Hari's Recipes

Saffron Mango Mousse

Home cooked desserts are quite intimidating, but Hari has shown how we can relax and make a heavenly ambrosial dessert in no time. This video shows how you can make an easy and delicious saffron mango mousse. I suggest make double recipe as your guests will... - 117.509

Easy Shrimp Bruschetta

Do you crave for the fancy Italian snacks like me? if yes then this easy shrimp bruschetta is for you. It gets its merits due to its simple and flavorful combination of ingredients. Watch this video and the ease to make it won't keep you away from it for long. - 141.269

Tandoori Chicken And Cucumber Wrap

Sometimes cooking lunch for yourself can be a pain, but with this tandoori chicken and cucumber wrap you won't know when your lunch got ready. This video shows, how quick and delightfully delicious it is. Its also a good way to empty your fridge of last... - 134.807

Mothers Day Bouquet Of Cupcakes

Gift your mom this delicious and wonderful looking Mothers day bouquet of cup cakes. Surprise your mom with these home made cup cakes. It is going to make her feel special indeed. Make her day with this quick and easy recipe. - 29.0498

Yogurt And Fruit Parfait

Guilt free dessert is the right name for this yogurt and fruit parfait in this video. It has all the goodness of a sumptuous dessert and is equally nutritious. So are you ready to give a sweet surprise to your family tonight? Watch the video for the easy... - 137.439

Chicken Salad With Chinese Dressing

if you are a fan of fresh and less processed food, this chicken salad with Chinese dressing is for you. It looks like an ordinary salad until the first bite when the different flavors and textures explode in your mouth and elevate your mood. It is indeed very... - 113.343

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

As fancy and expensive as it sounds, Hari has made these homemade chocolate truffles in such a simple manner that it looks sinfully tantalizing and abominably easy to make. As he says if you want to be a great food entertainer, you can be one, by spending... - 150.761

Fried Rice With Shrimps And Vegetables

This fried rice with shrimps and vegetables is an easy way to take care of your Asian food's craving. Take a look for the cooking tips and get started, the ingredients can vary as per your choice, so make it A' la you. You will love it for its simple and... - 125.102

Strawberries In Chocolate

Cooking at home is real fun, but when it comes to making dessert, most of us have a heartache. These strawberries in chocolate will definitely make your life easier as it is unbelievably easy and fast to make and it will speak for you when you make it for... - 97.1931


An excellent never fail Tiramisu recipe. This is an innovative, simple and easy recipe to make the popular Italian dessert Tiramisu. The word “Tiramisu” means pick-me-up. This irresistible dessert is something that you would definitely enjoy picking up. A... - 40.5193

Elaichi Brownie

Brownie with the exotic flavors of the Indian spices. Wow!! What a wonderful treat. A never fail recipe to a yummy absolutely irresistible dessert. Enjoy!! - 33.5658

Pan Seared Tilapia With Tropical Salsa

Fish like tilapia turn out great when cooked with interesting flavors and techniques. Watch the video by Chef Hari showing in simple and easy steps to cook tilapia as well as a tropical style salsa to serve over. Good to pair with wine. - 131.908

Pad Thai With Shrimps

Do you fancy going to a good Thai restaurant like I do, but think about the dent on your pocket? Well this pad thai with shrimps recipe is a simple and elegant way of making gourmet Thai food at home. It is very traditional and has an abundance of thai... - 125.187

Turkey Shami Kebabs

An innovative and delicious Turkey shammi kebabs recipe the Indian way. Make your Thanksgiving dinner an enjoyable experience with food that melts in the mouth. Play the perfect hostess and keep the eats flowing with creative recipes that would set the mood... - 35.9636

Haryali Chaap

This haryali chaap is for all the lamb chop lovers as it will beat all the others with its simple cooking, wholesome flavor and succulent texture. Try this recipe from the video and it will be your favorite home cooked lamb dish due to its effortless... - 104.092

How To Cut A Carrot

You should have these carrot cutting tips, before you start using carrots in your recipes. In this video, experienced chef Hari demonstrates various techniques to peel and cut the carrots. These tricks are for you to learn. - 91.3521