EatingInnately's Recipes

Gluten Free Granola

MAKING 1. In a food processing jar, take almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds, and coarsely grind these ingredients. 2. Add in cinnamon and prunes. Coarsely grind again all the ingredients. SERVING 3. Serve Gluten Free Granolas with cashew yogurt and your... - 103.841

Grain Free Granola

This fast easy to make granola will rock your world! Modify the ingredients to create your favorite concoction and enjoy! - 103.041

Seasoned Tomato Salad Dressing

Dress it up in red ! A yummy dressing of fresh-produce tomatoes which shall make you want several helpings ! The video illustrates a very creative way of roasting ripe, juicy tomatoes into a healthy and tasty dressing for your salad. - 91.0748

Orange Peach Spinach Smoothie

Smoothie in the Peachy and Orangey way. A video showing a very nice way of making a super-delicious smoothie with juicy oranges and peaches spiked with some fresh spinach. It includes the goodness of almond milk which adds a richness to the smoothie and... - 111.552

Fruit Smoothie

Cooling off in summer …Let this cool and refreshing fruit smoothie be a delight for you in the warm summer months ! Follow this video to find out how easy it is to combine all the goodness of the various fruits into a lovely, delicious mix which is bound to... - 84.1968

Dairy Free Ice Cream With Brazil Nut And Dates

Weight-watcher's delight ! A quick video which illustrates how to prepare a dairy-free ice-cream with Brazil nuts and dates blended to a smooth texture, this makes a very wholesome treat. - 93.9857

Dehydrator Cooked Kale Chips

If you love health food and have not tried kale chips yet, you're definitely missing out on something. These chips are a little tricky to make and might taste strange at first, but they are extremely healthy and powerful. Watch the video and learn to make the... - 74.0135

Creamy Homemade Mayonnaise

Mayo n ease @ home ! Watch this video to make a quick and easy mayonnaise at home. It has all the goodness of the mayo available in stores yet it is much more healthier without all the added preservatives. Dip all the fried goodies you want in it and enjoy ! - 93.9773

Basil And Walnut Pesto

Think you cannot make a creamy vegan pesto? Then watch this video and change the way you think of vegan food forever! You don't always have to follow the traditional recipe to make a yummy, smooth pesto that tastes good and goes well with almost everything.... - 74.4789

Peach Coconut Ice Cream

Ice Cream : the peach way. This video illustrates how quick and convenient it is to make a lovely peach ice-cream; this turns out specially good when peaches are in season. Combined with the peaches is the rich and creaminess of coconut milk which together... - 91.3862

Mixed Fruits Cereal

Breakfast at Blueberries. A super-quick breakfast with seasonal fruits, oats, milk and a variety of nuts. This video shows one-way of getting it done; but there are numerous ways which you can come out with and its sure to bring out a unique flavour every... - 93.6611

Healthy Vegan Peach Cobbler

Think a vegan diet means that you have to give up on all your favorite desserts? Then you must watch this video and learn to make a peach cobbler that is just as good as the traditional version. This cobbler is made with vegan ingredients and is not baked,... - 76.5452


Want to know of a way to make a detoxifying drink so powerful that it has been considered nothing short of a miracle? Then watch this video and learn to make the perfect Kombucha. This drink is amazingly healthy and very beneficial. The process might seem a... - 90.5259

Tropical Smoothie

Smoothies the tropical way ! Here's an excellent way to enjoy the tropical smoothness of coconuts, bananas and pineapples - all together in a refreshing lovely smoothie. This video shows you how easy it is to enjoy the tropical breeze right at home ! - 99.3059

Berry Coconut Balls

Balls of Strength ! A fresh look at combining a lot of super food ingredients into a power packed mix. This video shows you how to get the best of all these protein-rich items rolled into delicious balls as dessert. - 92.7128

Dry Fruits Mix Bars

Down the trail of health ! A video which demonstrates how simple and easy it is to create the trail mix bars which all of us enjoy .. The blender is the secret which holds all the healthy goodies together for anytime bites ! - 94.7288

Cashew Lime Coconut Balls

New Lime and coconut snack ! A wonderful concoction of cashews, limes and coconuts in an innovative, lovely way you've never dreamt of. These snack balls can be had anytime with, after or before any meal or just for snacking during the day. The raisins bring... - 94.0135

Orange Almond Milk Smoothie

Oranges like never before ! A healthy and refreshing drink to make you feel wholesome and cool the whole day. It combines the richness of almond milk with the goodness of oranges thus ensuring you get all the healthy vitamins you need - at the same time act... - 96.5369

Healthy Orange Banana Carrot Juice

Tired after a workout ? Watch this video to prepare a refreshing, filling and healthy fruit juice. Its simple and easy-to-make and makes you feel instantly refreshed and satisfies your appetite after a tedious round at the gym. - 92.6686

Seasoned Spinach And Arugula Salad

A highly, flavoury salad that is incredibly simple yet deliciously elegant ! A video to prepare a quick and easy throw-together salad with spinach and arugula which will do wonders in giving you all the vitamins and nutrients you need. Serve it as a side to a... - 95.7388

Sweet Potato Pie With Walnut And Oats

Make an ordinary pie special ! This video shows you how to make a wonderful recipe of ordinary pie loaded with the goodness of sweet potato. Rich and creamy, this pie is soft at the core and crunchy with the combination of walnuts. With a crispy crust made... - 96.0376

Vegan Blended Hummus

Want to know of a hummus recipe that is easy to make and much healthier than the traditional recipe? Then you must watch this video. Learn to make a blended hummus that is vegan, healthy and every bit as delicious as the regular hummus. To know more about... - 73.809

Carrot Walnut Coconut Balls

Got a sweet tooth ? Watch this video and prepare a fabulous and moist dessert with carrots, walnuts and coconut. This moist and nutty dessert is bound to become a family tradition and is a handsome change from the normal dessert made with carrot. Rolled into... - 93.9231

Seasoned Chicken With Garlic And Celery

Amazing dinner tonight ? Superbly seasoned with herbs, this video entails a wonderful preparation of chicken which serves as a wholesome dinner for the whole family. The magical touch in this dish comes from the celery sticks. Serve it with warm toasted bread... - 90.0124

Creamy Pesto With Walnut

Pesto the easy way. A very simple way of making the favorite Pesto : a must-do whenever basil leaves are available fresh. The video illustrates how simple it is to get this done at home and eaten as a great dip with crackers. - 106.716

Peach Cobbler

Making a Peach Cobbler : the convenient way ! Preparing a peach cobbler was never so easy ! A video demonstrating just how convenient it is to make the best use of fresh, juicy peaches specially when they are in season. The pecans help in adding a lovely... - 117.625

Cantaloupe Smoothie

If you're on the lookout for a simple smoothie recipe that is very healthy and 100% vegan, then you must watch this video. Learn to make a yummy smoothie that will refresh you no matter when you drink it. Making it is also very easy, just blend and you're... - 88.1193

Mixed Vegetable Dinner

Recycling the best way ! Make the best of all the left-over vegetables in your refrigerator ! Watch this video to find out a really really easy way to combine whatever seasonal vegetables you have left and make a lovely dinner in almost no time at all ! Comes... - 94.8194

Watermelon Slush

Want to know of a quick and easy drink recipe that will yield a beverage so refreshing and tasty that everyone will just fall in love with it? Then watch this video and learn to make the perfect watermelon slush, a definite treat for those hot summer days... - 82.9859

Blended Vegan Vanilla Almond Milk

Not very fond of soy milk but don't know what to do? Then watch this video and learn to make the perfect vegan vanilla almond milk, a definite treat for everyone. This yummy milk recipe is easy and quick and promises to yield a drink so tasty and healthy that... - 86.2275

Walnut Raisin Choco Balls

Kids feel delighted ! An amazing video which prepares a very kid-friendly snack with the delicious combo of walnut and raisins rolled into mini-chocolate balls. Irresisitively yummy, these make a perfect snack at any kids party or can be made as a quick... - 92.3262