Kitchen Tradition's Recipes

Classic Munti

Munti is a very delicious dish to prepare. Although it is a time consuming recipe, the taste of the dish is unforgettable. Check this video for more recipe detail. - 95.983

Making Falafels

Falafel is very popular dish in the Middle East as a fast food. Vendors sell it on the street corners in Cairo. It is a favorite among all age groups of people. If you want to give a try to this recipe, just check out the video. - 112.132

Macaroni Cheese

Being originated in United States, Macaroni cheese is a very popular dish, consists of various types of cheese. Just take a look at the video and learn how to make this wonderful dish. - 112.163

Easter Baklava

Thinking what to make for Easter? Here, the chef is making a very delicious Easter dessert " Baklava". It is not only tasty but quite simple to make. Watch this video and learn how to make this dessert at home. - 105.146

Candied Carrots And Onion

Why not make your carrots more appealing and flavorful with this effortless recipe. Take a look at this excellent video that presents a super easy style to make this unique carrot snack. The video also updates about the nutritional benefits of all the... - 104.589

Pan Fried Falafels

Involve your kids in the kitchen to make these super simple pan fried falafels. Look at this wonderful video that shares how to make quick falafels within no time. The video presents a real fun filled cooking experience. Take a look… - 103.2

Homemade Yogurt

Pep up your meal with some homemade yogurt. See this impressive video that demonstrates how to make yogurt at home. The video shares great facts and myths about yogurt. Take a look at this video and make a fantastic yogurt in your kitchen. - 84.1738

Mediterranean Stuffed Grape Leaves

Bring the Mediterranean flavor to your dining room with these fabulous stuffed grape leaves. The dish makes a fantastic appetizer which indeed is very impressive. In this video, chef shares a detailed method to prepare this recipe. Take a look. - 77.364

Cheese Spinach Triangles

Pamper your kids with these extraordinary cheese spinach triangles. Look at this impressive way to treat your kids with a cheesy spinach. The video is nicely presented and the recipe is simply awesome. Check it out … - 90.8468

Armenian Christmas Sweet Bread

Make your Christmas special with these fabulous Armenian style sweet bread. Take a look at this fantastic video that shares this unique bread recipe. The video is interesting and really a fun way to cook. Watch this video for a terrific cooking experience! - 94.8059

Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Are you looking for some unique party appetizers. Watch this video that shares a wonderful recipe for Armenian style stuffed grape leaves. The video is interesting and shares simple recipe secrets too. Amaze your guests with these gorgeous flavorful... - 99.2475