Mary Rambin's Recipes

Salad Dressing With Orange Juice And Balsamic Vinegar

A quick and easy salad dressing that can zazz up any bowl of veggies. Balsamic vinegar, orange juice and olive oil is mixed in together for this. Done in a few whisks but definitely helps in tossing together a killer salad. - 80.8855

Green Smoothie With Kale, Cucumber And Apple

The possibilities are endless healthwise when you have a powelful blender in hand and a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables. This recipe is simple enough to remind you what you already know. Throw in the greens with a fruit that complements the taste, as in... - 86.9268

Summer Cocktail With Lemon And Mint

The ingredients for serving up a classy cocktail can be picked up from your own garden . Okay, not the vodka. Springtime fresh organic produce can be mixed with liquor to come up with the most innovative sips of ecstacy. In this one, fresh lemon juice,... - 84.7578

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread, a classic all the way, is not so hard as it may seem. Some easy to find ingredients and a good mix yields a dense and chewy loaf of this good old bread. This one here also incorporates the goodness of whole wheat flakes and flour. - 70.0544