Limetreecove's Recipes


MAKING 1. In a glass, add lime wedges and mint. Put sugar and muddle well. 2. Pour rum in glass. Wet the rim with lime slice. Apply sweet mint cocktail sugar around the rim. 3. Put ice cubes in the glass and top it with club soda. SERVING 4. Serve... - 91.5667

Mint Julep

Lime Tree Cove shows you how to make a Mint Julep for your Kentucky Derby Party. the Mint Julep is a classic cocktail made with mint, sugar, bourbon and ice. - 98.9773

Fresh Margarita

Lime Tree Cove shows you how to make a fresh, organic margarita. This recipe uses all natural ingredients for the best tasting cocktail. - 96.5427

Lime Coconut Caiprinha Cocktail

Nothing like the summer and a good ol drink to set the spirits high! This drink is a lime buster and Tim shows you how to make this refreshing cocktail! See the video to make yourself one! - 92.5392

Chilled Bloody Mary

The choice for a brunch cocktail cannot be other than a chilled glass of bloody Mary! 5 things required to make this drink, and that’s how simple it is! Watch Tim mix all the drinks to get this splendid drink ready! See the video for more! - 93.0805

Holiday Eggnog Cocktail

Eggnogs are usually served during the time of Christmas, it’s a part of the tradition to drink up! So for the Christmas season you would want to make this! See the video for more! - 100.242

Rum And Beer Cocktail

This is a cocktail that will get you high in your spirits! A beautiful concoction of bees and rum! Tim the mixiologist gets this drink readied up for the summers! See the video for more on this! - 89.2933

Candy Cane Martini

If your having a party and need to concoct some interesting drinks for the guests, then this video will show you how to mix them up! Tim the mixologist shows how to correctly measure out each mixture and serve an elegant drink! See the video for more! - 101.222