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Asparagus And Eggs

The founder of From Jeanies Kitchen, Joanna Spitalieri was born and raised in South Philadelphia. During her upbringing, she had several memorable experiences and many of them were spent watching her mom cooking. Philly is full of great history, culture, and... - 127.091

Asparagus And Egg Roll

If you have some neighbors coming over for lunch, then cook up an egg and asparagus roll which are rather easy to make! Watch this video to make these easy sandwiches - 102.244

Hot Clam Broth Over Linguine Pasta

Have a nice hot clam broth over some hot linguine pasta and glass of chilled white wine for lunch! You could go oh lala over the dish! Watch this video on how to make this exotic lunch for a change - 105.105

Crab Leg Gravy Over Pasta

A crab leg gravy is a treat for the Sicilian food lovers! Try this recipe with Jeannie in the kitchen. An easy and simple recipe showcased in the video! See the video for more details! - 114.617

Eggplant And Boiled Egg Cheese Bake

How about a bake for the day with Sicilian flavors? Jeannie and her daughter make a nice hot bake with eggplant, boiled egg and cheese on a tomato base sprinkled with some cheese! A nice video with every step clear and precisely shown! - 124.186

Pasta Sauce With Ricotta Cheese

How about some fettuccine and some nice ricotta cheese sauce! Its the marriage of the two that brings out the flavors in this dish! Jeannie shows you how to get this lovely pasta sauce done! - 119.363