Oldernwiser's Recipes

Homemade Avakai

If you are a fan of pickles, then this is something you must try! This is the king of pickles. The video shows you how to prepare a spicy mango pickle at home. It is so simple and tasty that you will never want to buy a bottled pickle again. This indeed is... - 62.3057

Indian Boondi

Boondi is a very popular snack and is the starting material for making boondi laddu. It is very easy to make. This boondi snack is very popular with people who also enjoy alcoholic beverages. - 34.2614

Kuzhal Vadam

When summer approaches, south Indian housewives get to work, making vadams and pickles, which they can leave to dry in the sun! Vadams are rice crispies that are fried before a meal and are served as an accompaniment, in every traditional south Indian meal.... - 72.4047

Homemade Indian Toffee

In south India homemade toffee is one of the sweets made on festivals and special occasions. This video shows how to make a cashew nut one. It is very similar to chikki, but made with caramelized sugar instead of jaggery. Something sweet and crunchy for the... - 51.9362

Kerela-style Rava Ladoo

Not in a mood to make breakfast? Have these with a glass of milk! Do you want to feel elated while having your late afternoon or evening cuppa coffee? Just pop one of these into your mouth! Want to pack an exotic hand made gift for a dear one? These are... - 51.5313

Rawa Kesari

Rawa Kesari is an all time favorite sweet breakfast item and features on almost all Udipi Restaurant menus. This saffron yellow, sugary semolina pudding is cooked in puree ghee, flavored with cardamom and topped with nuts. It is also a popular sweet halwa... - 65.2205

Semiya Payasam

If you are beginner wanting to prepare a traditional South Indian meal, then payasam must be the dessert! It is not only south India's favorite and more popular festive sweet dish, it is probably the easiest to make! There are several varieties of this... - 66.2915

Easy Besan Ladoo

Besan laddu is not only one of India's favorite sweet made especially on festivals and celebrations, it is also one of the easiest to prepare. The video shows very simple and quick process of preparing besan laddus to treat the Lord Ganesha and your family... - 60.3327

Mango Pickle Making Made Easier

Most us love to indulge in the sourish fantasy of mango pickles but are just left wondering how to make an easy one that doesn't require to be left out in the sun for days. Mango pickles come in a varieties of flavors and every one has their own proprietary... - 92.003

Mirchi (green Pepper) Bhajji Making Made Easier

Mirchi Bhajji is a daringly spicy snack which is very popular in Andhra. On a rainy and cold day nothing can cheer you up as these delicious, spicy, tamarind stuffed and batter fried chili fritters. Watch this video to learn how to make these delicious... - 91.2651

Mango ( Raw ) Rice Making Made Easier

Mango rice is a main course dish very much like the lemon rice ...it is made during summers when raw (sour) mangoes are available.. - 85.4953

Mango(raw) Rasam Making Made Easier

Summer is the time for light, healthy and refreshing food. It is also a time for mangos. Who said mangos are only to be eaten when ripe, juicy and mushy?! Green mangos have a tangy flavor that goes so well with rasam, the south Indian digestive that can be... - 92.7651

Muruku ( Snack) Making Made Easier

Murukku is probably the most popular and favorite festive snack made in every South Indian home a week before Diwali. While there are many versions of this crispy crunchy snack, the sweet-savory golden brown ones are traditional. The video shows an easy way... - 93.7806

Mini Pizza Making Made Easier

Pizza is one of the most popular kids food and is sure to bring a smile on their face when packed in the lunch box or served for an evening snack. Watch this video to learn how to make mini pizzas, perfect for the little ones and their appetite. Next time... - 84.5261

Nalgari ( Sambhar ) Making Made Easier

If you are a sambhar lover, try this variation of the popular south Indian lentil curry, with the goodness of root vegetables, that gives the dish more substance. Watch the video to learn how to make this spicy, nutritious curry that goes so well with rice,... - 97.9494

Ice Cream ( Eggless ) Making Made Easier

Its easy, its creamy, its chocolately and its an ice-cream without eggs! The ingredients for this divinely creamy eggless chocolate ice cream are a snap to mix and freeze without the need for an electric ice cream maker. You can use this recipe to make your... - 96.8963

Hyderabadi Osmania Biscuit

There could not be any better way of having a hot cup of chai than to dip these salty-sweet, soft and crumbly Hyderabadi biscuits. They are so delicious, they simply melt in your mouth. You no longer have to buy them from an Irani bakery or café as you can... - 88.611

Milk Chocolate Making Made Easier

Making homemade chocolate can be a long process, and it may take many tries and a lot of patience. There are no right or wrong recipes, but this is a super easy recipe for homemade milk chocolate candy, great for kids and to make and give as gifts during... - 90.0844

Shreekhand (yoghurt Sweet ) Making Made Easier

Ask a Maharashtrian what goes best with Puri or puran poli and the answer will undoubtedly be “Shrikhand.” Ask a Gujarati what should be the dessert in a traditional Gujarati Thali and the answer will be “Shrikhand.” Watch this video and learn how to... - 83.1349

Chocolate Cake(eggless) Making Made Easier

It isn't easy to bake the perfect chocolate cake let alone an eggless one. And did you think it was possible to make a good one without an oven or a microwave? For all those vegetarians who do not eat egg and for those who do not have an oven, watch this... - 87.0235

Naan( Without Tandoor) Making Made Easier

Naan is a traditional north indian bread which is made in coal fired clay kilns called tandoors.. i have bought some domestic electric / gas tandoors and have thrown them away .. here is one way you can make naans in your home using an ordinary saucepan which... - 78.9898

Sojjiappam ( Sweet) Making Made Easier

Sooji Appam is sweet and crispy and liked by children and elders alike. Watch this video to learn how to make this classic south Indian sweets which is great for kids lunch boxes, as a tea time snack as well as an offering to Gods on festive days. - 82.0244

Chewda ( Chuduva, A Snack ) Making Made Easier

Chivda makes such a delicious and easy family snack to be enjoyed with tea. There are so many varieties of chivda, but this recipe shows us how to make one of the most popular and loved version typically made in Maharashtrian homes, It is a spicy poha... - 98.6135


Being a true-dosa fan, you must be knowing how difficult it is to prepare this at home. But your problem will be solved by using the non-stick griddle. Watch the video to learn the tricks and enjoy crispy homemade dosa, everyday. - 59.9041

Rava Dosa Making Made Easier

Rava dosa is probably one of Karnataka's most loved breakfast item. These rava dosas are very thin, crisp and light and can actually be had at any time of the day. Watch the video to learn how to make the batter to prepare perfect rava dosa. - 108.237

Tangy Pudina Chutney

Pudina chutney is probably one of the most popular accompaniment to Indian snacks and starters and is substitute for tomato sauce. Watch the video to learn how to make South Indian Style spicy pudina chutney made with roasted dal and spices and fresh... - 83.3146

Tomato Upma Making Made Easier

Winter is the time for comfort food. Wholesome, comforting and very satisfying, this semolina breakfast is probably one of the simplest and quickest breakfast foods in south India. Upma is a refreshing change from the monotony of rice based breakfast dishes... - 105.237

Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha

Made from hot crisp fried bread, soaked in cardamom flavored sweetened and thickened milk and topped with lots of nuts and raisins, this sweet dish is one of the easiest and popular at Hyderabadi festive and wedding meals. Watch this video and learn how to... - 91.0512

Ven Pongal Making Made Easier

Ask any Tamilian what he would like to have for breakfast; Ven Pongal will be his answer. Indeed no true Tamilian can refuse a bowl of hot steaming pongal. This one-pot rice and lentil dish is a traditional breakfast meal. It’s hot, spicy, comforting and... - 117.561

Tomato Rasam

Tomato rasam is an integral part of a south Indian meal. In fact no South Indian meal is complete without this spicy, watery soup that could be eaten at the beginning of the meal as an appetizer, with rice as a side dish or at the end of the meal as a... - 95.7622

Pesarattu Dosa Making Made Easier

If you looking for a typical Andhra breakfast dish then this is what you should be making. Pesarattu is Andhra's signatory and most popular non-fermented dosa had for breakfast. Watch this video to learn how to make this delicious and healthy moong dal and... - 112.049

Chutney Powder Making Made Easier

Chutney powder is a must have condiment in south Indian houses. Watch the video to know how to make this spicy and flavorful mixture to serve with idlis and dosa. - 90.7775

Lemon Rice Making Made Easier

Chitranna is delicious South Indian style lemon rice, a dish that you can prepare in a jiffy especially after a busy day at work. It is a great way to use leftover rice. The video shows you the classic tempering for this tangy and spicy rice dish. Serve... - 99.448

Traditional South Indian Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice is one of the most popular food items in South India. It is in fact the most preferred one, since coconuts are a staple and are used in almost all dishes is some form or the other. If you are a coconut lover, try this delicious traditional style... - 113.156

Rasam Powder Making Made Easier

Rasam powder is now commercially available . It is an important powder not only for making rasam easily but also in other indian recipes such as gojju, puli ogray, and gojju avval.. Here is an easy way to make rasam powder easily .. this is my own recipe... - 74.7789

Rice Roti Making Made Easier

Feel like eating something spicy and filling for breakfast? Try this recipe of Akki Roti. It is a popular breakfast favorite. Watch this video to learn how to make the perfect round akki roti, a task with is otherwise difficult to master! These taste yummy... - 77.304

Gojju Making Made Easier

Gojju is a melange of flavors and is a frequently appearing item on a Karnataka menu. This spicy curry is cooked in tamarind juice and is great with rice or akki roti. In this video the chef has shown how to make it with capsicum, but the same procedure would... - 81.8839

Chapati ( Paratha ) Making Made Easier

Parathas are north India's favorite flat bread and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, either stuffed on their own or plain as an accompaniment to a curry or gravy. The toughest part of making them is the rolling out of the dough with often sticks to... - 88.5028

Mysore Pak Making Made Easier

Mysore pak has to be one of the most popular sweets in Karnataka and an all time favorite of children and adults alike. These diamond shaped or rectangular, very porous, melt in the mouth kind of sweets are not to difficult to prepare at home. - 82.362

Paneer Making Made Easier

How many times have you tried making paneer at home and landed up with a rubbery mass having a limey taste and smell? It is because most of us are not able to get satisfactory results that we prefer to buy the ready paneer from the market, even though it is... - 81.525

Homemade Rasgulla

Ask a Bengali what is his favorite of all the Bengali sweets and the answer undoubtedly will be “Rosogulla.” The Bengalis abroad crave for these and wait for relatives to visit or ask them to ship the canned ones to them on festive occasions. Learn how to... - 84.5294

Lime Squash (preserve) Making Made Easier

Summer is here and throats are bound to be parched. The heat is going to dehydrate you and make you crave for an instant thirst quencher. This lime squash is a great way to use up a large stock of limes and makes a healthy and refreshing, non alcoholic... - 85.3648

Sandwich Toast Making Made Easier

If you have some potato bhaji leftover, don’t discard it. Watch this video to learn what to do with it. This delicious crispy toasted sandwich is a popular favorite for breakfast, for kids’ school lunch boxes or for a cold and lazy day snack. Serve it... - 72.9574

Aloo Bonda / Bread Pakoda Making Made Easier

If its raining outside and you feel like eating something hot and crispy to go with a nice cup of chai, this is what should be making. Aloo bonda and bread pakodas are popular south Indian snacks that can satisfy palates of kids and adults alike. This demo is... - 82.6393

Medu Vada Making Made Easier

Pamper your taste buds with some absolutely delicious and crispy medu vadas. Watch this video that presents the recipe in a simple step-wise manner. The chef also shares an easy way to prepare perfect round medu vadas. Take a look at this impressive video and... - 83.2359

Potato+onion Curry Making Made Easier

Which Indian isn’t fond of potato curry? Every state in India has its own style of making this dish. It is probably the first thing that every Indian girl learns to cook from her mother and the first dish that every Indian mother teaches her daughter to... - 95.5559

Tengul Making Made Easier

If you are looking for a nice crispy salty snack to munch on while you sip on your evening cup of coffee or tea, try these. Watch the video to learn an easy way to make tengul. It is very similar to murukku. This is delicious hot and crunchy on a rainy day. - 78.8437

Puliogre Gojju Making Made Easier

Many South Indians living abroad crave for homemade Puliyogare. It is difficult to find the ready to use tamarind rice mix at the local supermarkets. In such situations it is best to make you own Puliyogare Gojju or masala paste so that you can prepare the... - 82.1149

Puliogre Making Made Easier

Many South Indians living abroad crave for homemade Puliyogare. Watch this video and learn a very easy way to prepare the delicious tangy and spicy rice preparation, no matter where you are in the world and enjoy the flavor of home cooked food. This recipe... - 83.5986

Kolumb Making Made Easier

If you looking for a healthy, nutritious and vegan curry to go rice? Try this delicious Keerai Kolumb (Spinach lentil curry) It is so much like sambhar and yet different. You can modify the recipe adding any vegetable of your choice to the basic pigeon peas... - 84.241

Mor ( Buttermilk ) Kolumb Making Made Easier

Mor kulambu, a dish from South India is surely a comfort food that you should be making when u have plenty of leftover curds. Easy to prepare and one of the south India's favorite foods, try this recipe and u will surely love it. Mor Kulambu is a wonderful... - 84.962

Aapam ( Dosa ) Making Made Easier

If you are looking for healthy and wholesome breakfast ideas, try making these aapams. Are they dosas? No, these Kerala style aapams are like dosas but are so light and fluffy that you can eat a plate full of them. This video shows how to make authentic... - 91.5222

Gojju Avval Making Made Easier

If you looking for an easy vegan south Indian breakfast item, watch this video to learn how to make traditional Gojju Avval. It is a sweet and sour flavored flattened rice dish that makes for a light breakfast that keeps you full and satisfied till lunch... - 82.0619

Bisi Bele Bhat Making Made Easier

If you are looking for a vegetarian one pot meal, then this South Indian rice and lentil dish with the goodness of vegetables is what you should be making. It is so easy to prepare this dish which makes for a wholesome, nutritious and comforting meal. Watch... - 91.6876

Steam Cooked Rice Making Made Easier

Most people are scared of cooking rice cause it just never comes out right. It is either overcooked and soggy or under-cooked with too much bite. The safest way to cook it is in a pressure cooker or rice cooker. But what do you do when you do not have either?... - 83.3212

South Indian Coffee Making Made Easier

Coffee is a major social institution of South Indian and can be described as being an icon of Kannada culture. It is a revered tradition in most households. One sip of this delicious drink will make you understand why filter coffee is such a revered beverage... - 76.7142

Yengai ( Curry ) And Vaangi Bhat Making Made Easier

There are several popular South Indian curries and this one is one of them. This is one from north Karnataka. A spicy-sour brinjal and potatoes curry, Yengai can be eaten with chapattis or can use tossed with boiled rice to make Vaangi Bhaat, another popular... - 90.9412

Adirasam ( Sweet ) Making Made Easier

Are you cooking a full South Indian meal for your family the first time? This traditional south Indian sweet is made for festive occasions especially Janmashtimi and Diwali and is an ideal sweet preparation for beginners, requiring almost no secret... - 84.6959

Thattai Making Made Easier

South India is famous for its variety of savory snacks. Thattai is probably one them, second most popular to murukku. There are so many recipes for making thattai, but it is important then this fried snack turns out crispy more than crumbly and porous. Watch... - 79.9942