Anja72's Recipes

Fried Crawfish

For those who love eating seafood, they would never let go of the chance of enjoying a crawfish dish. The most usual and easiest method of cooking crawfish is simply by boiling it in water with seasoning. You can learn about how to buy and boil this... - 42.6587

4 Different Wys Of Making Teriyaki Sauce

This sweet tasting sauce originally came from the Japanese way of cooking Teriyaki. Here are four different styles of making Teriyaki Sauce. - 42.8349

Lamb Rogan Josh

The aroma of curry dishes tickles any food lover's palate. It is a very common dish in the countries of India, Pakistan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The Indian cuisine has made plenty of influences in the food that people around the world enjoy and... - 45.3161

Marinated Wings Of Chicken And Other Poultry

Chicken may be the most popular poultry dish that you can find because of the many recipes that originate from different countries around the world. Even children are very fond of eating fried chicken. This is because of the fact that chicken is easier to eat... - 44.6416

Beef Tenderloin

Cooking tenderloin may seem to be challenge for many individuals, especially those who are not very used to preparing and cooking meat. This fine cut of steak is also a little expensive which is why it should be cooked perfectly. The best way to cook this... - 43.641

The Most Tender Beef Fillet

Because filet mignon is already such a tender beef, preparing it in the simplest manner would be able to bring out the best flavors of the meat. Eating it is a treat to a lot of people because it is cut of meat taken out from the tenderloin that is extremely... - 33.9206