Raising the Bar with Jamie Boudreau's Recipes

Strega Sour Cocktail

This Strega Sour Cocktail is from Junior, Portland, OR. He found the Strega Sour in the Playboy Host and Bar Book and traded it up using Martin Miller's Gin and the addition of egg white and house-made honey and earl grey syrup. It turned out to be a winner.... - 128.908

Rich Simple Syrup

Making Rich Simple Syrup is, well, simple. Jamie likes to use this rich syrup behind the bar. It provides a cocktail with sweetness, mouth feel and texture without diluting the cocktail. Take a look at this video and use this recipe for your cocktails next... - 118.792

Green Blazer Cocktail

If you are aware of Blue Blazer style drinks. Here is a new twist that is perfect for the cold weather, the Green Blazer Cocktail. Watch this video to learn this jazzy drink that will keep you warm this winter and turn some eyes too. Watch out for the fire! - 136.029

Aromatic Collins

Bitters have been an ingredient in cocktails since the birth of the art form. Some would say that a cocktail is not truly a cocktail without bitters. Even so, it is rare to find a cocktail that utilizes more than a dash or two. Not so with the Aromatic... - 129.778

How To Barrelage A Cocktail - Whitehook

Created by the former Milk & Honey bartender Enzo Errico, the Redhook Cocktail has become a modern day classic. Using Headlong White Dog Whiskey from Woodinville Whiskey Co., Jamie concocts a variation on the Redhook he calls the Whitehook. Barrel aged for... - 121.593

Wtf Cocktail

There are ingredients sitting in your back bar that you just don't like. Maybe it is just because you haven't taken the time to get to know them. The WTF Cocktail is a cocktail made with some of those ingredients Jamie took the time to experiment with. Take a... - 125.955

Pumpkin King

The Pumpkin King was inspired by the great seasonal pumpkin ales. Jamie uses this Ale to create a beer liqueur which is the foundation for the cocktail. With its soft yet rich flavor, Pigs Nose Scotch is the perfect compliment to the deep spice of the hand... - 147.587

Kentucky Medicine Cocktail

In this recipe video of Kentucky Medicine cocktail, Jamie brings back the "golden ratio" and discusses proper technique when opening a corked bottle of wine or vermouth. The resulting cocktail will surely cure what ails you this Winter season. Give it a go! - 120.369

Old Fashioned Simple Syrup

Simple syrup doesn't always need to be simple; not that this recipe for Old Fashioned Simple Syrup is difficult to make. - 119.702

How To Make A Blue Blazer Style Hot Toddy

How about a hot drink to warm you up on a cold winter night. Watch this video of Hot Toddy Blue Blazer style and you will love it. This is a great drink to bring behind the bar or to impress your friends at home. The flowing flame will create quite a buzz.... - 138.803

Petruccio Cocktail

The Petruccio Cocktail shows how egg white and rich simple syrup can be used in a cocktail to create mouth feel and texture. This is one of the best gin cocktails that you can lay your hands on. View the video for details. - 125.77

Gunpowder And Smoke Cocktail

In the Gunpowder and Smoke Cocktail, a liqueur created using gunpowder tea infused cognac mixed with sugar provides the backbone. All the other ingredients attach and compliment it. Watch the video to see how the flamed scotch on top does the magic! - 125.705

Black Donald Cocktail

The Black Donald is essentially an El Diablo using Scotch instead of Tequila and Drambuie instead of Creme de Cassis. Highball glass cocktails have their own style. The ginger beer on top just jazzes it up! Watch the video and learn how to make it. - 128.983

Cubed Old Fashioned

The Cubed Old Fashioned could just take you to the fourth dimension! There are quite a few ingredients in there that come together to create this perfect cocktail. Watch this video for details. - 125.501

Rubicon Cocktail

Herbs can provide an amazing back drop to a cocktail. This Rubicon Cocktail is flavored with rosemary that goes well with the chartreuse. Take a look for the directions. Oh, and don't forget your lighter; this one needs a bit of a flambé! - 127.553

How To Carbonate A Cocktail

Carbonated Negroni is a magical cocktail. Whether you are a pro behind the bar or just want to impress your friends at home, adding bubbles is a fun and unique way to add texture and flavor to old favorites. Find out the details from this video. - 128.934

Denny Triangle Cocktail

This bright orange drink is a Denny Triangle Cocktail. It is dirty and funky but in it you can find fantastically delicious hidden pleasures. Watch the video for more details. - 122.165

Monstre Verte Cocktail

Monstre Verte Cocktail is a fresh and vibrant cocktail. The main flavor comes from basil. It adds a depth of green, earthy aroma and flavor to the drink. Take a look at the video and give it a shot! - 123.622

How To Make The Embalmer Cocktail

Thyme has many uses, the most obvious being culinary. Because of its antiseptic qualities, in ancient times, it was used as an embalming agent. No doubt the aromatics aided in suppressing odors related to the decomposition of the body. Here, Jamie uses thyme... - 110.003

Refreshing Celery Sipper Cocktail

What’s summer without a perfect warm weather drink? Beat the heat wave with the robust and refreshing celery sipper. Its herbal aroma and flavor may be off-putting for some, but the sweet-citrusy tang and elegant presentation will definitely score a point.... - 122.269

Deconstructed Margarita With Cointreau Ravioli

The Margarita is traditionally made with little variation. Those who like it simple, keep to three ingredients: simple syrup, lime juice and tequila. Delicious! Jamie Boudreau steps it up a notch with help from a kit assembled by Cointreau (watch Jamie make... - 112.368

Cointreau Caviar Pearls

Tickle your taste buds with a bracing yet delicious mix of champagne and Cointreau caviar. There can be a no other better way of bringing molecular mixology to your drinks than this heady cocktail. A perfect marriage of sweet and bitter, this unique and... - 131.934