Caravan Chef's Recipes

One Pot Irish Stew

If your out travelling and stop by at a cabin, and you are the type to do your own cooking! This is one thing to make for dinner! A few ingredients and that’s all there is to it! Watch the video for an authentic Irish beef stew! - 106.982

Delicious Pan Fried Chicken With Lettuce

Gotta love this Pan Fried Chicken with Lettuce recipe. If I could, then I would eat this all day long. It is simply delicious and too fabulous a dish to miss out. Surprisingly, this dish will take lesser time than you anticipate. So, have fun making the... - 94.904

Simple Yet Satisfying Salmon Frittata

Need a great salmon recipe that is ready in minutes? Add some more omega 3 to your daily diet with the delectable salmon frittatas. Full of flavor and loaded with almost supernatural health benefits, this is one dish that is good for your palate, spirit, body... - 85.935

Sizzling Sweet N' Spicy Pork Spare Ribs

Want a recipe to dazzle at your next barbecue? Then sweet and spicy pork ribs will surely fit the bill. Easy, effortless, and extremely succulent, this one makes for a great meal that is ready in minutes. Simply follow the video recipe and get making this... - 82.0133

Chicken And Vegetable Grill

Caravan Chef Eva Stovern whips up a tasty chicken and vegetable grill at Hawkesbury Riverside Tourist Park, Pitt Town NSW - 133.702

Appetizing Apricot Chicken

Fresh, fast and flavor-packed, apricot chicken is one of those few simple chicken dishes that will delight both the adults and the kids. And boneless, skinless chunks of chicken breast just makes the ordeal easier. An innovative way to cook your chicken, this... - 80.8204

Dainty Damper With Sultanas

Caravan Chef Eva Stovern shows how to bake scrummy dampers with sultanas that's a breeze to make and makes for a delicious dessert anytime, anywhere. Tasty, filling and extremely simple to make too, this once mainstay of Australian cuisine will simply wow you... - 86.8097

Delicious Biscuits In Cream

For quick desserts that are just perfect for any meal, try this! All you need is a handful of ingredients and some basic prep and freezing time and you have a light, creamy, crunchy dessert all set to floor the guests. These tasty nibbles allows you to have... - 86.5868

Quick And East Wangi Tuna Risotto

Looking for a twist on a great Italian favorite? Try out this wangi tuna risotto, a flavorful, super-healthy rice dish that comes packed with the goodness of tuna fish. What easier, quicker and tastier way to feed yourself on rush weeknights than this one-pot... - 80.0519