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Learn Brad's Favorite Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a blender, add in the water and kale. Blend for a few minutes. 2. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. SERVING 3. Pour the smoothie in a serving glass and serve for breakfast. - 104.885

Amanda Makes A Smoothie

Brad's Raw Foods direct sales rep, Amanda, takes advantage of one of her favorite perks of working here: A beautiful custom kitchen with a commercial blender and always fully stocked with fresh, organic smoothie ingredients (including plenty of organic kale,... - 100.958

Brad's Raw Foods | Brad's Raw : Taco Salad (la Fiesta Rawvolution!)

This "meaty" salad is one of Brad's favorites when he's in the mood for something hearty, healthy and satisfying. It incorporates some colossal crunch from Brad's Raw Chips Cheddar. - 126.078

Brad's Raw Foods | Brad's Raw : Banana Boat Bites

These portable bites are the perfect fresh raw food snack for Brad's on-the-go lifestyle. - 113.282

Brad's Raw Foods | Brad's Raw : Avocado Soup

This recipe adds some zesty crunch from Brad's Raw Leafy Kale Nacho to the creamy nutrient-packed avocado soup and is one of Brad's favorite lunch dishes. - 123.465

Green Fruit Smoothie

Look at this super quick and easy smoothie that is so refreshing and delicious. This flavorful and nutritious smoothie is a great alternative to our traditional breakfast menu. Watch the video to make your own variation with your favorite fruits and enjoy! - 106.924

Spicy Salad Dressing

Check out this wonderful video that showcases a recipe for a versatile salad dressing. The dressing is made with a simple blend of cashews and sunflower seeds with carrot and cucumber and a spicy kick of jalapenos. Take a look and enjoy with chips or salad. - 101.62

Lunch Time Salad

Nothing can be more simple and appetizing than this food processor chopped lunch time salad. Watch this impressive video that shows a super easy recipe to make a flavorful salad within no time. Accompany with leafy greens for a great lunch. Check it out and... - 106.874