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seafood platter Pan seared sea bass with saffron cream sauce sea bass 04 0z steak Onion -½ medium(fine chopped) Garlic -01 tablespoon white wine-½ cup Heavy cream- 1 cup Saffron - few flakes # saute onion and garlic and deglace with white wine .add cream... - 24.2078

Homemade Shrimp Seafood

mix last five ingredients to make s smooth cocktail sauce.set it in refrigrator. make court boullion wtih water ,onion,leeks ,celery,carrots ,onion,peppercorn,wine,bayleaf.whn liquid starts boiling add shrimps and cook them till cooked .(takes bout 2 -3... - 27.4889

Wine And Chocolate

• melt butter and white chocolate together. Mix wine, brandy and honey saperately. • Melt gelatin and add to the honey & wine mixture. • Add this to the melted chocolate & butter. Fold whipped cream. line your choice of mould with thin... - 23.4769

Valentine's Day Cheese Cake(not Baked)

cream cheese,sugar and curd toghether till smooth. add melted geletin and vanilla . lastly fold in the whipped cream. line a tray wth plastic sheeet on base and on side.place a thin layer of plain vanilla sponge and pour the mixture on sponge.let it set in... - 23.5154

White Chocolate Crème Brûlée

White Chocolate creme brulee recipe - the most delicious creme brulee. - 21.4409

White Chocolate And Walnut Scones

white chocolate and walnut scones recipe - 21.458

Raspberry And White Chocolate Parfait

A Simple Rasberry and White chocolate Parfait Recipe. - 25.8389


1. mixed egg yolks creamy 2. Combine sugar & water and boil to 120 C degree 3. Continue mixing until cold 4. Add slowly the raspberry Juice • Fold in the Whipped Cream13 pcs. Egg yolks - 22.6142


- beat sugar and eggwhite - add salt and vanilla - fold in the flour - add the almond - bake it at 180 C - make rolls out of it . - slice and dry it at 140 C - 27.8996


Make a soft dough using all the above ingredients Add oil and mix the dough until the oil is incorporated Roll out the dough and cut 1”flat and 4”round cutter Coat both the sides of the muffins with semolina Prove and bake at 180C for 12-15minutes [until... - 24.4891


Make a semi hard dough using all the above ingredients Table prove the dough in bulk for 20-30minutes Roll in a dough sheeter at 0.5mm / 1mm Cut into rounds Bake at 220Cfor 1min on the base of the oven or oven pre heated baking trays Cover with a plastic wrap... - 30.031

Baked Yogurt

mix top three ingredients well till smooth liquid. pour it in glass bowl or wot ever bowl u want to yoghurt in. bake it at 120 degree cel. pre heated oven wth bowl in water upto 1/4 of bowl .till it gets set. let it cool down in fridge. boil ur choice of... - 19.7882


• Boil the water and pour it over the couverture and mix well. • Add the butter and sugar and whisk until the ingredients are dissolved. • Sieve the dry ingredients and stir into the chocolate mix. • Add Egg slowly. Last Add whiskey • Do not aerate... - 35.8502

Hazelnuts Lemon And Chocolate

or the base beat sugar & eggs till fluffy. Add melted chocolate & unsalted butter. • Fold in the flour. Pour in collapsible mould and bake at 170 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Cool. • For the mousse, beat the sugar and eggs till fluffy. Heat the cream and... - 37.323

Almonds And Chocolate

• Cream the butter and sugar till white & fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. • Sift flour, almond powder, cocoa powder and baking powder. Fold some flour in the chopped chocolate. • Add the milk and then fold the flour mix and the chopped... - 30.357

Beer Batter Snapper With Aioli

using the above ingredients make a batter for a kilogram of flour u need approximately 660 ml of beer 500 ml of cold water mix well and season it for aioli saute some garlic in olive oil and let it cool and mix it with mayonaise. marinate fish with some... - 29.6623

Flavour Of Coffee Pleasure Of Chocolate

Method: • Whisk eggs, caster sugar and egg yolks together till white & fluffy. • Add melted dark chocolate and mix carefully. • Grease ramekins with unsalted butter & caster sugar and pour the molten mix. • Bake at 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes... - 24.5838

Breakfast Time

cream cheese with sugar and margerine to a smooth mixture. mix all liquid ingredients and start adding to cheese mixture slowly. when smooth batter is ready fold in mixed and sieved dry ingredients. pour it in a cake baking ring top it wth dry topping... - 29.2619

Its Chocolate Again

warm the butter and pour it over chocolate and let it melt(mix well) mix eggs and sugar to make homogenous mixture. add both the mixes and mix well. the best height to bake it is 2cm .pour it in baking tray at bout height of 2 cms.and bake it for 20 -25... - 34.5472

Zuccotto( Italian Chocolate Duo)

Are you one of the six billion people in the world that love Italian Desserts. If so, check out this lovely Italian Dessert Recipe. Absolutely yummy! - 40.4439

Breakfast Delight

Mix and sieve dry ingredients together. Mix well all the liquid ingredients to eggs. Mash bananas to creamy consistency. Slowly add liquid to bananas to make smooth thick batter. Fold in dry ingredients. Bake at 180 dg Celsius preheated oven. When ready soak... - 41.2105

For Choc Lovers

• Line the sides of a PVC ring with chocolate sheet and the bottom with a dark sponge. Soak the sponge with sugar syrup and keep covered. • Dark chocolate mousse: boil the first 3 ingredients. Add melted gelatin. Cool • Add the dark melted chocolate and... - 32.3193