EverydayDrinkers's Recipes

The Little Boy Shooter, By Max

Okay, for those about to comment, we re-create the drink because "we did it wrong" while making it. So, leave your comment to the end! It tastes like alcohol-infused fake candy taste. - 0

The Pirate Margarita, No Tequila Needed

The concept of a "Margarita" is about to be flipped on its head, get rid of the need for tequila, get rid of the need for a margarita glass and go full on rum in a tall tumbler. What do you get? Pure Liquid Awesome. - 0

The Moon Harvest Cocktail

The harvest moon, a take on a classic design with a herbal chartreuse start, middle bourbon flavor and a finish of lillet with no real applejack flavor. It's potent thanks to the hudson baby bourbon's higher proof and the lack of a juice to tone it down. - 0

The Cream Tini, Smells Like Cookies

The Cream tini is a simple to make cocktail if you have whipped vodka--nice and sweet but still vodka focused. This is like an awesome screwdriver. - 0

Hypno Splash Cocktail

A hypnotiq cocktail that actually has more flavors than true blue hypnotiq potency. A nice baby blue cocktail with a bit of potent blast yet still a hint of sweetness from the lemon-lime soda. - 0

The Cortana Cocktail With Sodastream

Today we use our sodastream to create some lemon-lime soda and, for fun, use their energy drink alternative (since this week is all about sodas). Oh, and we drink the Cortana cocktail too! - 0

Sweet Citrus Waterfall, Shirt Soaking Awesomeness

Today Ian absorbs (through his skin) some Sweet Citrus Waterfall cocktail. Yeah, watch to understand how the sweetness gets handled in this drink. But yeah, lots of vodka bite and lots of sweetness paired up against each other for the ultimate showdown. - 0

St. Patrick's Day: Green River Runs Through It

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Time for Tequila! Obviously. Today we take some tequila and bring it into the Green Chartreuse, very fancy but yet simple. - 0

Jonny Tsunami Cocktail

Today we create another Dew cocktail. This one is pretty easy to build out and doesn't require a ton of crazy ingredients. - 0

Green Beast Cocktail, With Lucid Absinthe

Absinthe time! We take some Lucid absinthe and bust out a drink that reminds us of a "light absinthe" cocktail because it's a bit easier on the senses. The Green Beast is still very much an absinthe drink but it has a lighter anise attack with a bit of... - 105.779

The Junior Mint Shooter, With Coole Swan Irish Cream

Here is a shot that works better as a shot than a cocktail due to the alcohol intensity that grows at it lingers in your mouth. But, as a shot, it is very Junior Mint like in flavor profile. - 104.829

Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall Mexican Style With A Caribbean Breeze Cocktail

If you can order this cocktail at a bar, it might take more time to request than to make, because the Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall Mexican Style With A Caribbean Breeze Cocktail has a long name. It brings the heritage of the sloe comfortable... - 106.316

Jolly Rancher Cocktail With Jolly Rancher Vodka

We are using Jolly Rancher Apple Vodka to create the Jolly Rancher cocktail. A brilliant color, a pucker-like tart bite in the late fourth quarter of the sip. - 102.348

Grapes Of Wrath Cocktail, Plus Author Trivia

Today, we create the grapes of wrath cocktail, we try to figure out if white or clear grape juice makes sense. We also find a good cocktail glass on the fly while also trying to figure out why Ian likes to read classic novels. Oh, and do you have a tongue... - 105.512

Redneck Iced Tea, With Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

As Jeff Foxworthy would say, if you like this cocktail, you might be a redneck. Not really true, this is just a really easy drinking cocktail creation. The redneck iced tea doesn't taste a bit like tea, but has lots of raspberry appeal. - 105.134

Ok.- Energy Sweet & Sour Apple, Apple Sling

Today we do two more ok.- energy cocktails that would fit the season (St. Patrick's Day). They are green, they are sweet and they are awesome. Best of all, we invented them. - 115.017

Doors And Floors Cocktail, From Wink & Nod

A Monkey Shoulder scotch recipe designed with freshly pressed apple. This may be a drink a bit complicated for home and would make a good bar purchase. Or, perhaps you can use more of an Apple Cider for home creation (or press your own apples!) - 107.685

Raspberry Americano, From Wink & Nod

Today we make a cocktail to start your night, just before dinner or perhaps after dinner. No doubt this cocktail will ready your palate for food while also making you want to take another sip...and then another. If you were afraid or hating on sherry based... - 109.881

Fhloston Paradise, A 5th Element Inspired Cocktail

Fhloston Paradise!! A cocktail inspired by the movie 5th Element based on a story in which a poor bartender tries to make a cocktail for a girl and just continues to fail. But, in the process the winner was born... "Fhloston Paradise." This drink doesn't... - 108.168

Sharknado Shooter, From Wink & Nod

The Sharknado, a cocktail that brings the grey color to your glass. This cocktail is all about driving the tropics to your palate while maintaining the grey theme of the design. A unique recipe designed to be served at Wink & Nod in Boston. We are joined by... - 112.546

Scapa Cabana Cocktail, From Wink & Nod

We're at Wink & Nod this week and today we create a scotch Tiki Cocktail. We're joined by Brian Mantz as he puts his 15 years of knowledge to work developing his Wink & Nod exclusive cocktail, The Scapa Cabana. - 112.904

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shooter

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch, big in Las Vegas and growing in request. This cocktail reflects the flavors of Cinnamon Toast Crunch utilizing either Rumchata or Cruzan Velvet Cinn (or similar product). Simple, and easy to make! Personally, I think it's like... - 103.804

The Perfect Manhattan Using Vya Dry Vermouth

The Manhattan, a history that's tough to track down in perfect history. We thought about making a manhattan and as we continued to try to find the "right" ingredients and the right style of vermouth, we ended up with David Wondrich's Perfect Manhattan. - 103.577

The Corn 'n Oil, A Falernum Syrup Cocktail

Sometimes a cocktail's main ingredient is sweeter, usually when its primary spirit is a bit overwhelming (like Cruzan Black Strap). Strange name, strange creation, sweet cocktail. - 104.015

The Boston Sour, Using Jim Beam Devils Cut

The Boston Sour is like a whiskey sour but even more sour! We get a nice frothy texture from the egg white and a nice bourbon oak flavor from the Jim Beam's Devils Cut. You can use your favorite bourbon for this one, perhaps something a bit sweeter (Maker's... - 107.746

Ok.- Energy: An Apple A Day & Ok Butterscotch Martini

Today we build two cocktails utilizing ok.- Energy Green Apple Energy Drink. The two recipes are designed to be easy to make utilizing popular off-the-shelf ingredients. The ok Butterscotch martini recipe is designed to be a single-alcohol quick build while... - 114.788

Valentine's Day: Scarlet Dreams

Hope you brought your genitals, it's valentine's day and we're making the scarlet dream! This cocktail. - 104.835

Elvis Presley Shooter, With Bakon Vodka

If you think this cocktail sounds awful, you're not really far off from the expected result. We chose this cocktail because bakon vodka based drinks have always turned out better than expected. The Elvish Presley shooter might be that one exception. - 104.671

Valentine's Day Cocktail: Raspberry Romance

We accidentally tapped an extra episode this week for Valentine's Day, so we'll post this first. Then, later today we'll fire off the actual Valentine's day recipe entitled the Scarlet Dreams. - 105.703

Valentine's Day: Last Minute Love Potion

It's getting closer to valentine's day and we are creating a fairly straight forward cocktail called the Last Minute Love Potion. We used Vya vermouth in this cocktail to give the cocktail a more stable and flavorful experience. You can use cheap vermouth... - 99.4019

Valentine's Day Cocktail: The Forever Alone

The cocktail, forever alone, is one more morbid valentine's day cocktail before we get closer to the day and a bit more happy. However, this cocktail brings a bunch of interesting spirits and products together and manages to do it with grace and dignity, to... - 106.058

The Witchhunter Cocktail (and Tiki Results)

Today we go through the Tiki Contest results while also creating a brand new cocktail. In order to keep our livers in one piece we've decided to alter how we handle the results and give out an additional winner to help make our livers easier. We sacrifice a... - 103.962

Tiki Contest: Tiki Slurpee Vs Caribbean Tattoo

Day four, we're busting out the slurpee and tattoo cocktail tikis. We suck down some flavorful cocktails and decide whom moves on to the "finals." - 108.779

Tiki Contest: Kentucky Tiki Vs Konikoni La

The final day of competitive face off's is upon us, we discover two new cocktails and pick one to move on to our top-5 competition. Discover a world of taste! We fall in love with passion fruit. - 108.033

Tiki Contest: Full Moon Swoon Vs. Funafuti Swizzle

Day-3, we slap down two more cocktails and utilize lots of pineapple and coconut juice. It's juice all up in your face while also bringing alcohol! - 106.99

Tiki Contest: Kentucky Hula Vs. Coronado Islander

Day 2 of our lewis bag contest, Kentucky Hula vs. Coronado Islander. - 106.243

Tiki Contest: Lono Vs Spicy West Indies Bubblegum

We start our tiki contest for the Lewis Bag, we're looking for four winners with the best unique creation of tiki style. This contest is going to be hard because everything tastes so great in tiki. - 109.338

Mimosa / Buck Fizz & The Kir Royal, Champagne Cocktails

We are doing two simple champagne cocktails today, the Mimosa and the Kir Royal. Two entirely different style of drinks for two styles of tastes. Which would you choose? - 112.855

The Angel's Tip Cocktail, Classic Savoy

A simple cocktail that only requires two ingredients and is best served after dinner for those with a sweet tooth. It is a layered cocktail that isn't a shooter (unless you want it to be) and coats your mouth in awesome. - 101.135

The Trinidad Rum Punch, With Bacardi Oakheart

A drink build that seems simple in design but leaves a few of us excited about a new favorite cocktail. We finally find a drink that utilizes Bacardi Oakheart to the maximum extend. Of course, try it with your favorite spiced rum and see how it plays. - 103.83

The Black Death, With Gopro Point Of View

This episode, enabled with our GoPro has us creation the Black Death Shooter while Curtis rides along Point of View Style with the GoPro on his head. Head mounted and all, we bust out a layered cocktail for your Sunday Enjoyment. - 99.3515

The Casino, A Bitter Cocktail

Utilizing Scrappy's Orange Bitters (or your favorite citrus bitters), you can build a Casino cocktail. Some of the crew thought it was way to bitter, but Derrick didn't mind it. You gotta like bitters a lot perhaps, or just be good with citrus. Then, we make... - 104.569

The Original Neapolitan Shooter

The Neapolitan shot as originally intended in design. This shooter looks the part of the ice cream, and has a great taste. - 103.595

Absturzlösung Or The Pass Out Cocktail

We start the week out with an eye opener of a cocktail build: The Absturzlösung or "Pass out" cocktail brings together a bunch of ingredients seemly just to do it. But, in the end, it turns out that these unlikely heroes all work together well. We believe... - 104.061

Ectoplasm Cocktail / Ectocooler, Who You Gonna Call?

Let us blast back to the 80's with the color for this ectoplasm cocktail. But, you will find out quickly that this isn't a sweet easy drinking cocktail as it will drive focus of gin into your facehole. - 103.16

The Perfect, With Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters

The Perfect cocktail, a drink with chocolate bitters--we have not used the chocolate bitters yet so it is time to get down to business. This is a classic design with a muted chocolate spin. - 101.178

Black Manhattan With Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters

We take a recipe built for chocolate bitters and, in the end, add a bit more to make a more chocolate flavor. This rye cocktail definitely will hit you in the face with alcohol. - 101.11

The Morning After Cocktail, Hair 'o The Dog

Another hair of the dog style recipe for the morning after a bad night of drinking. For this drink we are using sugar free AMP because that is what I drink for energy drinks. It is like a satanic candy cane! Try them with Bitters, Old Men Roasted Macadamia... - 104.108

The Orange Crush, Crush Your Facehole

This drink is potent, the Orange Crush doesn't bring the same flavor as the Orange Crush soda. While the soda brings sweet and carbonation, this cocktail brings light sweet with big crushing alcohol potency. - 104.146

The Galvanized Nail With Scrappy's Orange Bitters

Tennessee whiskey is in the house, we take some Jack Daniels and produce the Galvanized Nail utilizing Scrappy's Orange Bitters. This cocktail drives an orange-centric flavor with some great sweetness that manages to hide all but Jack Daniels mild oak. - 102.919

Sambuca Twist With Special Guest Doug

We raise Doug from the dead for this weeks cocktails. All but one cocktail this week arrives out of cocktail books. Will the cocktail books meet the same flavorful demands our fan cocktails meet? Find out. - 102.598

Coole Snowman With Coole Swan Irish Cream

We build a cocktail out of the Coole Swan recipe book but find it is just a wee bit too strong. The solution? More Coole Swan! - 106.498

L.a. Water Cocktail, West Coast Represent

You do not have to be a movie star to appreciate the L.A. Water Cocktail, which is similar to a Long Island Iced Tea meets an Electric Lemonade with bitters. Perhaps even a bit of 3-Mile Long island within it too. - 102.973

The Coagulate, After ... Shocking

We bring together two unlikely friends, aftershock and jagermeister in a shot for Sunday.. Jennifer explains how she steers her car with the wrong hand. - 101.757

Elder Coconut With Scrappy's Aromatics

The Elder Coconut is a cocktail designed by a viewer and named by us. It utilizes Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum and we use Scrappys Aromatic Bitters to our cocktail by the dash. - 101.082

Tapeworm Shot Challenge, Can Ian Do It?

After this weeks tapings Ian takes down the tapeworm shooter. After many challenges from the chat room (mainly Eric), Ian sets aside everything else to create a tapeworm shot. Derrick gets to do his second. - 104.205

Firecracker Shot, Now With Real Fire

Today we light stuff on fire and Doug then blows it all over my table. The Firecracker shot is intense on the face and a bit of work to blow out, watch and see. - 103.942

Eastern Sour, A Trader Vic

Here is a tiki style cocktail that does not arrive in a tiki glass, but should and can if you own one. If not, you should get one from us. The Eastern Sour is a sour cocktail with a bourbon core. - 102.951

Samoan Fog Cutter, Beachbum Berry Cocktail

A remix on the fog cutter known as the Samoan Fog Cutter by Beachbum Berry. This cocktail is both sweet and sour at the same time with a bit of a fruity juice flavor. Good almond syrup presence and lemon. As Doug says, perhaps it tastes a bit like a Capri-Son. - 104.187

Strip And Go Naked Cocktail, No Pants Friday

Today, we create Strip and Go Naked cocktail but it quickly gets out of hand as Curtis and Doug take "No Pants Friday" to an entirely new level. - 103.817

The Original Painkiller Cocktail, 1970's

Here is the 1970s recipe for the Painkiller so it should be fairly original in design. We pour into the shark tiki and create our pain killer recipe with some history. - 105.619

Honey Badger, Peaty Shooter

We are getting some peat stroke today with this crazy honey badger shooter. To accomplish this feat, we are using Laphroaig in a shot... cask strength Laphroaig! - 101.912

Green Point Cocktail, Curtis Gets Industry On Us!

The Green Point Cocktail, you'll get a bit of inside baseball into Bulleit Rye and some information on a good Sweet Vermouth. This is our first non-holiday cocktail of the season! - 102.286

Grinch Nog, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all those CMC viewers, today we are doing our Christmas holiday cocktail. We have chosen The Grinch Nog for our cocktail of choice. Simple, fun yet still easy. You will need yourself some Naughty Nog however. - 102.853

Spiced Holly Highball, Christmas Cocktail

Muddling cranberries is a first for us and we are not sure how much we enjoy it. But, giving us something new to taste is always a good time. So, enjoy the holidays and bust out some cocktails. - 102.926

Scented Candle Shot, Christmas Shooter

Fireball whiskey is back in the house for this scented candle shooter to celebrate the holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year it's time to drink, let's do this! - 103.79

Spiked Nog, Christmas Cocktail With Eggnog

There are dozens of ways to create a spiked eggnog but today we are doing it with more alcohol than typical while still allowing eggnog to be present. - 103.801

Holiday Spirit Cocktail, With Tobacco Vodka

An experimental Holiday Spirit vodka that is supposed to mimic the Holiday Spirit pipe tobacco. However, since the author couldn't create the drink due to lack of tobacco vodka, we are here to see how well it will come out "on the fly." - 105.222

Honey Margarita, Barenjager Time

The honey margarita takes sweetness in a different direction, rather than going through agave nectar as a sweetening agent we go full on honey in your face. In most cases, this is much like a regular margarita in flavorful tequila but that darker rich honey... - 108.362

Desolation Of Smaug, The Hobbit Cocktail

In order to celebrate the The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug we are building our own shot themed after the movie. The design is simple and fairly accessible to most folks so we hope you like it! - 106.452

German Christmas Tree Shot, Happy Holidays!

The German Christmas Tree shot is a layered cocktail utilizing Jagermeister which is what makes this German. Getting for the holidays? Where you going this season? - 107.504

Ichabod Taint, Christmas Cocktails

It's time to think about all the cocktails you need for your Christmas season, we enter it with some subtle Christmas options. The Ichabod Taint will make a good flavorful after dinner sipper. - 108.488

Cranberry Pine, Christmas Cocktail

Gin brings the pine but we are not sure exactly where the cranberry comes in but whatever it has great flavor. While there is a bit of juniper blast, this cocktail has a very distinct and awesome finish. Even with bombay and juniper, it isn't overwhelming on... - 105.585

The Nemesis Cocktail, With Absinthe

Taking two high strength high flavor spirits like Absinthe and Rumplemintz and having them fight it out in your mouth, also known as The Nemesis. - 104.425

The Black Friday Shooter, With Fernet Branca

Fernet Branca highlights this video with a face shattering bitter bite of fennel, eucalyptus along with a few other spirits to blow your mind (literally). This is a shot that should only be done in a dare as it adds very little flavor that most people want in... - 108.003

The Last Word Cocktail, Curtis Kisses Crystal Head

In this episode we watch Curtis make out with Crystal Head Vodka while building the Last Word cocktail. This cocktail is built in the spirit of the classics but itself isn't a classic cocktail (yet). Will it be a good use of Maraschino Liqueur? Derrick is... - 107.752

The Holly Berry Cocktail, From A Cocktail Napkin

This recipe was submitted by Doug's mom... yep. Doug's mom send me a photo of the cocktail napkin it was written on, called the Holly Berry. If you can get your hands on some Scrappy's Grapefruit bitters, build this cocktail both ways and experience how... - 106.655

The Spiced Cherry With Soco Bold Black Cherry

We had a cocktail called the Sailors Delight that won our bitters contest last year. Now, we have a "riff" off that cocktail with Licor 43 and Bold Black Cherry called Spiced Cherry. - 107.087

Planters Punch Cocktail, Using Elemakule Tiki Bitters!

Today we announce some job changes for Curtis, we bust out the Planters Punch and we experiment with Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters! - 102.056

Smoked Turkey Dinner Shooter, Wild Turkey Bourbon

And so ends our Thanksgiving Holiday cocktail creations for 2013. We finish with a shooter called the Smoked Turkey Dinner. Easy to drink, tasty and just a bit of smoke without the peat stroke. - 106.172

Cranberry Fizz Thanksgiving, Black Friday Edition

Taking some Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash along with a bit of gin and creating a cranberry fizz. This is a great light cocktail to help get you through the day after thanksgiving. - 104.351

Jen's Hot Chocolate Butterscotch, Thanksgiving Cocktail

Rolling into Thanksgiving we bust out a custom user submitted cocktail designed around hot chocolate. Jen's Hot Chocolate Butterscotch is definitely focused on those that like the sweet side of cocktails. - 108.037

Thanksgiving Cocktail, Spice 'n Ice With Jagermeister Spice

The spice 'n ice cocktail is a very sweet and flavorful that Derrick believes tastes like a gingerbread man. This drink is all up in Holiday flavor without any whiskey punch. It's still got some potency flavor though. - 106.811

The Toxic Turkey Shooter, Thanksgiving Cocktail Rejigger

Need to cope with the family for Thanksgiving here in the US? Perhaps you should consider the Toxic Turkey as your starter for the night. You will need some Jerseys Toxic Waste for this cocktail. - 101.31

Don The Beachcomber's Mai Tai, The Original

The historically accurate version of Don the Beachcomber's recipe, the Mai Tai. This cocktail tastes much different than other Mai Tai variants and will probably pair great with food. - 100.849

The Dead Doug Cocktail, With The Cthulhu Tiki Mug

We create a Polynesian cocktail and entitle it the Dead Doug because it is sour and has absinthe dashes. We are using the Cthulhu Tiki Mug to create this little cocktail creation. - 99.3974

The Aloha Cocktail, With A Flaming Tiki Bowl

Aloha! We are making a sweet tiki cocktail with lots of brown sugar sweetness and hidden potency. While it does have a heavy Cherry Heering flavor which may not be a favorite of Curtis. - 102.782

Hula Bloodly Hula, Tiki History Edition

Curtis comes up for a taping and brings with him some good tiki knowledge and history. This week we look into some tiki recipes starting with the Hula Bloody Hula. - 100.872

Shamrocked Shooter, With Tullamore Dew

We bust out a recipe but forget to even mention what is in it and the proportions (so see below). A smooth creamy consistency with muted chocolates and hints at mint. An easy sweet shooter for your Sunday. - 99.8526

Diary Of Anthrax, With Jose Cuervo Tradicional

Diary of Anthrax is a timid drink that falls somewhere between limeade and a margarita. It is not too sour, it is not too sweet and it does contain a good deal of tequila flavor. We use Jose Cuervo Tradicional for our tequila of choice in this drink. - 103.592

The Strawberry Daiquiri, With Ninja Ultima Blender

We use the Ninja Ultima Blender to make up a Strawberry Daiquiri on the show. Our new blender makes quick work of the ice, now it just comes down to the recipe. What is your favorite Strawberry Daiquiri recipe? - 101.475

Hulk Hogan: Atomic Leg Drop Shooter

What do you need to make a shot for Hulk Hogan? The Atomic Leg Drop contains protein, because you have to say your prayers and eat your vitamins and drink your proteins! - 104.223

Pirates Of The Caribbean, With Tobacco Vodka

The Pirates of the Caribbean cocktail, as created by Spirit Cocktails, brings smoke, blackbeard and tobacco together. - 101.582

Pop Culture Cocktails: Karma Jolt, River City Ransom

Karma Jolt, a River City ransom cocktail developed in-house by Derrick Schommer. Due to the lack of available Jolt, we chose NOS Energy Drink for this build. It references a drink within the game that gives you statistic increases: Throw +3, Stamina +99, Max... - 107.193

Pop Culture Cocktails: Kill Or You Die, Walking Dead

Nothing gets your blood pumping like a waking dead cocktail. Pop Culture cocktail week continues with a cocktail all about blood, hunting and taste. - 98.1307

Pop Culture Cocktails: Castlevania Hidden Turkey 2.0

The hidden turkey, a niche castlevania treasure within the classic Castlevania NES title. Last year we created version 1.0 of this cocktail but Peter has re-designed it to make it better. Lesson of the day, you get better with practice and Peter will attest... - 102.661

Angry Bomb With Angry Orchard Cider

AAAAH! That's the sound of angry and we are bombing it up for the last official Doug Episode. This episode is long as we roast Doug up a bit on his past history and habits. Thanks for all the support! - 97.6536

Halloween Cocktail: Zombie Bite, With Lucid Absinthe

Lucid Absinthe submitted this recipe to me for Halloween. The Zombie Bite, uses lucid along with the green of midori (of course) and a few other key ingredients. Plus, we get to demo our new cordial glassware! - 104.575

Winter Is Coming: House Stark Shooter With Jagermeister Spice

Here is my designed shot for the season. Winter is Coming is a Game of Thrones spirited cocktail that brings much of the spice in winter along with some nice coffee essences. - 101.96

Halloween Cocktail: Glow In The Dark Cocktail

Happy Pre-Halloween, we bust out the glow-in-the-dark cocktail, which probably doesn't actually glow in the dark but you would think it could given the color. Of course, activated with Midori, this cocktail brings the color and the sweetness. - 104.542