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Cotolette Di Melanzane (gluten Free & Vegan)

GETTING READY 1. On a chopping board, slice the eggplant into 2 centimeter thickness. 2. On a plate, place some paper towels and put the eggplant slices on top of the paper towels. Sprinkle the slices with salt and let the eggplant drain off its bitterness.... - 120.283

Black Sesame Seed Balls

GETTING READY 1. In a large mixing bowl, add the glutinous flour. 2. In another bowl, dissolve the brown sugar in warm water and pour it little by little onto the flour. Combine it slowly into a nice sticky dough. Set aside. MAKING 3. In a bowl, spoon out... - 124.849

Gluten Free & Vegan Sticky Carrot Cake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 355 degrees F (180 degrees C). MAKING 2. In a grease proof baking tray or casserole dish, line up the carrots at the bottom. Sprinkle the muscovado sugar on top of the carrots and pour the maple syrup in. 3. Bake this... - 125.979


Have you ever tried kneading pasta dough with avocado? Well it certainly gives the ravioli an interesting color! A vegan style ravioli….this recipe is prepared with bean mousse filling. Though each part of the recipe is very simply flavored, it still it... - 90.6433


An interesting recipe to making hot cross buns….vegan style! A mix of many…many ingredients….the ultimate result is bound to be full of flavor! A mix of bananas and chocolate, these buns have a hint of sweetness too. Time consuming…so plan ahead! - 93.0766

Boiled Rice

Donuts are one of the most common snacks loved by all! Here is vegan version to making donuts. An elaborate recipe, you have to plan ahead for these. An interesting combination of ingredients, topped by some great flavors. - 93.9699


Baked apples? Yes…and it seems delicious! A really simple recipe that has cored apples stuffed with raisins. This vegan-style recipe is sweet all the way through. Watch and try it yourself. - 99.0871

Sponge Cakes

It is an amuse-bouche, fancy for bite sized! These mini Victoria sponge cakes are perfect for a high-tea party or wrap them up for someone special in gift boxes. - 75.7057


Roasted tomato soup in less than 45 minutes? Yes, it is possible! This recipe is inspired by Masterchef recipe that results in a soup that tastes like it has been cooking for hours ! It is good to know that you can whip up a fresh homemade soup from scratch... - 73.1468


For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 14.5315

Little Cakes

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 12.8597

Corn On The Cob

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 11.1468