Chris Kendall's Recipes

Avocado And Noni Stew

Chris Kendall leaks the first recipe from Cravings Busters Transitional Raw Recipes with "David Avocado Noni Wolfe Stew!" Exposing my introduction to the Raw Lifestyle! - 94.5312

Best Raw And Vegan Christmas Nog

The Raw Advantage demonstrating the Best Christmas Nog recipe Ever Period. Basically the Best Nog Made Ever and Raw Vegan to Boot!! Give it a Whir! - 93.4117

Raw Mexican Rice Or Couscous And The Woodstock Fruit Festival!

GETTING READY 1. Pulse Cauliflower and Radish in small batches using the VitaMix a grater or your food Processor to make fine “rice”. MAKING 2. Slice and dice the outer sides of the tomatoes 3. Dice the mushrooms throwing over top of “rice”,... - 84.1031

Kendall Bites!! Banana Pancakes For Dr Sam's Retreat!

Being raw doesn’t mean you miss out on the good things in life. So here is a breakfast with pancakes and ice cream…raw! Pancakes not cooked over a flame? Yes…Kendall shows you how to make these one of a kind treats. - 71.9725

Orange Honeydew Creamsicle

Have you ever tried a orange and honeydew blend? Melon and citrus are a combination that come highly recommended and so does this drink. Simply put the two together, blend, and you have rejuvenation in a glass! - 87.5246

Raw Avocado And Noni Stew

Living the “raw” way does not mean just eating things as is. You can actually make daily items using simple techniques. Here is a raw recipe for a stew. Using noni, this one is definitely new. - 104.026

Transitional Raw Pasta With Fresh Vegetables

Pasta is sensational when cooked in different styles and here is one such recipe. Check out the chef showing how to cook a vegan Faux Bolognese Marinara Supreme with lots of vegetables and seasonings. Freakingly great! - 58.8335