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Cooking Classes In Tuscany Ribollita Part -1

GETTING READY 1.Peal the carrots. 2.Wash the celery and separate the stems from the leaves. 3.Peel the onions 4.Chop the celery, onions and carrots, zucchini and potatoes in small equal sized cubes. 5.Wash the red cabbage and separate the leaves from the... - 91.1296

Ribollita - Part 2

Enjoy the true flavors of Tuscany. This is the second part of the cooking video on how to make a Ribollita, a hearty Tuscan potage made with bread and vegetables. - 60.8741

Easy Homemade English Vanilla Sauce

Vanilla English cream is an essential ingredient in lot of dishes. Do you know how it is made perfectly? Here is a video to help you learn the recipe. The chef shows the method in detail with small but vital tips. - 95.3349

Easy Spinach And Cheese Dumplings Flavored With Butter And Sage

If you have prepared some risotto and are looking for a nice dish to side, try these spinach and cheese dumplings. In this video the chef shows how spinach and cheese combine to make gnocchi like dumplings. - 95.1525

Baked Leek Flan

Dessert flans are a great way to end any meal but have you ever tried some savory flan like the leek flan for a snack. If not here is a quick video which shows the recipe. The chef demonstrates the recipe in an easy to follow manner. - 95.6769

Homemade Zabaione Cream

Do you want to learn making zabaione cream? Watch this video, the chef shows simple it is to make the zabaione cream which you normally serve with desserts, ice cream and cakes. - 97.9449

Fried Lumpiang Shanghai

Want to show off your amazing kitchen skills the next time you have guests over? Then you must watch this video and learn to make fried meat rolls so tasty that these will disappear as soon as they are served. Guaranteed to please everyone's tastebuds, this... - 72.4762

Champagne & Scamorza Cheese Risotto

This video is a creation of goodtastesoftuscany. You can visit goodtastesoftuscany for complete recipes, and more videos. - 12.7569

Roasted Potatoes

This video is a creation of goodtastesoftuscany. You can visit goodtastesoftuscany for complete recipes, and more videos. - 11.1828

Chocolate Mousse

This video is a creation of goodtastesoftuscany. You can visit goodtastesoftuscany for complete recipes, and more videos. - 11.2651

Quick Coccoli

When you wish to serve something different from all that you have been serving, what do you prefer? We have a very nice video on how to make coccoli-the bread dough dumplings that go very well with cheese and meat. Watch the video. - 96.9305

Spinach And Cheese Stuffed Calamari In Tomato Sauce

The secret behind perfect stuffed calamari is the consistency of the stuffing made. Often when at home you try this dish and end up in a messy dish you wonder if someone could help you out. Watch the video and see how the chef prepares the stuffing and then... - 94.2713

Quick And Easy Peas In Florentine Style

Peas are wonderful vegetables and can be served in so many ways- soups, stews stir fried and also in the Florentine style. Would you like to try some, here is a video which will show you how to make peas in Florentine style. - 93.8234

Quick Mantovana Tea Cake

Tea cakes are delicious snack for the tea time and even in kids lunch box, if you too want to bake one, we have a quick video on it. In the video, chef prepared Mantovana tea cake. It is quick, easy and very tasty. - 95.5657

Lunigiana Stuffed With Leek, Zucchini And Cheese

Do you want to learn to make lunigiana, the salad cake with some filling of leek and zucchini? Here is a video to help you learn the recipe. Watch the video for ingredients and directions. - 104.397

Ravioli Stuffed With Eggplant And Walnut

Have you tried ravioli recently with some eggplant and walnut stuffing recently? This is exactly what the video demonstrates, making ravioli with eggplant and walnut stuffing. This is a dish that can go well as a side dish or even as a snack. - 95.5702

Cod Fish With Tomatoes, Potatoes And Olives

Here is an Italian style of cooking fresh cod, just in case you have been looking for this recipe. The chef makes cod with tomatoes, potatoes and olives in the video. Watch the video for the full recipe. - 93.3301

Mixed Vegetables Flan

For all the mothers worried about feeding kids with vegetables, here is a nice way to feed children. This is a video showing the recipe for mixed vegetable flan. Watch the video for the recipe and be assured kids won’t find a getaway this time. - 95.5115

Necci Chestnut Pancakes

Want to try a new recipe for the pancakes this Sunday, here is a Necci chestnut pancakes. Try these pancakes for the brunch or breakfast and serve your family. The chef shows an easy way to make and serve them. - 98.6943

Risotto With Pear And Cheese

Have you tried the cheesy Risotto? This Italian rice dish is a complete meal in itself and can be served with side dishes as well. In this video the chef is making some risotto with pears and gorgonzola cheese. Watch the video for the cheesy recipe. - 95.5321

Chilled Italian Tiramisu

Have people been telling you that it is next to impossible to make good tiramisu at home? Don't believe them please! Just watch this video and learn to make the perfect chilled tiramisu at home without any hassles. This is a simple enough recipe, might seem... - 75.1174

Homemade Vegetable Broth

Vegetable stock is a healthy ingredient that is used for soup, stews, rice and many other dishes with sauces. There is no need to use the store bought if you know how to make it at home. In this video, chef shows how the vegetable broth can be prepared at... - 97.2521

Stuffed Onions With Pecorino Cheese

You may have tried stuffed onions in the restaurant but never at home. If you love to try restaurant dishes at home then this is a video will guide you to make stuffed onions. The chef takes you through each step quite elaborately. - 95.3461

Orange Stuffed Duck With Orange Sauce

You have always enjoyed eating duck for some for other reason, now you can try this dish too; it is duck with orange sauce. In this video chef shows how to prepare duck stuffed with orange and serve it with orange sauce. Watch the video for the recipe. - 94.0801

Quick Potato Flan

Potatoes may not be the very healthy vegetable but they are an ingredient to variety of dishes. So even if you are not so fond of potatoes you will love this potato flan with truffle. The chef demonstrates a very quick and easy way to make flan. Watch the... - 97.6273

Savory Rice Stuffing For Meat

Want to make a perfect stuffing for your meat so that it tastes even better? Then watch this video and learn to make a savory rice stuffing that is easy to cook and so delicious that you might just want to skip the stuffing part and eat it as it is! Watch the... - 71.0633


This video is a creation of goodtastesoftuscany. You can visit goodtastesoftuscany for complete recipes, and more videos. - 11.08

Chicken Breast With Mushrooms

Have you tried any other Italian dishes apart from the pasta? If you have not and want to give a try to change your taste buds, try this chicken and mushrooms in gravy of onions and tomatoes showed in this video. Watch the video or full recipe. - 101.979

Homemade Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi is readily available in the stores, but you prefer homemade rather than the store bought, then watch this video for the recipe. The chef shows a very simple and easy way to prepare the potato gnocchi at home. - 89.3044

Spaghetti With Mushroom Sauce

Italian food mostly means pasta, you will definitely agree to it. Which sauces do you like, white sauce or the red pasta sauce? Here is a recipe of mushroom sauce for your pasta. It is different and the chef shows exactly what needs to be done. Watch the... - 92.0678

Homemade Egg Fresh Pasta Noodles

We often buy readymade pasta from store but have you ever tried making the noodles at home? Here is a video in which the chef shows how to make them at home with flour and eggs. Watch this interesting video. - 87.9111

Artichokes Stuffed With Pancetta, Parsley And Lemon

Artichokes are a vegetable which has few cooking options, if this is what you have been thinking then watch this recipe. It is simple and makes a nice side dish. Here is the recipe and demonstration from the chef to you. - 89.6837

Cooking In Tuscany

This video is a creation of goodtastesoftuscany. You can visit goodtastesoftuscany for complete recipes, and more videos. - 11.1519

Christmas Meal - Part 3: Cooking Potatoes Side Dish And Preparation Of Dessert

Your Christmas meal has to be grand, what can accompany guinea fowl as a side dish and some dessert. Watch the video to know how the chef in the video cooks and side dish and the dessert. - 74.93

Christmas Meal - Part 2: Stuffing And Cooking Of Guinea Fowl

Preparing Christmas meal, and have got an idea about the menu too. Now, watch this video to know how the chef prepares guinea fowl for cooking. Listen the instructions and tips carefully for better cooking. - 74.8438

Christmas Meal - Part 1: Preparation Of Stuffed Guinea Fowl

Christmas is the biggest event of the year and you want it to be grand. You have plans to make big meals on the occasion. We have a nice video to help you decide the dishes to be put on the menu for Christmas. - 73.7544

Christmas Meal - Part 4: Cooking Of Dessert

Watch the video to know how the dessert exactly comes out and how to prepare the cake for the dessert. The chef gives all the details in this part of the video. - 76.1878

Christmas Meal - Part 6: Preparation Of Serving Platter

The Christmas meal is ready all you need to do is to prepare some sauce for the guinea fowl and serve it on the meat. The chef in this video shows how the fowl and the dessert should be served to the guests. - 68.7463

Christmas Meal - Part 5: Dressing Of Cake For Serving

Your Christmas dessert cake is almost ready but you can’t serve it yet. It still needs some decorations on it. In this part of the video, the chef prepares the cake and dresses it up with chocolate cream to be ready to be served. - 75.3594