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How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's mixes this classic cocktail, with a bit of history. - 0

How To Make A Red Snapper Cocktail

It's like a Bloody Mary crossed with a Caesar, but made with Gin... - 0

How To Make Fannie Farmer's 1896 Brownies

This is a slightly modified version of the 1896 brownie recipe in Fannie Farmers cookbook - sadly there is no chocolate... - 132.567

Greek Lemon Yoghurt Cake (yaourtopita)

This is a refreshing and easy cake with Greek strained yogurt. Although it can be eaten warm straight from the oven, it is best eaten when it is cold. - 129.172

Nutella Cheesecake Brownies

Delicious and super moist brownie! - 124.049

Beef And Cabbage Soup

This is a great quick weeknight soup, that doesn't require a long slow cook. - 136.474

Stout Braised Pulled Pork

This isn't a traditional BBQ or southwest pulled pork recipe - not at all... It's however full of fabulous flavor, and perfect for sandwiches. - 125.047

Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup

Creamy thick and rich... great for a cool winter evening. - 128.039

Apple Crisp Oatmeal Cookies

Apples and cinnamon in a cookie! Couldn't be better. - 131.151

Stout And Onion Soup

A twist on the traditional French Onion Soup - this time we ramp up the flavor with a good stout beer. - 128.281

How To Mix A Pina Colada

Nothing says tropical TIKI like a Pina Colada served in a pineapple... Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's shows you how to wow your guests with this special cocktail. - 126.132

Spicy Corn Chowder

Perfect recipe for the cool fall and winter evenings. You can make up a pot on the weekend and send it as lunch all week. - 130.7

Mix The Perfect Manhattan Cocktail

Nothing says refined drinking like a Canadian Whisky Manhattan! Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's give you some tips on creating this classic cocktail. - 117.303

Ricotta Orange Pound Cake

Moist and rich - this everything you could want from a pound cake. - 124.629

Mix The Best Mojito

Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's give you tips to create the perfect classic Barcardi Mojito. - 117.98

Perfect Mint Julep

Trevor from Tipicular Fixin's show you how to mix up the perfect Mint Julep, with a northern twist! - 124.286

Kary Osmond Spinach And Ricotta Pie

Smells really good as it bakes. Perfect of brunch or a light lunch. Serve with salad, roasted beets, fish. - 134.235

Beef And Porcini Stew

Perfect big beefy stew for a cool fall or winters evening! - 129.624

Kary Osmond Peach And Blueberry Crisp

Peaches and blueberry go well together. You can serve with vanilla ice cream. You can take the skins off the peaches if you like, but I don't think it's necessary. I like to make the topping extra thick, as I like the contrast between cooked fruit and crispy... - 132.92

Kary Osmond Garlic Shrimp

Flavor of garlic makes the shrimp taste amazing. Try out! - 127.2

Sour Cream Apple Pie Crumble

Delicious apple pie crumble filled with the goodness of sour cream! - 127.984

Cocoa Peanut Butter Cookies With Jam

Three classic flavors of jam, peanut butter and cocoa make the cookies absolutely special. - 129.898

Spiced Butter Cookies

This is the perfect cookie for the upcoming holiday season! - 129.409

Double Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

We've eaten a lot of cookies... these are one of our all-time favorites! - 129.639

Moroccan Bean And Pepper Stew

Don't tell the meat eaters that this is vegetarian... they'l never know. - 125.215

Cinnamon Couscous

This slightly sweet and savory side dish is perfect to serve along side many vegetable or meat stews. Really simple it can be on the table in less than 5 minutes. - 121.978

Apple Bundt Cake

Apples and orange juice give this cake a tangy flavour, and keep it super moist! - 126.503

Cinnamon Blondes

We're not saying that these are a substitute for brownies, but... - 129.619

Tuscan Chicken Stew

This hearty stew is a meal in one pot, and is easy enough to prepare quickly on a weeknight. - 125.526

Apple Crumble Pie

Apple pie - or - apple crumble? If you can't decide what to make; give this recipe a try. - 128.474

Pull-apart Drop Biscuits

MMM Homemade butter biscuits! These are super easy as they are drop biscuits, but the way you arrange the dough makes them look like you spent a lot of time making them. - 127.752

Chipotle, Beef, And Bean Chili

Everyone has a favorite chill recipe - or if you are like us - several... We pull this one out in fall as the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool. Goes great with our biscuit recipes. - 130.47

Pear Butterscotch Pie

This is a great change of pace from a fall apple pie - Pears and butterscotch go together really well... maybe with some ice cream on top. - 129.074

Haddock En Papillote

Baked fish with the flavor of roasted garlic and pepper seasoning makes it an excellent dish for entertaining guests. - 125.154

Lemon & Herb Vegetable Couscous

Simple and easy couscous dish enriched with the flavor of herb and lemon. - 121.985

Onion Cheddar Quiche

Treat your guests with this simple and delicious French delicacy! - 126.255

Greek Lamb Burgers

Lamb meat in this burger is grilled to perfection with some Greek spices. - 124.962

Italian-­‐style Meatball Stew

Italian style vegetables, meatballs, and seasoning make the stew absolutely delicious! - 126.737

Three Cheese Garlic & Artichoke Dip

Combination of cheese and artichoke makes the dip perfect for any occasion. - 121.804

Blackened Chicken With Mango Relish

Goodness of chicken is combined with tangy and sweet relish. - 126.221

Oven-fried Chicken

Ok so these are 'oven fried' that doesn't mean 'diet'... If you want can you can very easily leave out the grated cheese, and cut back on the garlic - but you definitely should use the Panko, as it gives the fantastic crunch to this chicken. - 127.197

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie

Gluten free, full of flavor and easy to make! - 127.74

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies - and these ones don't disappoint! Here I substitute some of the butter with cream cheese, making these light and chewy. - 131.637

Homemade Ketchup

Everyone loves ketchup - and there is none better than the kind you make at home. Here is the basic recipe, and you can dress it up with some hot peppers for extra kick. - 126.459

Spicy Peanut Chicken Stew

This is reminiscent of a spicy North African peanut stew - we dial back the chili's a little bit... but feel free to add as much heat as you like! - 126.367

Cheesecake Cookies

These are a strange animal - light fluffy pillows of goodness. A cross between a cookie and a cheesecake. - 125.193

Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pound Cake

The ricotta in this pound cake keeps it super moist - the blueberries make it super delicious. - 128.97

Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Too many summer zucchini? This is a great bread / cake for all the chocolate lovers in your family. - 130.209

Zucchini Lasagna

This is a lighter take on lasagna where we leave out the pasta and use zucchini instead! Grilling the zucchini on a BBQ gives the best flavor - but a grill pan on the stovetop works great as well. - 128.323

No-cook Strawberry Jam Ice Cream

Fast and easy recipe for a soft serve strawberry ice cream! - 122.036

Vanilla Custard Ice Cream

This recipe makes a rich but not overly sweet custard vanilla ice cream. You can eat it as is, or use it as a base to add your own flavor combinations. - 129.468

Riesling Braised Chicken (coq Au Riesling)

This slow braised chicken recipe makes a hearty tasty stew that is made even better with the wine and cream. Easy to make, and it will impress your family and guests. - 126.474

Chocolate Pecan Pie

It's almost like a brownie in a pie shell! This fantastic pie has chocolate, pecans & coconut... perfect for your next casual dinner party or BBQ! - 130.676

No-cook Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

Many no-cook ice cream recipes without eggs lack that oh so good creamy mouthfeel - not this one. The Condensed milk fills in and gives this recipe the texture you're looking for! - 121.981

No-cook Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Peanut butter Ice cream!!! Only thing better is when we happen to 'spill' some chocolate chips in... OK - so this has uncooked egg. If that's a problem for you, leave it out; or find one of our cooked custard recipes. - 124.611

Dulce De Leche Ice Cream

A can of store bought Dulce de Leche, and some chocolate chips makes some of the best ice cream you'll ever have! - 123.112

Date Custard Pie

Fall and winter holidays! A very versatile pie that will please everyone. - 131.685

No-cook Nutella Ice Cream

Nutella - in ice cream! This is a super simple no-cook recipe that doesn't use eggs, yet doesn't suffer a loss in texture without them. - 121.757

Cherry Pie With Lattice Top

Everyone loves pie - and cherry is one of the best! - 126.234

Pistachio Ice Cream

Will show you how to make the best there is. - 127.805

Easy 'no-knead' Bread

Everyone has tried or wants to try a no-knead bread recipe - but so many of the recipes need a dutch oven or special pan to bake in... Not this one; you can bake these loaves in any oven proof baking dish / pan. - 130.865

Dbl Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt

Love frozen yogurt, but want to cut down on some of the sugar and make it healthier? Make it yourself at home with this easy recipe. - 121.557

Best Chocolate Peanut-butter No Bake Cookies

Such a simple and easy recipe to make with your kids! Maybe you even made this with your mom when you were a child? - 124.474

Double Chocolate Ice Cream

This is a cooked custard ice cream - so it takes a little bit of planning... but the results are well worth it! Nothing, we repeat, nothing beats home-made ice cream! - 129.699

Butter Pie Crust Dough

This is enough for two single crust 10 inch deep dish pies, or one double crust 10 inch deep dish pie. - 127.427

Molasses Crackle Cookies

Rich earthy flavor from a very simple cookie to make. - 127.836

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Here's a recipe for a perennial ice cream favorite - and this one that you make at home, will be miles better than any you could buy. - 129.142

Blueberry Pie

Who doesn't love home made Blueberry Pie? You can make this with either fresh or frozen berries for a year round treat. - 130.314

Rhubarb And Ginger Cobbler

The ginger gives a fantastic flavor to this rhubarb dessert - feel free to sub all purpose flour for the whole wheat. - 131.986

Perfect Lemonade

This is the perfect thirst quenching lemonade for those hot lazy days of summer! Forget the frozen stuff - make it fresh. - 126.033

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is an incredibly dense, rich, and moist chocolate cake. One bite and you'll be hooked... Oh and it's Gluten Free! - 128.692

Vinegar And Spice Oven Ribs

Who says you can't make great ribs in the oven? Everyone without a BBQ should rejoice that they too can have great tasting ribs!

 - 127.667

Buttermilk Coleslaw

Creamy and tangy take on a summer classic cabbage salad recipe. - 123.756

Guacamole And Pico De Gallo

Everyone loves Guacamole - so here's one of the tastiest recipes around. - 128.305

Farm Stand Lemonade

Cream? In Lemonade? Yes! It may seem odd at first, but this is so great! - 122.774

Raspberry Rhubarb Lattice Pie

Everyone loves pie! Here’s one that is great in the spring and early summer. - 129.926

Gran's Carolina Slaw

Looking for the down-home flavor of a southern vinegar based coleslaw? Here it is straight from our Gran! - 127.486

Rhubarb Crisp

This dessert is a spring and early summer treat - but you could use frozen rhubarb and enjoy it all year long. - 130.371

Crisp Cucumber Salad

Crisp, simple, tasty cucumber salad recipe. So simple to start with this recipe, and then add in your favorite flavors. - 132.891

Restaurant Style Salsa

This is not Pico de Gallo! If you want that recipe, search our channel - we have one of those as well. What we have here is the restaurant salsa that lands on the table with nacho chips at those chain restaurants... and we love it! - 127.976

Caribbean Jerk Seasoning Rub

People immediately think "Hit & Spicy" when they think Jamaican jerk rub. That's not always the case, most chefs pride themselves on a flavorful jerk spice mix with very little heat. Too many hot peppers mask all of the other flavors... So we give you this... - 121.533

Pico De Gallo

Nothing beats the flavor of fresh Pico de Gallo! - 121.836

Simple Summer Sangria

Some people think that you're trying to hide the wine in a sangria... Not true. Since wine is the largest component, and brings a lot of flavor to the punch - You should choose a great wine that you would drink on it's own. - 123.254

Sangria Clara

This is a simple and tasty white sangria - no added alcohol to mask a bad wine; so make sure you choose a wine you would drink on it's own! - 126.575

Butter Pecan Cookies

These easy to make cookies are sure to be a hit on your lunchbox. - 129.828

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sliced banana makes simple chocolate chip cookies extra special. - 129.381

Chewy Toffee Bars

Chewy toffee goodness in a cookie bar! Who will want brownies or plain old blondes once they've had these tasty bars made with Skor bits? - 129.028

Southwest Cinnamon Steak Rub

Just a little kick in this steak rub, and the cinnamon gives an exotic flavor burst that will make your day. - 118.943

Mascarpone And Cheddar Macaroni And Cheese

The secret ingredient in this super creamy and velvety rich macaroni and cheese is mascarpone! No need to make a roux, and risk ending up with a clumpy mess, just smooth and rich every time. - 128.195

Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Caramel, chocolate pieces, and chopped pecans in the cookies…try out! - 131.562

The Best Oatmeal Cookies

Are you a fan of Dad's Oatmeal cookies? These aren't exactly a copycat version... but the flavor is pretty close. - 132.454

Earl's Steak Rub And Marinade

Earl's steak rub and marinade, takes your grilling to that next level... beyond your neighbor - Enough for 6 steaks - 116.232

Corned Beef And Cabbage

Here is a simple and satisfying meal that you don't need to Irish to enjoy. This is the basic classic recipe, feel free to mix it up with your own favorite veggies. - 125.048

Lemon Meringue Pie

Not too tart, not too sweet; just right! This lemon meringue pie is as tasty as it is easy to make - so stop using the mix in the box, and try it from scratch. - 132.182

Ginger Spice Bundt Cake With Caramel Sauce

Bundt cake with ginger flavor and caramel sauce on top…perfect treat for any occasion! - 129.911

Simple Baked Beans

This is a very basic easy baked bean recipe - from these basics you can add your own flair and flavor. - 117.805

Weeknight Pork Pizza Meatballs

Ground pork meatballs cooked in pizza sauce and cheese! - 117.446

20-minute Chili

A perfect meal for busy weeknight! - 123.273

Yogurt Cake With Chocolate Ganache Icing

Super moist and rich cake - covered in a decadent chocolate icing... Plus it's so easy to make, this is a great mid-week treat! - 121.146

Beef Mushroom Barley Soup

Soups can be so easy and quick to make - and full of flavor! The secret ingredient in this soup is the Vegamite... Yeah we know; our friends in North America just screamed Yuck! But the Vegamite brings out all the flavor from the beef and mushrooms while... - 123.739