Hotdogcouncil's Recipes

Grilled Knockwurst With Garlic And Onion

Delight for hot dog lovers. This video prepares a fabulous variety of knockwurst with onion and garlic. Marinated in a combination of garlic and beer, this makes a great snack. The aroma at the time of grilling is just heavenly. Topped with mustard sauce,... - 90.8383

Spicy Chili Dog

If you're a fan of the classic chili dog, you're going to love this. This highly recommended video prepares zesty chili dogs, which make a great snack. Seasoned with hot sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, this can be stored very conveniently too. This... - 90.8052

Heisman Red Potato And Vegetable Salad With Grilled Kielbasa

Not any regular potato salad. This is an amazing video to make a great potato salad with grilled kielbasa. An ideal companion in any party, this satisfying dish has a great enriching taste. Seasoned to perfection, this is the easiest and yummiest red potato... - 88.2108

Chicago Style Char Hot Dog

Traditionally different. This video makes an amazing type of hot dog with loads of green salad. Quiet a famous variety in Chicago region, this gives you a great combination of meat and vegetables. This hearty, flavorful recipe makes you feel the warmth of a... - 94.5981

Georgia Hot Dogs And West Virginia Hot Dogs With Coleslaw

These aren't just regular hot dogs !! Made extremely special in this video, the chef two variety of this hugely loved dish. Both the hot dogs are dressed up with home made coleslaw, they surely make your tummy and taste bud happy. Try this and love every... - 90.5446

Bacon Wrap Sonoran Hot Dogs With Tomatillo Salsa

Looking for a fun and flavorful way to jazz up hot dogs? Watch this video and try these bacon-wrapped versions with zippy Dijon mustard. 'They don't take long to fix. A sure boost to your family's next summer outing, make these zippy Arizona style hot dogs.... - 92.0345

Spicy Brats And Midwest Coney Hot Dogs

Yummy tummy !!! This video makes a very delicious type of hot dog which is quiet a delicacy in the Midwest region. Made spicy with a savor mix of spices, they make a great alternative to normal hot dogs. Its the simple way of dressing which makes all the... - 90.786

New York And Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Eat and decide yourself ?? This video makes two great varieties of hot dogs- New York style and Chicago style. Often stiff in competition, they are both sensational variety of hot dogs. If you are a chronic hot dog lover, you'll like both of it because with... - 91.5514

Turkey Hot Dogs With Salsa

Absolute delight for a tailgate party !!! Watch this video to prepare an amazing turkey hot dog with jalapeno peppers and onion. The real twist in this variety of hot dog comes from the generous usage of salsa. Made tangy, this is the perfect dish for summer... - 90.1213

Tailgating Recipe: Frankly Fabulous Dip

In this video, National Hot Dog & Sausage Council President Janet Riley prepares a unique appetizer that is sure to be a big hit at any tailgate. This video series includes hot dog and sausage recipes that you can cook entirely or partially ahead of time for... - 127.772

Tailgating Recipe: Sausage And Vegetable Kebabs With Mustard Sauce

Make vegetables taste even better by adding a little Italian sausage! In this video, National Hot Dog & Sausage Council President Janet Riley adds a little color and vegetables to your tailgate with these kebabs and delicious mustard sauce. This video series... - 133.303