Chefmilani's Recipes

Coconut Custard Pudding

How about a coconut based dessert after a heavy meal? Coconut Custard Pudding is a delicious and is made with a few stirs in the saucepan. The recipe is as simple as the video that doesn’t need any narration. The chef takes you on a musical journey and... - 78.8004

How To Prepare Fish Escabeche From Puerto Rico

Learn to make escabeche like we do it in Puerto Rico. - 93.7423

Balsamic Cole Slaw

If you have been eating out a lot just because you don’t have enough time to make something for yourself, then you must be watching this video. It’s about how to make fast and easy Balsamic Cole Slaw. It is much faster than you can think and it can save... - 78.3891

Beef Steak With Onion

Would you like your beef steaks with a slightly delicious twist? In the video, there is Beef Steak recipe that uses onions and a Puerto Rican seasoning called Adobo. This seasoning is what gives a ice flavor to the steaks. This video is without any dialogue... - 86.6227


If you have been trying to nail the best sofrito recipe, then your search comes to a end. This video has a self explaining sofrito recipe with a list of ingredients written down with their quantities and then all it needs is blending of ingredients. This... - 64.8539

How To Cook The Perfect Pasta

Does your pasta become mushy every time you cook them? Well, a perfect pasta recipe is what you need to make a delicious pasta dish. This video shows how to cook pasta perfectly every time and also gives cooking times for various kinds of pasta. Follow the... - 60.199

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Cream Cheese mashed Potatoes great to serve as a side dish with any meal!!!! - 24.1618

Classic Chicken Fricassee

Why not make your simple rice or pasta more appealing with a classic chicken fricassee. Take a look at this video that shares an outstanding chicken recipe for an excellent addition to your holiday feast. The video is absolutely fantastic and a must watch. - 88.0754

Summer Pasta Salad

How about a pasta dish that is healthy and refreshing during the hot days? Well, Summer pasta salad is your answer and this summer you should be trying it out. The cute looking chef in the video is making it in 4 simple steps that is boiling pasta, chopping... - 117.25

Spanish Beef Stew

This winter try a Spanish beef stew to please your family. Like any other stew this Spanish Beef Stew recipe is also simple but requires a few extra seasoning like sazon and tomato sauce. Although the video is self explanatory, a few words from the chef would... - 64.4236

Pigeon Peas Rice

This a classic puertorrican recipe usually served during xmas with pork. It is a great side dish for any protein especially fried pork chops!!! I love this recipe, this is my favorite type of rice!! For more spanish recipes visit - 42.2611

Spanish Chicken Rice (arroz Con Pollo)

This is a classic Puertorrican recipe, served with beans,side salad with avocado and you have your sunday meal prepared!!! - 39.6361

Hot And Saucy Baked Beans

Baked beans from the cans could be boring, so how about jazzing it up? This video will give everyone a good break from the bland beans and it’s something to be made again and again. All it requires is browning sausage, mixing with seasonings and sauces and... - 108.567

White Rice

Want to serve a perfectly cooked rice to accompany your deliciously made main dishes? Well, this video is going to help you cook white rice like a master chef. The step by step video is a perfect teacher. The video has some important tips which is not to be... - 65.9955