CookinForCollege's Recipes

Bacon Wrapped Bbq Shrimp Po' Boy

MAKING 1. For BBQ sauce, place a saucepan on heat, add butter and saute onion until translucent. 2. Drop brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, smoke sauce, ketchup, sriracha, salt, and pepper. Mix well. 3. Reduce the heat to medium low and simmer for about an... - 91.9669

Spicy Turkey And Bean Dip

Awesome spicy dip. This video makes a real spicy dip with ground turkey, white beans and jalapeno peppers. Combination of chili powder really zests up the dip. The melted cheese and tomato sauce add the rich creamy savory taste to this wonderful dip. Serve it... - 103.434

Quick Chicken For Any Meal

Quick Chicken For Any Meal, in this video we will see a simple recipe of chicken can be used for making different dishes. We will serve the chicken in sandwich and along with spinach. Both the meals are healthy and quick. The chicken meal can be used as an... - 75.7096

Cheese And Sausage Stuffed Bell Peppers

A spicy bell pepper that will make you all pepped up. A wonderful video to make bell peppers stuffed a simple mixture of spicy Roger Wood sausages and cheese. With a creamy, rich and spicy filling, baked to give a wonderful dish. If you like bell... - 107.115

Baked Spaghetti And Sausages

Loaded spaghetti. An outstanding video of baked spaghetti with sausages. This is like a handsome twist to a classic dish. A true gourmet delight, this recipe is excellent. It is easy to make and the texture was very smooth. Enjoyed by all. - 107.985

Spicy Chicken Fajitas

Quick and easy family pleaser. This video makes a very delicious chicken fajita with stir fried chicken and onion. Seasoned with cayenne pepper and spicy salsa to prepare a scrumptious and super-healthy food. Piled into warm tortillas with shredded cheese,... - 104.136

Boiled Peanuts-perfect Summer Snack

Perfect beach snack !!! Watch this video to prepare a handy snack for summer picnic at the beach. The peanuts are boiled in salted water to make it more delicious. It emits an aroma that reminds you of the warm season. - 88.1264

Broccoli In Soy Sauce And Garlic Powder

Crunchy munchy broccoli. This a good video to prepare bakes broccoli seasoned with soy sauce, garlic powder and a dash of olive oil. This is very crispy and tasty preparation of broccoli. Always a hit side dish, this is simply irresistible. - 101.762

Milky Way Rolls

Chocolate rolls....these can be so yummy. A video which shows how to prepare this fabulous dessert in less than 5 minutes. Just need Milky way chocolates and rolls. These make an truly wonderful combination and will soon turn out to be a favorite among kids.... - 95.8784

Beef Mushroom Sandwich

Sandwich for meat-lovers!!! This video entails to prepare a delicious and filling sandwich with roasted beef and mushroom. This basic sandwich is given that extra zing with a dash of garlic powder. Its tender and juicy beef makes this a gourmet's delight. - 106.528

Pineapple Pistachio Cream Fluff

A true child's play. Watch this amazing video to prepare an easy dessert with whipped cream, marshmallows, pistachios and pineapple. Its simple and easy but made to give a delicious taste. Its a great treat for any special occasion or just a snack for kids... - 95.4438

Very Easy Parmesan Chicken

Complete Italian delight !!! This video prepares a wonderful Italian flavor chicken loaded with herbs. The creamy tomato sauce is filled with the goodness of oregano, bay leaves, parsley and garlic powder. This brings in an outstanding taste to the sauce.... - 77.0154

Bratwurst Sandwich & Rotel Cheese Dip

An unusual layered brunch sandwich. This video prepares a bratwurst sandwich with sausages and onions. It uses honey barbeque sauce for extra flavoring. Serves with a delicious dip combination of rotel and cheese. This is awesome and a nice break from common... - 79.0498

Macaroni And Cheese With Spicy Sausages

Classic with a twist. This video prepares classic macaroni and cheese with Roger Wood sausages. These sausages are a bit spicy giving a zesty taste to the normal variation of mac and cheese. The dish is further seasoned with basil and parsley making it truly... - 103.558

Shrimp And Grits In Spicy Cajun Sauce

Great way to start your day. Watch this video to prepare shrimp and grits in Cajun sauce. The real twist in this recipe is the seasoning. The flavor in the Cajun sauce is added with paprika, creole, red pepper and garlic powder. It comes out heavenly. Enjoy... - 109.768

Chicken Mushroom Spinach Quesadilla

Fabulous recipe for all Mexican food lovers. This video is quick and easy way to make zesty quesadilla with chicken, mushroom and spinach. With only few ingredients, this recipe goes together in a flash and yet tastes great. Serve this with salsa and sour... - 117.255

Sausage And Potato With Cheesy Grits

A warm filling breakfast. This video shows how to prepare sausages and onion with a cheesy grit in a true Irish style. This sensational video prepares this recipe very quick. The super rich cheesy grit compliments the sausages in a wonderful way. - 101.991

Cheese Mushroom Shepherd's Pie

A hearty and comforting dish that your whole family will love. This video makes a wonderful pie loaded with mushroom and cheese. It is rich and creamy to the core. Baked to perfection it is crunchy at the top to make its way beyond any ordinary pie. - 105.406

Ham And Pepperoni Hawaiian Rolls

Great meaty rolls !!! Watch this versatile video to prepare a quick microwave snack with ham, pepperoni and Hawaiian rolls. With mild seasoning, this dish involves a meaty filling on a soft Hawaiian bread with cheese. This can make a quick grab when you need... - 101.727

Creole Seasoned Chicken And Beef Over Rice

Meaty paradise. An outstanding video to prepare a great variation of chicken and beef. This video sautes bite pieces of chicken, beef and mushroom with a flavorful creole and Italian seasoning. With the combination of asparagus, this dish incorporates a taste... - 106.135

Cheesy Steak Mushroom Sandwich

Easy cheesy sandwich. A fine video to show how to prepare a magically delicious sandwich with meat and mushroom. The cheese brings in a great flavor to this sandwich adding a great delight to any snack. - 109.22

Italian Sausage Pizza

Healthy home made pizza for your tummy. A delightful video to prepare a cheesy pizza with Italian sausages. You can prepare this homemade pizza in less time than it takes to bake a frozen one. Once your guests smell this sausage and cheese pizza coming out of... - 103.728

Chicken Fingers & Sweet Potato Fries

Yummy appetizer. Watch an incredible video to prepare classic chicken fingers and sweet potato wedges. These chicken fingerlings and fries are served with a zingy horseradish sauce. These savory wedges are made special with sweet potatoes. The finishing touch... - 71.3654

Shrimp In Teriyaki Sauce With Rice

Classic Japanese dish. This video prepares a lovely shrimp with teriyaki sauce. The sauce add a good flavor to the shrimp turning it into a gourmet's delight. This irresistibly yummy dish is easy to prepare and wonderfully tasty. Serve this on a bed of warm... - 102.885

Brown Sugar Encrusted Muffins

Mouthful muffin !!! This video makes a very distinctive cinnamon flavor muffin. These little cinnamon and vanilla scented muffins are rolled in brown sugar and uniquely tasty. Try if for breakfast or just with a warm cup of coffee. - 73.4727

Cheesy Beef And Jalapeno Dip

Tangy nacho dip !! This video prepares a zesty nacho dip with ground beef, jalapeno and tomatoes. Seasoned with a lovely aromatic taco seasoning, this is a great dip for parties or any special occasion. This dip brings in a great taste to the nachos and adds... - 109.415

Chicken Wings In Hot Tangy Sauce

Amazing appetizer. This is a great video to prepare chicken wings in a tangy sauce. The sauce has a great flavor from honey, barbeque sauce ad lemon pepper. The zesty irresistible taste brings in a great taste to the chicken wings. This is an ideal appetizer... - 101.309

Shrimp And Fettuccine Creamy Alfredo Sauce

Super Italian meal. This amazing video makes a lovely preparation of fettuccine with a luscious cheesy sauce and shrimp. Seasoned to perfection, this dish is sure to win hearts and make everyone happy. Try this any day a special occasion. - 106.163

Fried Cucumber

Quick and easy side. This is by far the quickest side dish ever made. It just involves cucumber fried to the perfect state to give a nice savory taste. These thinly-sliced cucumbers make a refreshing addition as a side dish. Cucumber adds its cool flavor to... - 95.4284

Grilled Cheese Hamburgers

Mouthwatering burger !! A fine video to prepare juicy hamburgers. In this video, ground beef is combines with soy sauce, paprika and teriyaki sauce to make a great tasting classic burgers. This makes the yummiest burgers loaded with cheese. It cannot get any... - 74.9452

Meaty Pizza Sub

A great fast meal. This hearty sub and pizza combo is an exciting video. A delicious and filling mixture of ham, salami, pepperoni and cheese make a great pizza. Imagine that taste in a sub. Can it get any better??? - 99.2727

S'more Pancakes

Great way to start your day. An outstanding preparation of pancake is shown in this video. These fluffy pancakes features the goodness of chocolate chips and marshmallows. It comes out remarkably good. For your next holiday breakfast try these delectable... - 90.6752

Pineapple Cherry Dumpcake

Sinfully delicious. This video prepares a very deliciously moist and light cake. Made very easily with pineapple and cherry, this is a dessert lovers dream. This quick cake is an absolute delight and a complete no-fail cake. Enjoy !!! - 103.57

Ham Pepperoni And Salami Sandwich

Classic sandwich to boost your day. Watch this video to make a delicious sandwich with ham, pepperoni and salami. This meaty sandwich promises to give you a tasty breakfast and keep you filled the whole day. If you want a quick grab on your way to work in the... - 106.905

Southern Style Show: Sweet Tea, Homemade French Fries & Chips & Cheese Fries

Quick snack to turn any day into a celebration. This video makes yummy potato chips and spicy fries. They are a wonderful snack on a evening when you want some delicious and easy food. Serve this with freshly brewed hot tea and feel all refreshed and... - 74.0028

Spicy Beef Taco

Mexican food lovers ultimate gift. Make extraordinary zesty taco from this amazing video. This spicy beef wrap makes a great meal and gives you truly restaurant style taco. An absolute stunner at any meal, serve this sour cream and salad and get all tummy... - 110.473

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

The perfect fast and easy weeknight main dish!!! A remarkable video to prepare pork chops with a twist. This recipe is simple and it goes together nicely. Tender chops are encased with a bacon slice and made flavorful with teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and lemon... - 110.267

Sausage And Egg Pancake Burrito

Pancake burrito !!! These can be a special surprise package. This outstanding video makes breakfast burritos with a filling made from sausages, eggs and cheese but rolled in a pancake. This is simply superb. Just go for it and astonish everyone at the... - 83.7171

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Easy recipe that tastes great. A quick and easy video to prepare mozzarella cheese sticks at home. This makes a great appetizer. The mozzarella sticks are coated in a simple batter and quickly deep fried to golden perfection. When served with coleslaw, they... - 83.872

Mushroom With Mixed Veggies

Veggies - the easy way ! Probably the easiest and best way to get all the veggies you need for a wholesome meal. Minimizing the use of oil/butter and using water to keep things healthy, the variety of vegetables ensure you have a complete mix of all the... - 83.4797

Spicy Sausage And Corn Chowder

Nothing can compare to homemade soup, especially when this is the delicious result !! An amazing video to prepare corn chowder with sausages. The Roger Wood sausages are a bit spicy but combine it with corn and get a creamy, rich out of the world chowder.... - 85.8047