BakingWithMelanie's Recipes

Steamed Buns With Pork Filling

Pork is too good when used as a filling or stuffing especially with breads or buns. Check out Melanie showing how to make Steamed Buns with Pork filling as well as two sauces to serve with the buns. Flavorful meat delight! - 107.006


Chocolates are festive and just rightly good enough as gifts for someone special. Watch Melanie showing how to custom make chocolates using readymade chocolate chips. Temptation so simple yet special! - 104.234

Vanilla Rice Pudding

Rice is so versatile that it can be used into any kind of preparation and here is a recipe to make a dessert out of it. Check out Melanie showing how to make Rice Pudding with cooked rice and other common sweeteners and dessert flavorings particularly... - 110.12

Tunnel Of Fudge Cake With Pecans

Chocolate cakes and chocolate based cakes are fulfilling sweet treats that anyone would love to enjoy. Watch Melanie showing how to make Tunnel of Fudge Cake with lot of pecans. Simple pleasure! - 109.702

Simple Pecan Cookies

Are you looking for some easy and simple cookie recipe with little or no fuss? Here is a recipe by Melanie to make Pecan cookies using just a few common ingredients besides pecans. Just right as snacks with tea or coffee! - 104.288

Cocoa Brownies

Brownies are handy snacks to serve over a cup of tea or coffee or for breakfast. Check out chef Melanie showing how to make cocoa brownies with nuts if desired. Great combination with milk or beverages. - 108.644

Italian Cream Cake

Looking for a cake recipe to make for your dear one for a special occasion? Watch Melanie showing how to make Italian Cream Cake with a full and a half cake and respective frosting. Thoughtful, interesting and delicious! - 107.547

Basic Easy Doughnuts

Doughnuts are good as they are made with numerous variations for any occasion. Here is a simple recipe by Melanie to make them using common and basic ingredients from the kitchen. Good as tea-time snacks or breakfast. - 103.906

Simple Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a simple and easy delight to surprise one and all over any kind of feel-good occasion. Check out Melanie showing how to make a simple cheesecake using graham cracker crumbs and few other common ingredients from the kitchen. Simply sweet! - 110.581