Aditis's Recipes

Creamy Gumbo

I make this low cholesterol chicken gumbo for my brother who has a high cholesterol problem & like to cut down on red meat intake & looks our for healthier options. - 33.4025


This chicken gumbo recipe is my mom's favorite & she loves to make it on her own.She throws in any & all kind of seafood that she can lay her hands on combined with bacon,chicken & beef. This sure will tickle your taste buds. - 34.1545

Home Made Gumbo

I had once had a veggie gumbo soup & didn't quite like it,though my dad loves it.I had to really search for a good meaty Gumbo recipe & I came across this one that my aunt makes,with chicken & sausages. - 33.9423

Vanilla Cannoli

A very popular dessert among kids,cannoli is made in various different ways.The way cannoli is made in America is not quite how it is made in Italy. But whatever way you make the filling for the cannoli pastry,this dessert simply mind blowing. - 26.1742

Cream Filled Cannoli

Cannoli is not only an Italian dessert but it has become an extremely popular dessert all over & is also popular in Italian American cuisine. - 26.1535

Easy Cannoli

Cannoli is a Sicilian Pastry,made in a tube shaped made of fried pastry dough & stuffed with a sweet creamy filling.It is important to serve & eat cannoli once it is stuffed because if it is delayed it looses it's crunchy feel. - 29.4001

Ricotta Cannoli

Cannoli is what my roommate makes for all of us every Christmas it is an excellent dessert made with cream & cheese stuffing. - 34.2814

Low Fat Kiwi Milkshake

This is a very simple milk shake recipe with kiwi fruit & yogurt. - 27.1571

Sugar-free Milk Shake

Milk shakes are not only easy to make but also one of the most popular drink among kids.Mix your kids choice of fruit with milk & serve cool. - 27.4309

Milk Shake

Milk shakes are an extremely healthy drink for kids,it has combines the greatness of milk & all the fruit vitamins. - 29.8777

Dill Pickle

Dill pickle recipes is essential just called as Pickle recipe,made with cucumber.It is pickled in vinegar,brine & other liquids.Pickle recipes are very popular in India & constitute a very large part of Indian cuisine. - 27.2268


Thinking of Fajitas can make you hungry.This a simple beef fajita recipe made with Tabasco sauce,onions & beef strips. - 28.9621


Tiramisu has become one of the most sort after desserts around the world & more & more people are looking for ways of making this lovely dessert. - 37.9779

Easy Fondue

Thinking of making Fondue today?Here is how you can make a chocolate fondue with rum & cream. - 21.8234

Quick Fondue

A fondue can be made salty or sweet both depending on your mood.I usually make fruit fondue with caramel for kids at home.This fondue has a lovely brown color to it & tastes absolutely superb. - 24.6197

Classic Fondue

Fondue is a traditional Swiss communal dish.Fondue is made with different cheese,wine & seasoning.A lot of ingredients depend on where are you making it. - 29.5756

Easy Cupcake

My brother is an absolute fan of this cupcake recipe.He likes to bake this chocolate & spice cupcake when he has friends over for a lunch or dinner. - 36.0296


Fondue is one of the most appreciated dessert recipes all across. - 25.9707

Quick Cupcake

I baked this gorgeous chocolate cupcake for myself. - 31.7172


A very popular Swedish recipe for ginger cookies.Swedish ginger cookies are very popular Christmas & Thanksgiving snacks,something that kids love to eat. - 37.2415

Swedish With Meringue

Swedish Desserts are quite popular & liked all across the globe. - 32.396


Want to make a great tasting Trifle in no time?An easy to make chocolate Trifle recipe. - 27.4789

Blueberry Trifle

Thinking of making a Trifle recipe for dessert?Here is a great blueberry Trifle recipe for all those who have a sweet tooth. - 26.3247


Giving you a Calzone recipe made with ham & cheese. - 26.0239

Classic Peach Cobbler

An easy to make Peach cobbler recipe.Not too many ingredients are required & it is a simple cobbler recipe. - 28.2144

Vanilla Peach Cobbler

Another of my Peach cobbler recipe,made with vanilla.Peach cobbler is a very popular dessert & is liked by every one. - 29.2423

Peach Cobbler

A good old fashioned Peach cobbler recipe.I have been making different kind of cobbler,peach cobbler is one of my popular recipe. - 27.7809

Popcorn Balls

Great to munch popcorn balls.I am not too fond of pop corns but I make pop corn balls instead for a great tasting snack. - 29.4851

Cole Slaw For Kentucky Fried Chicken

Prepare coleslaw to munch with your Kentucky Fried Chicken. - 32.6574

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Great Kentucky fried chicken recipe.You can make this lovely crispy Fried Chicken at home. - 34.744

Chicken Enchilada

Traditional Mexican Chicken Enchilada recipe.It's an absolutely delight to eat that you would want to make again & again.I am not good at making Chicken enchiladas,this is my friend's recipe that I am sharing with you. - 34.9441

Blueberry Apple Muffin

Blueberry apple muffin recipe: Start your day with glass of milk or coffee with a blueberry muffin with apple at the center of it.This Blueberry Apple muffin recipe will tickle your taste buds. - 38.4914

Blueberry Muffin

Another of my Blueberry Muffin recipe,with lovely flavors of lemon & orange;rest assured you will fall in love with these blueberry muffins. - 39.9549

Best Blueberry Muffin

Want to bake Blueberry Muffins?Here's a recipe that you are looking for.Sit back,relax & enjoy your hot coffee with blueberry muffins. - 37.9677

Pad Thai With Shrimps

A great variant of Pad Thai recipe.This one has Shrimps in it & is a perfect sea food recipe. Pad Thai with shrimps is my favorite for sure. - 36.4086

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the first recipe that crosses your mind when you think about Thai food.Not only in Thailand but Pad Thai is a very popular dish across the world. Here is my recipe of Pad Thai. - 35.3338

Hummus With Chicken Shawarma

I prefer to eat hummus with chicken shawarma,I am careful with my intake of red meat & prefer white meat instead.Though hummus is a great dip that goes well with any kind of meat. - 37.7695


Hummus is a dip or a spread that you can eat with a meat preparation or on breads.I first had Hummus with chicken Shawarma in Dubai.The chicken tastes exceptionally well when had with Hummus. - 31.0577

Deviled Eggs With Cheddar Cheese

Thinking of making Deviled Eggs?Easy to make & great to taste,these Deviled eggs are spicy yet delicious.You can't have enough of it. - 35.2334


Ambrosia made with fruits & nuts mixed with sour cream.sour cream has been used here because I didn't want to make it excessively sweet & nuts gives it a crunchy feel to it & goes very well with fruits. Yummie....Ambrosia! - 32.6069

Fruit Ambrosia

Ambrosia made with fruits of your choice mixed in with lots of whipped cream.Easy to make & absolutely divine to taste. - 31.1422

Deviled Eggs With Stuffed Green Olives

The best ever Deviled eggs that I had were in France.I had all sorts of deviled eggs there but the ones with olives & paprika are my favorite.I am giving you my recipe of Deviled Eggs with Olives. I am sure you will love it! - 31.542

Beef Stroganoff With Rice

I am so fond of Beef Stroganoff that I keep trying different ways of making it.I have so far tried 7 odd methods of making Beef Stroganoff.This one here is pretty simple & tastes really good with Indian Basmati rice. - 39.2558

Classic Enchilada Sauce

Here is another of my Enchilada Sauce recipes. I try to make a variety of Enchilada Sauce because I love to have enchilada with lots of sauce on it.This is one of the variants that I made & loved it totally. - 32.7891

Enchilada Sauce

Recipe for Enchilada Sauce.I love Enchiladas,the first time that I had them was at my bosses place.His wife made me egg Enchiladas soaked in a spicy Enchilada sauce,which,for me,completed the dish.I have made an attempt to make that great Enchilada sauce for... - 27.9862

Mahi Mahi With Green Beans

I first tasted Mahi at a restaurant. I loved the concept of serving fish with fresh veggies. I have used only beans in my recipe because I thought too many vegetables steal the taste of Mahi Mahi. - 31.1538

Mahi Mahi With Lemon Sauce

Mahi Mahi with Lemon sauce is one of my friend's recipe of making a great fish.I don't know why she has used butter & oil in her preparation of Mahi Mahi but the use of sumptuous portion of Lemon sauce works wonderfully well in this recipe. - 39.8992

Beef Stroganoff With Baked Potatoes

my recipe of Beef Stroganoff with Potatoes baked with creamy mushroom soup.Since it's a baked recipe, making Beef Stroganoff Potatoes does not require too much of oil or butter & is easily made.A great recipe of Beef & potatoes that you would want to make for... - 24.0664

Beef Stroganoff With Noodles

My first Beef Stroganoff was at a family lunch at my aunt's place.She had cooked Beef Stroganoff with a lot of butter & oil in it,in my version of Beef Stroganoff I have tried to cut down on the oil content & have added taste of spring onions.Beef Stroganoff... - 44.3393