Kadirecipes's Recipes

Fried Fish

GETTING READY 1. Cut the fish, clean with lime and make some holes. MAKING 2. In a bowl, grate garlic, onion, and pepper. Add vinegar, mustard, ground ginger, pepper, and salt. Mix well. 3. Add fish and coat it well with the mixture. Set the fish aside for... - 95.8225

Chicken With Spinach Stew

A simple chicken stew that can be served with rice or any staples. - 95.459

Beef Jollof Rice - African Food

Hi Guys! I made a video to show how to cook Jollof Rice (Riz gras) with meat. - 117.376

Hot And Spicy Sauce

This hot tomato sauce can be served with most African snacks such as Puff Puff, fried plantains, Akara beans, or anything else. - 91.7831

Pumpkin Jam And Pumpkin Pancakes

la fleur d'oranger and I are going to show you two different recipes for pumpkin ( pumpkin jam and pumpkin pancakes). - 69.7601

African Candies (toffee)

These candies remind me so many good memories of my childhood. I used to spend all the money i had to buy these, and in this video i'm going to show you how to make them. The best part is that, you don't even need a lot of ingredients to make these. - 94.0393

Griwech- African Food

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Mix well. 2. Pour melted butter and mix to combine. Add beaten egg, blossom water, and vinegar. Mix well. 3. Gradually add water, as needed and knead into soft dough. Divide dough into 5... - 93.3225

Peanut Soup With Beef

A simple recipe on how to make the African Peanut soup with beef also called Groundnut soup. - 97.7391

Cassava Fritters (kouti) - African Snacks!

These are some Cassava fritters called Kouti in Guinea. - 95.1258

Meat Pie Recipe With Nigerian Food Tv

In this video, Nigerian Food TV and Kadirecipes is going to share with you how to make Meat pies. - 117.704

Grilled Tilapia

It's summer and time to use your barbecue! In this video, i'm going to show you how I grilled my tilapia. - 120.385

Banana Fritters - African Food

GETTING READY 1. In a small bowl, dissolve the yeast in little water. Set aside. For the batter 2. In a large mixing bowl, add the banana and mash them. Put the sugar and stir to mix well. Add the salt and egg and continue to mix till incorporated. 3. Slowly... - 121.708

How To Make Fufu - African Food

In this video, i'm going to show you how to make fufu! - 100.512

Fish Stew - African Food

MAKING 1. In a pot, heat the oil. Add in the onion and shallots, sprinkle some salt and stir-fry for 2 minutes. 2. Add in the ginger, garlic, tomato, tomato paste and mix well. Stir in the bouillon cube and black pepper. 3. Allow to cook on low heat for... - 104.962

Palm Nut Soup- African Food

GETTING READY 1. Wash fish with hot water and cut it into medium size pieces. MAKING 2. Place a saucepan on flame and place fish pieces in it. 3. Season with black pepper and add garlic, tomato and onion. 4. Pour palm nuts cream and water. 5. Add bouillon... - 101.5

Chicken Biryani (kenyan Style)

GETTING READY 1. To marinate chicken, in a large bowl, combine yogurt, garlic, ginger, chili powder, salt, whole black pepper, whole cumin, ground coriander, whole cardamom, cinnamon, and clove. Mix well. 2. Drop chicken in the mixture and mix to coat well.... - 93.3537

Chicken Stew - African Food

MAKING 1. Season chicken with salt and fry it in hot oil until nice and golden. 2. Into a bowl, pour the excess oil leaving about 2 tablespoon in the pot. 3. Add tomato, tomato paste, green onion, garlic, grated onion, thyme, and basil. 4. Add black pepper,... - 93.7488

Jollof Rice - African Food

GETTING READY 1. In a pot fill around 1 liter water. Add the rice and salt to taste. On medium heat, cover, bring it to boil and cook for 5 minutes. 2. Drain, rinse in water and set aside. MAKING 3. In a blender add onions, tomatoes, green onions, red bell... - 121.232

Fried Plantains - African Food

In this video, I'm going to show you how I fry my plantains, super simple but full of flavor. - 111.968

Piri Piri Chicken- African Food

GETTING READY 1. In a food processor or blender, add roasted chilli powder, fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, black pepper, salt, paprika, lime juice, oil and bouillon cube (if using). Blend till smooth. 2. In a large bowl, place the chicken legs. Pour the... - 115.039

Puff Puff- African Snacks

Easy to follow Puff puff recipe. - 110.06

Noodles Recipe With Nigerianfoodrecipes

MAKING 1. In a deep frying pan, heat oil. 2. Put onions, carrot and lime leaves and sauté for 2 minutes or till onion turns translucent. 3. Pour water and add the seasonings that come with instant noodles. 4. Bring it to boil and add noodles. Cook till... - 98.7642

Easy Meatballs

Making meatballs can sometime be a little challenging but this recipe is extremely easy to make it and surely very delicious. I love it and I promise you are going to love it too. - 113.75

Fried Chicken , The African Way

This Fried chicken recipe is extremely easy to make and full of flavor. The chicken is first boiled for few minutes with its seasoning and then deep fried. - 117.141

Fried Rice

In this video, i'm going to show you how to make fried rice, the recipe and quick and very easy. - 114.127

Boiled Chicken

This boiled chicken recipe was suggested to me by Atou Mahoun. She says that this dish is called “Zalam-zalaina” which means “just boiled” In north Cameroon and southern Chad . This boiled chicken is very easy to make and extremely yummy. I have... - 114.167

Tamarind Drink

Here is a super simple recipe on how to make tamarind juice (Drink) that will refresh you after a long day. I often make great quantities and keep in my fridge for up to ten (10) days. - 110.41


These African snacks are made from only 3 ingredients: Peanuts, rice and sugar. - 108.896

Meat Samosa

Samosa, Sambusa or Sambuus whatever you call it, is found all over the world. There are more known in Indian but the truth is that there are favorite in Africa too, Countries like Kenya, Samalia, Tanzania and so on love these snacks. Here a simple recipe... - 116.785

Fish Pie

We all love pies, Meat pie, Chicken pie or fish Pie. In this recipe I used tuna fish to make the fish pie but you can use your favorite fish. - 118.503


This is another delicious way to cook spaghetti, it is simple, easy , delicious and healthy, this dish is full of flavor and color. The addiction of vegetables makes this recipe stand from the other spaghetti recipe. Try this delicious spaghetti dish and I... - 114.787

Steamed Bean Pudding

Moi Moi or Moyin Moyin is a delicious and rich steamed bean pudding. The recipe is very popular in Nigeria but also in many West African countries. In Gambia Moi Moi is called Olele where fish is always added. This is just a basic recipe for Moyin Moyin ,... - 117.597

East African Donuts

Mandazi are those sweet and yummy East African donuts. They are known with different names depending on the Ethnic or location. Some called them Maandazi, Mahamri or Mamri. These are made from flour and deep fried in hot oil. They can also be baked for a... - 117.312

Fish And Eggplant Stew

How would you call a stew with a combination of fish, meat, eggplant and tomatoes? Probably not fish stew or meat stew. I don’t know how to call this delicious stew in English but this stew happen to be one of the most delicious among Guinean stews. It... - 119.05

Ethiopian Flat Bread

Injera is a popular Ethiopian Flat Bread, the bread is sour and spongy, traditionally made from teff flour (Teff is a grain native to Ethiopia). In this recipe, I am going to make Injera without using teff flour which is sometimes not easy to get when you... - 113.955

Eba Or Gari

Eba or Gari is a type of FuFu that is made from fermented dried cassava. Eba is one of the quickest way to make a staple and it can be served with Soup or stew such as Egusi soup or okro soup. - 101.02

Fried Plantain

Kelewele also called Hot Plantain Crisps is a popular Ghanaian side dish. Mostly known to be spicy, it is fried plantain that is usually served with rice and stew or alone. It can be served as dessert or for just snack. Kelewele is my favorite Ghanaian... - 116.182

South African Doughnut

This koeksister Recipe is simple and very easy to follow. Koeksisters are those sweet, sticky and delicious South African doughnut. The doughnuts are twisted or plait and diped in a sweet and lemony cold syrup. Koeksisters are often served as desert or snack.... - 114.746

Eru Or Afang Soup

Afang soup is a made from Okazi leaves. Afang soup is also known as Eru in Cameroon and the leaves are called Mfumbua in Congo. There is ton of way to make this dish but this is just a basic recipe that you are going to love. The fresh leaves also known as... - 108.522

Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup also called Agusi stew is a common stew in many African countries, in Nigeria Egusi soup is enjoyed almost every day. It is made from ground melon seed and can be served with any type of FuFu ( pounded yam, Gari ….) . Here you will find out an... - 108.893

Egg Stew

Egg stew is not only quick and easy to make but it is also so yummy. It can be served with boiled yams, potatoes, sweet potatoes or cassava. The recipe cost is also extremely cheap. It can be served for breakfast or dinner. I personally love this stew and I... - 108.089

Chicken Curry - Curry Au Poulet

Can you imagine that few months ago I didn’t even know about this wonderful dish? It’s only now that I realize that I was missing a lot. This dish has been introduce to me by a Senegalese friend (Thanks to him), after eating it for few months, I found... - 116.153

Chicken And Plantain Poulet Dg

Chicken and plantains are two important ingredients used a lot in the African cuisine. And my favorite way to enjoy both of them is with this recipe of the Cameroon called Poulet DG which is a dish of chicken, plantains and vegetables. This recipe is not... - 115.377


Chapati is a flat, soft and thin bread. It is enjoyed all over East Africa but the recipe is originated from India and bought to East Africa by the Indian traders centuries ago. It can be served with stews for lunches or dinner or with butter for breakfast.... - 105.523

Cassava And Yam Porridge

Cassava and yams porridge is a perfect recipe to make on the lazy days because the recipe does not require a lot of work. All you have to do is to add all the tubers and other ingredients in the pot and let it cook until you get your desired consistency. This... - 113.589

Attiéké Poulet

Attiéké is the main dish of Ivory cost (cote d'ivoire) , it can be serve with grilled fish (poisson braise), grilled chicken or fried fish. Attiéké looks more like couscous but it is made from cassava. So in this video, i am going to share with you my... - 103.354

Senegalese Thiebou Dien

Senegalese Thiebou Dien is a very popular African dish. This fish and rice casserole is known by different names in different countries. Watch this video to find out how to prepare this rustic casserole. - 111.148

Deep Fried Thai Bananas In Coconut Batter With Vanilla Ice Cream

Exotic dessert simplified! This is the description for this Deep Fried Thai Bananas in Coconut Batter with Vanilla Ice Cream. If you have a sweet tooth and love to spend time in the kitchen, try it out. This video will guide you through the recipe. - 80.0282

Potato Green Soup - Sauce Feuilles De Patate

Sweet Potato Leaves and Beef Curry is a unique dish. If you like to eat green leafy vegetables you must try it out. Watch this video for the details of this recipe. The greens go really well with the beef. Give it a go! - 102.27

Plantain Chips

African Plantain Chips are a nice alternative for potato chips. Watch this video for the details of this recipe. There is hardly any work in making it; if you get past slicing the plantain. You can add your favorite seasoning to customize as per your taste.... - 103.954

Red Kidney Beans And Beef Stew

Are you a chili fan? How about some African chili? Watch this video recipe for Red Kidney Beans and Beef Stew. It is a rustic dish unlike the chili. So take your taste buds on an African safari tonight. Bon Appétit! - 116.524

Shrimp In Coconut Sauce

Seafood lovers, you will definitely like this Shrimp in Coconut Sauce recipe. Take a look at this video to learn this tropical dish. The creamy sauce gives it a nice rich look. Happy Cooking! - 110.73

Peas And Beef - Recette De Petit Pois - African Cuisine

Here comes another nice African curry. African Beef and Peas Curry is an easy to prepare recipe that hardly needs any efforts. It is a very flavorful dish. Watch this video to learn the details of this recipe. - 112.322

Peanut Soup With Smoked Fish - African Food

Try this African delicacy for a change. Peanut Butter and Smoked Fish Soup has the smokey flavor from the fish and the rich thickness from peanut butter. It comes together well as a simple and flavorful dish. Watch this video to try out this recipe! - 114.998

Groundnut Soup With Chicken - African Food

Get more creative with your curries. Try this Chicken Curry with Peanut Butter. It will definitely please you and your family with the subtle flavor of peanuts and the crisp chicken. Give it a go! - 111.902

Nigerian Suya

Nigerian Suya is one of the best dishes from Africa. These meat kebabs are sold on the streets of Nigeria. These skewered morsels always leave a mark on the travelers. Try it out in your kitchen watching this video. - 109.738

Lettuce Soup - African Cuisine

African Lettuce Soup might come to you as a surprise. This is a simple braised dish flavored with fish and meats. Watch this video for the details of this classic African soup that goes well with rice. - 108.511

African Jus De Bissap

Try some different flavors for tea. This African Jus De Bissap is a nice hibiscus tea. It is fragrant, sweet and has delicate flavor of the flowers. So what are you drinking this afternoon? - 105.257

Banku With Okra Soup

Are you getting bored with the usual soups? Try this funky African soup. Banku with Okra Soup is one of its kind of a dish. The big dumpling and chunky vegetables look really rustic. Have a look and try it out. - 113.33

African Pili Pili Sauce

African Pili Pili sauce is a beautiful condiment to have on the table. It also goes well with snacks and appetizers. If you like hot sauces, add this to your repertoire. Bon Appétit! - 99.6261

Oven Grilled Fish

How about a little country style cooking? Watch and learn how to prepare this Oven Grilled Fish in African style. It is very flavorful and goes well with the onion sauce. Try it out! - 110.21

Ginger And Pineapple Juice

Let's have something refreshing to drink this summer. Whirl up this Ginger and Pineapple Juice if you like the combination. This is a light and healthy drink. You can alter the sweetness according to your taste. Cheers! - 101.54

Garden Egg And Chicken Stew

Try something new in your kitchen. Watch this recipe video for Garden Egg and Chicken Stew. This African dish is unique as it is thickened with the garden egg puree. Have a look at the video and give it a go. - 111.077

African Flour Porridge

African Flour Porridge is a typical dish from the continent. It is a sweet and sour porridge. It is consumed during the months of fasting as it is easily digestible. Have a look at this video for the recipe details. - 106.307

African Fish Ball Stew

Fish curry gets a new avatar in this African Fish Ball Stew. Watch this video to learn this simple and flavorful dish. To make it easier, you can use boneless fish fillets. Try this dish for a change! - 112.735

African Eggplant Stew With Fish

You will definitely like this African Eggplant Stew with Fish if you like eggplants and curry. This is a country style preparation. The fish and eggplant go really well together. Take a look and try it out. - 117.17

Coconut Jollof Rice - African Food

African Coconut Rice is a nice side dish to have once in a while. It is a good alternate for the regular rice when you are bored of it. It is fluffy and flavorful. Perfect for any curry. Bon Appétit! - 118.059

Chin Chin- Croquettes - African Snacks

Nigerian Chin Chin is gaining world fame for its crisp texture and interesting flavors. These deep fried fritters are very easy to prepare. This video shows the simple steps to prepare it. Give it a go! - 108.418

Senegalese Chicken Yassa

Senegalese Chicken Yassa has become very popular all over Africa due to its rich texture and delicious flavors. Watch this video to learn the details of this country style chicken curry. You will love the thick sauce. - 111.635

Ethiopian Doro Wat

Ethiopian Doro Wat has righteously been named the national dish of the country. Watch this recipe video for the details of this rich and rustic chicken curry. You will definitely make it again if you try it once. Bon Appétit! - 116.72

Chicken Curry - African Food

You might have tried chicken curry several times. But this Senegalese Chicken Curry is completely different. Take a look at this video for the details of this most popular regional dish. Happy Cooking! - 118.981

Cassava Leaves Sauce - African Food - Feuilles De Manioc

For all those, who prefer to get adventurous with their palate here is an African Cassava Leaves Stew. This is a unique recipe and you should be open for different flavors to try it. Watch this recipe video, where it is prepared with meat, fish and peanuts.... - 117.627

Beans Stew - Red Red - Ghanaian Food

Ghanaian Red displays the true flavors of Ghana. This black eyed peas stew is an easy dish. It uses very simple ingredients, but it is very flavorful. Watch this video for the details and try it out! - 117.3

Beef Tomato Sauce

You must have tried spaghetti Bolognese. What if we twist its flavors to African? Try this Spaghetti with Tomato and Beef Sauce. It is similar to Bolognese but has a touch of Africa in it. Have a look at this video for the recipe and see if you like it. - 112.77

Beef Stew - African Food

African Beef Soup is a hearty dish that can also be served as a main course with some bread or rice. Watch this video recipe for this simple dish that calls for a few ingredients and is very economic. Give it a try! - 114.677

Nigerian Akara

Have you ever come across a dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and as an appetizer or a snack? If not, then you must try this Nigerian Akara. It is a bean fritter that is delicious and high in protein. Have it with your favorite dip! - 109.885

African Yellow Rice With Raisins

Give some color to your rice. Try this African Yellow Rice with Raisins. This video will guide you through this simple recipe. It is a great way to spice up your meals with this fragrant side dish. Give it a go! - 106.539

Rice With Meat - Ceebou Yapp - Senegalese Cuisine

African Rice With Meat And Vegetables is indeed a hearty African meal. It has some fine spices that add some beautiful flavors to it. You can make it at home with this video as your able guide. Bon Appétit! - 117.395

African Scotch Eggs

African Scotch Eggs is one of a kind of egg dish. It is crisp and spicy, but not too spicy. It has its own delectable flavors that boast its African origin. Watch and learn how to make this dish from this video. - 87.304

African Poisson Braise

Of so many grilled fish recipes out there the African poisson braise stands apart due to its rustic marination and the country style chunky sauce. Watch the recipe video to see how easily you can take your family on an African food safari. - 94.0133

Ethiopian Berbere Spice Mix

The Ethiopians love their stews! So to make a good Ethiopian stew, you will need the Berbere spice mix. If you have an African store near where you live, the you can buy it, else watch and learn from Oumou from this video! Besides, you can make under 15... - 113.627

Pumpkin Soup -- Liberian Food

Liberian Pumpkin Soup is more like a thick stew and it is served over rice. And I wonder how thick would their actual stews be. Hmm! But seriously, I think that it would be a fantastic dish, especially because I love a nice thick stew over steamed rice. - 117.216

Fish Balls Stew -african Food

Finally, we have an authentic West African Fish balls stew! Slightly time consuming but totally worth it. Enjoy this so called soupe de boulette de poisson with hot steamed rice, - 119.959

Nigerian Puff Puff

Though this dish is a popular street food snack in all of Africa, the Nigerians love it the most. It is called Puff Puff in Nigeria. Oumou shows us how to make them in this video. Serve with a hot tomato sauce or eat it as them as they are. Enjoy! - 103.472

Spicy African Plantain Chips

When you need something healthy to munch on during the Super Bowl, think plantain chips! Spicy, salty, crispy, crunchy, plantain chips are a yummy snack option that one can happily munch on practically every day. It's all about picking the right plantains and... - 126.686

Zesty Chicken In Cumin Sauce

Spice up your chicken with a few storecupboard ingredients and spices and a traditional African recipe for a great value midweek meal. Full of flavor and protein, this hearty, healthy, and not to forget, spicy chicken curry is fusion at it’s finest (you... - 118.007

Suya - Barbecued African Kebab

Bring the flavors of Africa to your platter with this spicy, colorful African suya kebab. Drizzled with spicy chili sauce, these scrummy kebabs are sure to leave you begging for more. And the good thing is that preparing them hardly warrants any back-breaking... - 116.709

Rice And Beans

Got some leftover rice from last night dinner? Just pair it with some beans and you have a delicacy that is loaded with proteins, is quick to make and is low fat too. Perfect for a comforting weeknight meal or casual entertaining, this slow-cooker Caribbean... - 112.513

Nigerian Chin Chin - African Snack

Proceed with mixing the flour and the sugar in a big bow if you want them crunchier add 2 tbsp of ground nutmeg in the flour , then rub the butter in until it mixes well with the flour. Next, crack the eggs into the butter and flour mixture. With your... - 30.4632

Okra Soup

In the food processor, add the meat ,fish, onion , spring onion, chilies and one bouillon cube, then blend the whole together. Next, in a casserole add some water,then add the mixture and the peanut butter, bring it to boil and add the smoked fish powder.... - 27.2757

African Style Porridge

Want to make something healthy for breakfast today? Watch this video now to learn a tasty African Style Porridge recipe now. You will certainly love this combination of taste and health. - 58.4636

Fried Egg Caribbean Style

Are you looking for a different breakfast recipe. You've got it right here. Hit the play button to learn this Fried Egg Caribbean Style recipe which is a great way to kick start your day. Treat your family to this scrumptious breakfast today. - 65.5941

Ethiopian Vegetable Stew

Want to make a vegetarian specialty for your family today? Watch this video now to learn a tasty Ethiopian Vegetable Stew recipe now. You are sure to bag a lot of compliments for this dish. - 85.9023

Prawns In Coconut Sauce - African Food

Would you like to try a yummy Caribbean delicacy today? Watch this video now to learn this Prawn in Coconut Milk recipe. This dish has a great blend of flavors which is completely drool worthy. Try it now. - 91.4285

African Beef Stew With Spinach

Looking for the original African Beef Stew with Spinach recipe? You've got it right here. Watch the chef share her secret recipe in this video. Hit the play button now. - 75.8269

Yellow Rice With Raisins

This yellow rice with raisins will be perfect for you. It’s very simple to make and you can serve it as a side dish with a great chicken stew or any other meat stew. The rice’s golden color gives you a bon appétit. Let’s get into the cooking. - 35.4829

Senegalese Thiacry — Steamed Millet Couscous

When you need a scrummy option for fuss-free midweek entertaining, opt for thiacry or steamed millet couscous. Ready in 30 minutes or less, this Senegalese treat makes for a great lunchbox filler or a cozy weeknight meal. Try making it once in your kitchen... - 112.481

Roselle Juice - Hibiscus Flower Drink

Roselle juice also called Bissap juice is a well known drink in Africa, especially in West Africa. From Senegal to Guinea Bissap is sold on every busy street. However, this drink is not only popular in Africa, because I’ve found out that many Asian... - 34.2964

African Ugali

Do you like experimenting in your kitchen with the ingredients? Watch this video now to learn an innovative African Ugali recipe. The dish is simple and can be easily replicated. Watch it now. - 64.9315

Yummy Tuna And Cheese Stuffed Pastry

In search of tasty snack recipe? Look no further. This video is just apt for you, watch the chef prepare this Yummy Tuna and Cheese Stuffed Pastry. We bet you would want to make this dish over and over again. - 57.4411