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Apple Oat & Cinnamon Porridge

A simple and super delicious recipe of porridge suitable best for your breakfast. Made of apple, oat bran and cinnamon powder, this recipe is incredibly healthy and will also keep you feeling full. - 119.326


This is a recipe for Mulled Wine Swedish Style, stronger and sweeter and served in small glasses with blanched almonds and raisins. - 132.767

Chicken Zucchini And Leeks Casserole

This chicken casserole is surely going to be the new family favorite. It’s a nice way of combining chicken with veggies. The vegetable become tender and the chicken gets super crispy on top. And it takes only five minutes to do the prep. Watch the video for... - 100.057

Tomato Basil Chicken

Four simple ingredients is all you need for a healthy and delicious family dinner. Next time your rushing through the aisles of a supermarket after work, trying to think of what to make for dinner, all you need to remember is chicken, sweet plump tomatoes,... - 100.391

Homemade Chocolate

Raw chocolate is something that kids love to eat. Homemade raw chocolate can have all the health benefits that you hear about, it tastes so good and is easy to make. Watch the video to get the ingredients and directions to make healthy chocolate that is good... - 93.6385

Mini Pancakes

It's time for some yummy pancakes. Pancakes has been the traditional breakfast dish in every household. Today you get to see the video of how our talented chef prepares the delicious Mini Pancakes. Serve this amazing pancakes with a glass of fresh milk and... - 77.9846

Fillet Steak

A great steak recipe coming you way. Check out the video of the yummy and lip smacking Fillet Steak served in Oyster Sauce. A great combination of meat and sauce. Everyone should definitely try this recipe out. - 77.2706

Vegetable Lasagna

This video is a creation of lisagusto. You can visit lisagusto for complete recipes, and more videos. - 68.8494

Chicken Drumsticks In Ginger Sauce

In a mood to have some chicken? Then you have come to the right place. Check out the video of the yummy and lip smacking Chicken Drumsticks in Ginger Sauce. A great combination of chicken and garlic sauce baked together. This recipe has yummy written all over... - 79.3161

Salt Water

A very unique drink recipe for all you people out there. It is not the most delicious drinks but very healthy. You can have this drink before breakfast. - 109.899

Browned Breast Chicken

Browned Breast Chicken is today's special recipe. Check out the video of how this delicious dish was prepared. The chef has done a good job in showing us how to prepare the perfect moist browned breast chicken. - 72.71

Crisp Potatoes

Hello everyone please have a look at this amazing potato recipe prepared by our chef especially for you. Check out the video of the crispy and delicious Crisp Potatoes. A great potato recipe which can be prepared in a few minutes. - 77.0256