Connieumb's Recipes

Low-calorie Vegetable Rainbow Salad

Looking for a new salad recipe to jazz up your holiday feasts? How about a bowl of salad that is nutritious made with fresh seasonal vegetables? The mix of swiss chard, lettuce and kale mixed together with variety of vegetables offers a unique taste to this... - 125.741

Low-calorie Spicy Jicama Crunchies With Hot Chili Flakes

Want to enjoy an rather unique and healthy salad with the mix of hot, sweet, and salty flavors? Jicama is sweet in flavor, its texture is wonderfully crunchy and when mixed with spices and seasonings , the ugly vegetable can transform into a swan! You will... - 116.311

Tomato And Cucumber Sandwich With Spicy Mint Spread

Bored of the same old regular cheesy, mayo based sandwiches? Try this! You can try variety of novel ideas to make your sandwich colorful and delicious. Just the way in this video, you can use mint spread that would make it distinctly different and use the... - 121.003

Tangy Tilapia Fish Curry

Want to try a yummy fish recipe today? Watch this video now to learn a fantastic Tangy Tilapia Fish Curry that will certainly leave you asking for more. Click on the play button now. - 71.9599

Authentic Indian Chicken Vindaloo

Fond of Indian food? This video is a must watch for you. The chef demonstrates a step by step method to prepare The Authentic Indian Chicken Vindaloo recipe. This dish will certainly impress everyone in your family. Watch it now. - 70.3463

The Original Indian Chicken Tikka Masala

Have you been looking for the authentic Indian Chicken Tikka Masala recipe? Look no further, this video has a simple and easy to follow recipe that can be replicated at home. Watch it now. - 71.0214

Quick And Easy Chaat Masala Snack

This is a really simple, spicy snack that is quick and easy, and makes you feel satisfied without eating a lot of calories. - 22.1251

Hot Spicy Coriander Chicken

This is one of my favorite chicken curries from my grandmother’s kitchen. It uses minimum oil, fresh ingredients and is delicious over rice or with Naan. It takes less than 30 minutes from preparation to dinner table. - 37.8117

Extra Lean Curried Ground Beef With Potatoes

Here’s another quick and yummy curry. It can also be eaten wrapped inside a burrito with chopped lettuce and tomatoes – like a breakfast burrito, but for lunch or dinner. Water chestnuts add a satisfying crunch. - 35.8118

Quick Spicy Tofu With Bell Peppers

My husband doesn’t like tofu; usually he won’t even touch it – yet he makes an exception when I cook it using this recipe. The ingredients liven up the blandness of tofu and infuse it with a hot spicy flavor. You can also add fresh mushrooms. Yum! - 35.0848

Grandma’s Spicy Fish Curry

This is one of my grandmother’s recipes for fish curry. It is simple and fairly quick to make. I have substituted Tilapia fillets for the fish my grandmother used that was only available in India. She also used fresh chillies and lemon juice; I use cayenne... - 37.2189

Indian Coriander Chicken Curry

Would you like to try an Indian delicacy for lunch today? This one is just perfect for you. Watch the chef prepare this spicy and flavorful, Indian Coriander Chicken Curry recipe. The dish is simple and can be easily prepared at home. Watch it now. - 70.5784