Miriamleigh's Recipes

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Warm Cinnamon Rolls! Yummy! They are nothing like the ones that you buy from the stores. They are a sheer delight to be eaten with tea on cold autumn evenings. You can now make them at home by watching this recipe video. Mazel Tov! - 94.3472

Tofu In Coconut Gravy

This Vietnamese Soup is not you regular soup. The beef stock is poured over a bowl, of vermicelli, beef and some vegetables to make a cracking pot of meal! All in a bowl to nestle into! A video which could be a tad better never the less the recipe is easy - 85.1713

Strawberry Pie Crust

If your one person who loves to stock the produce fresh from the farmers market, make up a pie to cater to the summer season! An easy crumbly and textured pie crust which is essentially made by using a few ingredients! See the video for more on making this... - 119.696

Strawberry Short Biscuits

Spring time calls for a fresh dessert with strawberries as they ripen! This is a cake which is deliciously put together! Watch the video for more! - 121.371

Spicy Udon Noodles

All of us to like to eat at the food court in the mall! And if there is dish that you like and want to attempt at home, this is one recipe! Video to watch to make a Chinese peanut flavored noodles! - 94.241

Basil Ribbons For Garnish

Basil is a fantastic vegetable that goes well as a garnish or even as an ingredient in dishes! This video shows you how to make strips of basil as a garnish to make your dishes come out elegant too! See the video for more! - 100.657

Moroccan Couscous And Vegetable Salad

Have tried making a salad with couscous! If not then make a salad using all the fresh vegetables and mix in some couscous using the guidance of this video! Its light and easy and the video has simple instructions! - 127.556

Butternut Squash Soup

This video is a creation of miriamleigh. You can visit miriamleigh for complete recipes, and more videos. - 93.4734

Fruity Custard Tart

Fruit tarts are an elegant dessert! it’s a crispy cookies crust, filled with some pastry cream and fruits layered! See the video on how to get the custard and the fruits layered to make this beautiful tart! - 119.168