Keyracooks's Recipes

Easter Spanish Tortilla

Keyra's Easter brunch recipe for a Spanish Tortilla. - 107.478

Fruit Salad

Keyra makes a fresh fruit salad. Grapes, strawberries, plums, pineapple, orange juice, lime juice, lime zest. - 101.145

Healthy Corn Fritters Topped With Yogurt Dip

Want to learn how to make yummy corn fritters the healthy way? Then watch this video and know of a recipe that will yield tasty fritters that you can enjoy without worrying about the fat and calorie contents! - 68.6913

Healthy Roasted Vegetable And Couscous Salad

Looking for a yummy, healthy salad recipe that will please everyone's taste buds and earn you loads of compliments? Then this video is just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make a tasty salad that will leave everyone wanting more! - 70.6425