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Gluten Free Bread

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. MAKING 2. Add the yeast to the rice dream milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. 3. In a mixing bowl combine flour, butter, vinegar, whole egg, egg whites and the milk and yeast mixture and mix well. 4. Grease... - 105.432

Fresh Raw Berry Tarts

MAKING 1. Add the nuts in a mixer and pulse. 2. Then add the dates into the mixer and pulse until it forms a texture that will hold together. 3. Press the mixture on to muffin cups in a muffin tray. 4. Top with fresh fruits or fruit pieces. 5. Refrigerate for... - 104.336

Gluten-free Black Bean Brownies

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F. MAKING 2. In a food processor add all the ingredients and pulse for about 13 seconds. 3. Open the lid mix with a spatula and pulse for 6 more seconds. 4. Spread on a glass dish and scatter organic or dairy... - 111.352

Gluten-free Chickpea Chocolate Cake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F. MAKING 2. Into the mixer bowl add the chickpeas and eggs and pulse for about 2-3 seconds. 3. Add sugar and baking powder and blend for 2-3 seconds to blend well. 4. Add melted chocolate chips and blend.... - 107.067

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. MAKING 2. Mix all the wet ingredients in a bowl. 3. In another bowl, mix all the dry ingredients. 4. Add the wet ingredient mixture to the dry ingredient mixture and mix well. 5. Line a baking tray with... - 108.833

Mexican Salad In A Taco Bowl

Ever wondered how to make a taco salad bowl like the ones seen at the restaurants? Watch this video and it guides you exactly to make this along with a simple salad to fill this taco bowl! - 110.242

1-2-3 Raw Pecan Pie Balls

Instant energy boosting pecan balls! These are great to carry for a healthy snack and when you feel you are low on energy or have a sweet craving, pop one of these in your mouth and you can run a marathon! Made with organic raw ingredients, these pecan balls... - 117.521

Raw Pecan Pie

Looking for healthier holiday desserts? This pecan pie cannot get any healthier! This raw and organic version is chock full of healthy proteins, healthy fatty acids, fiber, and minerals. Unlike its traditional counterparts, this one is completely free of... - 95.7264

Organic Raw Appleand Date Pie

A wonderfully light, fresh and healthy pie and the perfect way to use the beautiful sweet and juicy apples harvested during autumn. This is a raw apple and date pie, is just as filling and comforting as any baked version and is suitable for any of the holiday... - 93.5305

Organic And Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

Simple delicious cookies that mix up in under 10 minutes and are healthy enough for breakfast! No cooking or de-hydrating required for this recipe. Kids love it and so do adults and these are just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, even it is a... - 93.2849

Organic Three Bean Summer Salad

This healthy summer salad is as easy as one, two, and three and is the perfect side dish for a large gathering and you can keep it ready in your refrigerator without having to worry about last minute dressing and tossing. This salad smells, looks and tastes... - 105.869

Healthy Organic Zucchini And Nut Brownies

“Healthy” and “brownies” in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Make sure not to tell the kids that these brownies have zucchini in them. They do not need to know these are good for them. They are absolutely going to love these... - 106.075

Organic Fresh Salsa

Throw the ingredients together in a bowl and it is ready in 5 minutes. This organic salsa is a hit at summer parties and potlucks when served with organic corn chips! - 105.653

Sweet Potato Salmon Dish

This recipe is a meal in itself..once served on your plate you could add raw nuts of your choice on top and that would be awesome! Very quick and easy to put together, add your favorite vegetables to this dish...make it your own and make it often. - 46.4808

Easy/healthy Quiche

This quiche is very easy to prepare. It is delicious...I love serving it with homemade salsa and chutney. You can really make it your own by adding whatever vegetables you love...delicious served with a beautiful green salad... - 46.6085

Rasam Pecan Pie

What better way to enjoy a cool autumn day than with a nice piece of pecan pie. This pie is so wonderful tasting, just make sure to refrigerate it for at least 5 hours before serving. If you don't say anything, your guests will think that is is a regular pie.... - 46.0906

Raw Autumn Apple Pie

This raw apple pie is so easy to make, you will not believe it!! With my favorite season already here, the apples are ready to be purchased and eaten. The taste and consistency of this pie is so fresh and juicy...really good topped with a spoonful of plain... - 48.6328

Raw Choco Chip Date Cookies

Want to feel reenergized? Don’t have time for time to stop and think? This is a perfect snack to whip up for yourself and the kids! Dates will give you the necessary nutrition! Watch this video on how to make this easy cookies! - 91.7257

Green Bean, Kidney Bean And Chick Pea Salad

How about a salad which as quick as counting 1, 2, 3! This is a summer salad which have ingredients in your kitchen and nothing out of the ordinary! Watch this video for more on this bean salad! - 95.1144

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

How about a dessert with some green tea in the winter? The this brownie with the zucchini incorporated is the best thing to have! Nutritious and hardly takes 5 minutes to make! - 97.1213

Fresh California Salsa

All of these amazing ingredients marry so well together. They compliment any meal but it is especially delicious with homemade nachos. We like it with fish as well, it gives it a special twist!!Make sure to double the recipe, it will go fast!! - 32.7694

Tortilla Wrap Surprise

This recipe is quick and easy to make. You can easily add your own personal touch to this dish. You can serve it as an appetizer before a meal or a healthy snack during the evening. Delicious when served with a homemade salsa for dipping. - 39.987

Raw Strawberry Bars

This is a delicious and quick recipe to whip up. All you need is a food processor and a few handy ingredients. Everyone will love it,I guarantee you. You can even choose to melt 85% dark chocolate and drizzle it on the bars. Gives it a delicious, rich taste. - 31.3754

Delicious Bruschetta

This is a quick, easy and popular dish to prepare. You can whip it up very fast with ingredients that you can easily find at home. The blend of ingredients gives it a great taste and makes your guests come back for more. - 37.0037

Vegan Lettuce Wraps

This is a very easy snack to put together. When you marry all of these ingredients together, you get this wonderful tasting masterpiece that will please everyone for sure. So light and great tasting, you can't go wrong. There are so many varieties that you... - 34.9516

Kid Friendly Throw Together Nachos

This recipe is really an occasion to put all of your weekly left-overs to good use. You can make the best nachos with meats, vegetables, cheese. Its great to make your own healthy nacho chips with a wonderful healthy choice of Ezekiel or brown rice wraps. Get... - 31.9183

Super Healthy Nut Butter Balls

This is a great healthy protein snack to bring along with you. Especially, if you are in a rush , between errands or running out for an activity during the week with your kids. This is a quick recipe that you can whip up with your kids as easy and... - 40.1923

Vegan Herbed Smoothie

This smoothie has wonderful ingredients and it just goes straight to your cells and helps them do their important job. It is quick to make and really is tasty. You can really make this your own and add whatever you desire to it. - 38.738

Mediterranean Style Summer Salad

This is a great salad that pleases every taste. It is light, yet refreshing. Serves well with any main course. The mariage of the nuts and fruit really add a special touch. - 42.5588

Sylvie's Awesome Organic Spaghetti Sauce

This is a very easy recipe to create. Basically you have your organic hamburger meat, add all of the organic vegetables that you desire to it, with your favorite natural tomato sauce. Place it in the oven and voila! - 44.1673

Lurch Spiralo (spiral Slicer)

Please See Video This video is a creation of thehealthnut. You can visit thehealthnut for complete recipes, and more videos. - 15.5047

Sesame And Date Health Bar

Rushing out late for your child's sport event? Haven't packed a healthy snack? Then watch this video, it gives you the perfect idea to whip something absolutely natural and healthy! - 90.587

Cashewnut And Almond Butter

How about having your crackers, or fruits with a dip in nut butter? This video shows you how to get organic butter from cashew and almond! A whizz from the food processor and that’s about it! - 85.1503

Chocolate Nut And Dry Fruit Energy Snack

Ever wondered what to eat when the hunger pangs come? How about making your own energy pack of nuts and dry fruits so that your heart and brain are healthy! Its just a mix of ingredients! Watch the video and learn more! - 76.3193

Dry Fruit Date Balls

Guests coming in the last minute? Want to make a dessert, then these are the best things to make which is full of protein and full of some wholesome goodness! Watch the video on making this raw dessert! - 76.7863

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is the liquid obtained from squeezing the white flesh from the coconut and extracting the liquid! This liquid is used as a base for gravies and desserts for extra flavor! So how are you going to make this coconut milk? Watch this video to make... - 106.838