack prepared with a twist. - 110.06

Aishiteru Veggie Sushi!

Have you been looking for a sushi recipe that fits your vegetarian diet criteria? This recipe is just perfect for you. Watch the chef demonstrate a step-wise process to prepare this delicious Oriental Vegetarian Sushi recipe. - 107.085

Bread Pudding Aka Mamallena!

Looking for a simple dessert that can be made with easily available ingredients? This recipe is just right for you. Watch the chef prepare this delicious Chocolate Bread Pudding. The dessert is totally irresistible and is sure to bring a smile on every face... - 119.133

Panama's Plátano En Tentación

It’s a weeknight and you want to serve a dessert that can be prepared almost effortlessly? Try this deliciously unique Panama Plantain Temptation recipe. The dish is simple and can be made easily. It is certainly worth a try. - 110.764

Panama Patacones

Have you been looking for the authentic Patacones recipe? You've just found one. Watch this video to learn a very easy and tasty Panama Patacones recipe. The dish never fails to impress as a snack. You can also chose to serve these Patacones as a side dish... - 96.1685

Healthy Oat Cookies

For all the health freaks, here's a recipe that is too good to be missed. Watch the chef demonstrate a stepwise process to prepare these Healthy Oat Cookies. The snack is packed with the goodness of oats, muesli and cranberries. These cookies are ideal to... - 118.961

Potato And Green Peas Curry

Want to serve a spicy Indian curry for dinner tonight? Here's an easy to follow recipe that you can give a try. Watch the chef demonstrate a stepwise process to prepare Indian Potato Curry which is a great blend of flavors. - 96.6316

Vegan Vanilla Milk

Have you been looking for a delicious and flavorful beverage to serve along with breakfast. Bingo! This recipe is just right for you. Chef shares an easy to make Vegan Vanilla Milk recipe that is totally sinful. Don't give it a miss. - 109.013

Easy Vegetarian Lasagna

Have you been looking for a vegetarian variation of the classic lasagna? You've got it right here. Watch the chef share her personal recipe to make this Easy Vegetarian Lasagna. The dish is a great blend of flavors and is very impressive. Treat yourself to... - 95.9062

Anytime Quiche

Thinking of making something special this weekend? Try this Anytime Quiche recipe - a versatile open-faced crust dish with a filling of vegetables ideal to serve for breakfast or even as a snack. Watch the chef share the recipe that you too can cook at home. - 96.5681

Fresh Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Your breakfast remains incomplete without a glass of smoothie. You may want to try this Mixed Fruit Smoothie recipe. Watch the chef share the ingredients and the method to prepare this healthy and sweet beverage that is just ideal to kick start your day. - 83.4246

Buttercream Frosting

Want to surprise your dear ones with some delicious cupcakes? Serve your cupcakes with this delightful Butter-Cream Frosting. Watch this video to learn a very easy recipe to make this lovely Butter-Cream Frosting at home. - 93.996