Bertintowncenter's Recipes

Ojingoejeot Sidedish

Clyde seems to be a fan of Korean cuisine and that's the reason he is making a Korean side dish, Korean Ojingoejeot or fermented squid. He makes an authentic dish by using Korean chili powder and fish sauce which are the main ingredients for this recipe. Its... - 84.4046

Mediterranean Tzatziki Sauce

How about a easy Mediterranean tzatziki sauce to go with your main dishes? Clyde is making the dish in the simplest possible way and using a lot of flavors to bring out the most authentic dish. The garlic and lemon gives a unique refreshing taste this... - 66.9801

Cajun Rice

Want a little twist to your cajun rice or dirty rice? Try this recipe by a chef who is making a delicious cajun rice using gizzards and hearts. The slow cooked meat is soft and tender and melts in the mouth. He is using some leftover rice and turning it into... - 70.9379

Korean Mandu With Gamja Salad

Clyde is all set to make a Korean meal, he is making Mandu with Gamja Salad. Mandu is a delicious Korean dumpling and Gamja salad is a potato bases salad with mayonnaise. His step by step instructions on salad is easy to understand and follow. The combination... - 34.9954

Quick Dinner Sandwich

For those who work late in the night and need to wake up early need a quick and delicious dinner. So, keeping the fact in mind, Clyde has come up with a easy and delicious dinner recipe, a egg benedict sandwich. Everything he uses is homemade including... - 42.861


Please see video - 14.1088

Mexican Enchiladas And Spanish Rice

Clyde makes Mexican meal Enchilada and Spanish Rice in his Florida kitchen. He uses sorriso sausage pork and ground beef, the sausage is full of flavors with garlic and spices, so the enchiladas come out extremely yummy. His direction is simple to understand... - 66.7201

Mexican Meal Part 2: Serving Enchilada And Spanish Rice

After making Mexican meal Enchilada and Spanish Rice, Clyde is giving serving suggestions for serving them. He is using sour cream and shows an easy way of making it at home. He also has a dessert to serve with his mexican dishes, blackberries in sour cream.... - 54.2047

Korean Jjamppong

Clyde is a fan of Maangchi, a Korean chef and thus he tries to emulate her jjamppong recipe. It’s a hot and spicy stew with lots of vegetables and mussels cooked in a deliciously made broth. The most important ingredient to making this dish perfectly is... - 60.811

Piccolini Pasta

How about a Italian pasta dish from your favorite chef Clyde? Well, he is making delicious Piccolini Pasta using carrot and pepper sauce along with red burgundy wine. His recipe is very simple and he has shot the video well too. The final dish looks awesome... - 47.3954

Filipino Lumpia

Clyde has come up with another popular dish from Filipino cuisine. Its lumpia or crispy spring rolls with beef based filling. Clyde is using ground beef, carrot and some leftover vegetables and sprouts. He has shot the video very well covering all aspects of... - 77.1507

Banh Mi Dac Biet Sandwich

Clyde is showing up another international recipe, Banh mi dac biet sandwich from the Vietnamese cuisine. The best part of this sandwich is its overnight marinated carrot and radish in mirin and vinegar with a little sugar. The long baguette stuffed with meat... - 78.763

Asian Pho

This time Clyde is making Asian Pho using rice noodles, Chinese pork meat balls and many more interesting ingredients. He has kept his instructions very simple and easy to understand but has missed out mentioning the cooking times. Nevertheless you can easily... - 60.2963

Crisp Biscotti

Clyde makes crispy biscotti for his family. The video would have been more useful if he had shown the recipe from scratch. He is trying his best to improve his videos and we expect him to do well in future. - 37.4834

Vegetable Spring Roll Part 1: Vegetable Filling

Clyde is making Vegetable Spring Roll Part 1 using raw Vegetables. He tried his best to explain every ingredient but it could have been more clear through his dialogues and the video for easy understanding. - 42.7041

Vegetable Spring Roll Part 2: Rolling Vegetables In Dry Rice Papers

In this Vegetable Spring Roll Part 2, Clyde shows how to use dry rice paper for rolling the vegetables and making spring rolls. This idea can be useful for making all types of spring rolls and its not to be missed. - 43.2412

Vegetable Spring Roll Part 3: Serving Rolls

Now that the spring rolls are ready, Clyde gives us ideas for serving them elegantly. This dish is super easy and super quick to make and you can just add your favorite ingredients and make it to your taste preference. - 43.445

Spicy Spaghetti Part 1: Preparing Ingredients

Clyde is showing how to make Spicy Spaghetti in his very own way using bacon, fried eggs, spicy sausage and many more. This is part 1 of the recipe where he talks about the ingredients and cooks them. Had he shown the cooking process and the quantity of each... - 45.2162

Spicy Spaghetti Part 2: Combining Spaghetti With The Cooked Ingredients

In this second part of Spicy Spaghetti, Clyde prepares his spaghetti and mixing it with remaining cooked ingredients, spices. Wish the entire cooking method was seen for better understanding. - 42.2589

Spicy Spaghetti Part 3: Topping Spaghetti With Spicy Chili Sauce

Clyde is giving a final touch to his spicy spaghetti dish by topping it with his spicy sauce. The whole dish looks extremely delicious. Clyde can work towards making better videos for viewers to follow his recipes. - 42.6558

Portuguese Soup Part 1: Ingredients

How about a delicious Portuguese soup using chorizo? Sounds so very appetizing and that is what Clyde is making for his viewers. In this part 1 of Portuguese soup recipe, he talks about the ingredients and adds them to a pot and starts with his cooking. For... - 54.2001

Portuguese Soup Part 2: Seasoning And Serving

This is the final stage of Portuguese Soup recipe, where Clyde is finishing the soup with tomato paste and serving the soup with a salad. However, he has not given the recipe for the salad so, you will have to make your own to go with his Portuguese Soup. - 49.3309

Chicken Paprikash Part 1: Frying Chicken

Clyde is keeping up with his forte of making international recipes and this time he makes Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. He shows how to make spicy chicken using very little oil and lot of spices and flavors which includes garlic. The whole preparation process... - 54.1679

Chicken Paprikash Part 2: Serving

As Chicken Paprikash gets ready, Clyde is all ready with his plate of noodles to serve himself some of the delicious dish that he cooked in the middle of the night. The orange color of chicken is extremely appetizing and is easy to make. - 50.6575

No Meat Hamburger Part 1: Preparatory

No Meat Hamburger is a vegetarian delight for Clyde's vegetarian friends. He is using three different types of mushrooms instead of meat and that's what makes the hamburger work for vegetarians. He also has a homemade cucumber sauce to go with it but the... - 42.8985

No Meat Hamburger Part 2: Mushroom Patty

In this episode of No Meat Hamburger, Clyde is showing how to prepare the cooked mushrooms for making patties. It’s pretty simple like a meat patty and simply easy to make. All it requires is blending fried mushrooms in a blender and mixing with breadcrumbs. - 44.6485

No Meat Hamburger Part 3: Grilling Mushroom Patty And Macaroni Salad

Clyde is all set for grilling his mushroom patties and while they are browning, he prepares vegetables to go into the hamburger. Simultaneously, he prepares a macaroni salad with yogurt dressing with lots of spices to go with the No Meat Hamburger. Sounds so... - 45.4718

No Meat Hamburger Part 3: Building Hamburger

Clyde is ready is with all the ingredients that should go into his No Meat Hamburger. He is excited to build up the burger with lots of vegetables and of course the tangy cucumber sauce. He serves it with macaroni salad that he prepared in the previous video.... - 48.2338

Spicy Macaroni And Crab Salad

Clyde is making a quick salad recipe for the vegetarians using artificial crabmeat. Its quick to make if you have your macaroni boiled and ready. He uses a few ingredients from the kitchen and the most essential part of this dish is its hot curry power which... - 79.4288

Pasta Alla Carbonara

Wanna try Pasta alla carbonara? Well, then, you should be following Clyde in this video for he is making the dish with unsmoked unsalted bacon and eggs. His recipe is very simple and he instructs well however you cannot see the dish cooking which might get... - 48.7046

Pancit Part 1: Preparing Meat And Vegetables

Today, Clyde is all set for preparing a Filipino noodle recipe Pancit, using Chinese sausages along with some vegetables from his fridge. So, before you get set to prepare the dish, note down the ingredients from the video. - 52.6881

Pancit Part 2: Cooking Vegetables And Egg

Clyde has his meat cooking and then he goes on to finish it by adding Chinese cabbage. He also cooks eggs for his Pancit. Everything is pretty simple to understand and replicate. The dish is already looking delicious and sure you would start drooling by the... - 53.6005

Pancit Part 3: Mixing Vegetables And Noodles

This is the final episode of Pancit recipe and Clyde is prepared with his noodles and vegetables. He shows how to put them both together and bring out a delicious dish. The use of crushed and minced garlic imparts a nice flavor to the final dish. - 53.0933

Kimchi Fried Rice

Watch this impressive video for kimchi fried rice. This is indeed a super simple way to prepare a delicious dish pep up your meal. Take a look and impress your family with your superb culinary skills. - 77.0527

Korean Kimchi

Clyde is making another classic dish that is Korean Kimchi by following Maangchi. He has got every single ingredient for making cabbage kimchi and his step by step instructions make the Korean recipe sound so simple. A must try and make recipe for those who... - 69.1937

Falafel Sandwich Part 3: Frying Falafel

After making cucumber sauce and falafel, Clyde deep fries the falafel and put together the sandwich. He was unable to show the frying method for falafel but if you are regular cook you can do it with your own experience. Putting together the sandwich is great... - 70.9527

Falafel Sandwich Part 2: Falafel

In this part of Falafel sandwich video, Clyde shows how to make the falafel using dried chickpeas. He has tried his best to show the entire process for the audience to understand. So, if you have never made falafel, try following him. Don't forget to watch ... - 67.8026

Falafel Sandwich Part 1: Cucumber Sauce

Clyde is showing falafel sandwich recipe in great detail. In this part of the video he makes a cucumber sauce using sour cream. He has improved a lot ever since he shot his first video and narrates better. You can also watch Falafel Sandwich Part 2, and ... - 75.6229

Late Night Korean Cooking

Though the dish does look interesting we wish Bert would could be heard and he could share his recipe with us more confidently (Which he does go on to do in the rest of his videos which come in later). - 53.7286

Fondue Part 2: Dipping Sauce And Frying Vegetables And Meat

After preparing the ingredients Clyde is all set to start cooking. He makes a batter and deep fries the veggies and fries meat separately. He also makes the dipping sauce recipe using sour cream and horseradish. The whole dish sounds absolutely appetizing.... - 62.2308

Fondue Part 1: Preparatory

Today, Clyde is trying and make a Fondue with meat and vegetables. In this video, he is preparing the ingredients for cooking. So, watch him closely to see how he is getting ready to cook a delicious fondue. He still is pretty shy in front of the camera so it... - 62.1167

Shopao Part 2

Clyde has done the preparation for Shopao and ready to do the final cooking. Unfortunately, what he is doing is not clear for anyone to understand. - 52.6786

Shopao Part 1

In this Shopao Part 1 video, Clyde is cooking Shopao using ground pork. Comapred to his first videos, Clyde has broken up his silence and started speaking but his vidoes and presentation needs to improve for everyone to follow and make a dish at home. - 43.3457

Maangchi's Cooking Part 2

This is the second part of Maangchi's Cooking by Clyde. Wish we could have heard him and followed his recipe. - 30.8075

Maangchi's Cooking Part 1

This one is Clyde's one of the very first videos where he tries making a Korean Dish following Maangchi. He is all prepared for the video but seems to be a little shy and that's the reason we cannot hear him. Hope he comes up with better videos in future. - 33.0575