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This version of Sinangag or Garlic Fried Rice by Pinoy Recipe is a little bit different than usual Sinangag. This one has lots of ingredients and the bacon just made it so delicious! - 87.1286

Tortang Talong

Tortang talong is actually one of my favorite food when I was still in the Philippines. There is really not much about tortang talong. It's a very common dish and not considered special. And everybody that I know, who cooks this dish, cooks it the same way... - 91.5203

Stir Fried Vegetable

This pinoy recipe of stir fry is very common in the Philippines. - 89.1943

Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges

This recipe is not really a Pinoy recipe. I learned this when I got here in the US. - 89.9672

Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce

This spaghetti sauce is the Filipino version. - 74.6004

Stir Fry Noodles

Pancit canton or stir fry noodles may have originated from China but since it's a good food, the Filipinos have learned to love it. Almost everybody has their own recipe for pancit canton. - 82.1546

Fruit Shake

Got some fruits leftover lying in the fridge and wondering how to use the? Blend it up and use it as a shake! See the video for more on this refreshing drink! - 65.9491

Stir Fried Pork

Make a quick stir fry pork which is not only easy to make but full of the Filipino flavors induced! A flavorful dish of minced pork sautéed with some veggies! See the video for more on this recipe! - 85.3477

Filipino Style With Spaghetti With Filipino Style Carbonara Sauce - Part 2-finalization

Part 2 of this video is getting dish completed to the tee for the all the dinner party! The video shows how the sauce comes together and how to make the spaghetti! See the video for more on this dish! - 86.3432

Filipino Style With Spaghetti With Filipino Style Carbonara Sauce - Part 1-preparation

If you have a large crowd gathering at your home for a welcome party, then make this Filipino style spaghetti. Part 1 of the video is to get the chopping of the bacon and getting things prepped up. Stayed tuned for part to see the final dish! - 86.6534

Roast Chicken Filipino Style

How about a nice roast chicken for a change! This roast chicken has the flavors of the Filipino concoction taking it to a different level. See the video for more on making this lovely roast chicken. - 79.6668

Chocolate And Caramel Brownie

Nothing like a sugary delight as the brownies! A pre-made basic mix bought from the store and once baked, it works a miracle on everyone! See the video for more on this readymade brownie! - 76.5036

Grilled Steak

Have a nice steak with some mashed potatoes and nice roasted veggies. Make a Filipino style grilled beef steak! Its got a different flavor altogether. See the video for more on this special grill! Note there is no audio instruction for this video! - 95.4502

Pinoy Graham Cake

Make a nice dessert for the friends coming over. Hardly requires some time to chill this while you chit chat! But the video shows all the steps to make this indulgent dessert! See the video for more! Note the audio is not there. - 102.186

Beef Burger

How about a juicy burger for lunch? If your making them in your kitchen then there nothing like it! Get the seasonings right, and you have a robust meal. See the video on how to make these yummy burgers! - 82.9921

Stir Fried Vegetables

Flavor your veggies with some pork for a change and you have another dish created! This vegetable sauté has some pork added for extra flavour. See the video for more on this recipe! - 108.772

Pork And Vegetable Soup

A meal by itself is the soup! This soup blends the culminates the flavors of the veggies and the pork together on a slow simmer in a pot! The video shows how to get this wonderful aromatic and flavorful soup going. See the video for more! - 59.2753

Country Fried Steak

Have a nice piece of meat with some white gravy! This is a nice Filipino dish which is being demonstrated in the video! - 71.165

Fried Chicken And Cashew

Lets do some fried chicken and sprinkle in some cashews for the nutty effect! Its a dish that is best served with rice, and traditional to the Filipino culture! See the video for more on this recipe! - 74.116

Filipino Beef Stew

Nothing like a nice warm tender beef stew to have on a winter night! This dish is flavorful and though takes a little time to make, is worth the effort! See the video for more on this recipe! - 72.5982

Fried Pork Chops

Tired of your regular pork dish! Try this easy fried crunchy pork! A simple and easy demonstration shown in this video! Check the video out for more on this recipe! - 76.8203

Mung Bean Soup

Make a nice mung bean soup for a dinner, it's a healthier option with all the right amount of protein intake for the day! It’s a soup that can served with some rice! The recipe demonstrated has every step shown clearly. See the video for more on this recipe! - 76.9003

Filipino Style Toasted Egg Sandwich

Is there a specific something that you remember eating in your childhood? This recipe being shown in the video is something that was regularly eaten during the lunch hours in school! A simple and fast egg sandwich with some toasted bread. See the video for... - 69.3879

Green Mango Salad

Make a tangy salad to go with your rice and fish dish! It’s the apt thing to make and makes the meal complete. The tanginess of the mango is just the thing! See the video for on this recipe, though the quality of the video is not apt! - 63.8109

Pinoy Vegetable Eggrolls

Why order a takeout when you can serve delicious Chinese style crunchy-munchies at home? Egg and vegetable roll is a delicious snack option that rolls in the taste of eggs and health of vegetables into a single dish. Plus, it's very easy to make too. Follow... - 101.181

Stir Fried Noodles

A dish that is easy to make once the ingredients are set! A stir fry of noodles and some meat and veggies are a good meal to have for lunch or dinner! See the video on making this easy Filipino dish! - 74.8077

Chocolate Rice Porridge

Have you tried a chocolate flavored porridge? Sounds interesting right? This video is all about making a nice chocolaty porridge. See this interesting recipe for more! - 70.1503

Cold Coffee

You a coffee lover? Then a beverage such as this should do the trick during the summer! A quick blend of the ingredients and it’s a done deal! See the video for more on this cold beverage! - 70.1234

Pinoy - Crema De Fruta

Have a graham based dish for dessert. A traditional based dessert of the filipionos!A dessert to make on a special gathering! See the video for more on this recipe! - 90.9828

Pinoy Lumpiang Toge (vegetable Egg Roll) Part 1 Of 2

Try have some eggrolls, they are popular in the US and even more popular in the Philippines! Egg rolls are have much more going on with some meat and veggies being added! A bite has a lot of taste and crunch to it. See the video on making these Filipino... - 95.3462

Sautéed String Beans

Try some sautéed beans flavored with beef or chicken broth! Yes this is a side dish that is common in the Filipino household and absolutely sumptuous! See the video on this easy recipe demonstrated! - 72.7586

Pinoy Inihaw Na Bangus (grilled Milkfish)

Some recipes are ordinary household recipe but are lifetime keepers! Such is this particular Filipino dish. A dish which is simple and full of flavor! - 91.5743

Eggplant And Pork Omelette

If you wanting to cook something within a budget then this is the perfect recipe to try! The video shows you how to make an omelets with eggplant and pork mince! See the video for more on this recipe! - 69.8273

Filipino Pork Sausage

How about making some sausages at home? Yup, its easy as you think it is with this Filipino recipe in hand! Cured for a day and fried and its ready! See the video for more on this flavorful dish. - 65.4383

Pinoy Grilled Jalapeno Potatoes

If you got a grill going then the next best side dish to accompany that would be the grilled potatoes! This is a Filipino based recipe, which has these potatoes spiced to a level! Try this version of the recipe for to have with your grill. See the video for... - 87.3357

Pinoy - Inihaw Na Liempo (grilled Pork Belly)

Try grilled pork belly, a slight unhealthy recipe for the reasons of the fat content, but you can't always complain! It’s a traditional recipe of the Filipinos, which is enjoyed! See the video for more on this recipe! - 94.2188

Filipino Style Fried Chicken

Another fired chicken recipe to the collection of your recipes! Its an easy dish to be made on this boring days! A filipino dish that is shown with ease! See the video for more on this delightful dish! - 71.1942

Pinoy Roasted Vegetables

Cut some potatoes and peppers and roast them to make a great side dish! Hardly any effort involved in making this easy dish! The video shows you exactly how to go about with this dish! See the video for more on this! - 93.8254

Fried Fish In Vinegar

When your low in budget and wondering what to make this fish dish is the thing to make!Flipinos have this fish dish regularly when out of meat! See the video on how to make this easy fish dish! - 72.9628

Shrimp In Coconut Milk

Have some cooked shrimp in a thick saucy coconut milk based curry! A simplistic dish with the freshness of the shrimps coming through! The video is shown with all the steps in order and in clarity though the quality of the video is not quite good! - 73.643

Fried Prawns

How about a crunchy delight as a snack? Nothing as crunchier as the prawn tempura. Though it’s a Japanese recipe the Filipinos love to inculcate other cuisines to their palate as well. See this video to make this delightful prawns tempura! - 70.4706

Tilapia Fish Ball

Have you attempted making fresh tilapia fish balls? These are something commonly found on the streets of Philippines! See the video for more on this yummy recipe! - 72.2038

Baked Bread With Cream Cheese Filling

Bake bread for a change and that too with a cream cheese filling! The aroma of it wafting in your kitchen is beyond comparison. See the video to bake this easy bread! - 82.7587

Sautéed Spicy Beef And Potato Curry

How about a nice spicy hot beef and potato dish to go with your rice? This is a traditional Filipino dish that is being cooked in the video though note that the audio is missing for this! - 69.6025

Stir Fried Mixed Vermicelli Noodles

Traditional to the festivals of Filipinos, this is a dish reserved for occasions! The dish is loaded with shrimp, pork, sausage and some veggies! See the video on making this festive dish! - 74.8309

Twice Cooked Filipino Style Chicken

Twice cooked chicken is something that is a must to be tried in your kitchen! This is a chicken that has some interesting twists to the dish! See the video for more on this fantastic recipe! - 73.3014

Chicken Soup

A warm bowl of soup is appetizing anytime during the day! This soup has the goodness of the meat and the veggies incorporated! See the recipe in this video, a simple dish being created! Note there is no audio instruction for this video! - 70.7576

Pinoy Recipe - Vegetable Salad

Got some leftover grilled chicken, then make a salad with it for a change! A salad is easy to make with some tomatoes and lettuce and much healthier meal to have! See this video to have this easy salad made! - 84.8972

Grilled Pork Balls On A Stick

Have you ever tried inventing a recipe? This video is all about a recipe that the chef has invented and experimented with! The video has some clear instructions on making this dish! See the video for more! - 86.6276

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is something that is tasty and something anyone would devour! This Filipino dish is distinctive in terms of flavor and color. Try this recipe out by watching this video! - 83.6224

Chicken And Mushroom Curry

How about a fast and easy dish that befits our busy schedule! It s a Filipino dish that is served hot with some rice! Hardly any efforts involved, see the video for more on this demonstration. - 83.322

Beef Tacos

Tacos are easy to make provided the filling is ready. They are a filling meal to have. The video shows you how to make a nice beef mixture using southern flavors. See the video for more on this recipe. - 82.8806

Pinoy Recipe - Lumpiang Shanghai

How about some finger food for a change. These Filipino spring rolls are not much different in flavor or texture rather better. See the video in make these fried rolls in no time. - 92.0597

Barbecued Chicken

When you have some chicken breasts lying the freezer, make them into a barbecue dish! Not just a barbecue chicken but a hot Asian style one! See the video for more! - 89.113

Filipino Bread

Who wouldn't love to make bread for breakfast! This is a popular Filipino bread good to be had with jam, cheese or anything. Want to know to make this airy and fresh bread? See the video for more! - 76.0844

Rice Congee

Have a nutritious breakfast with a congee!A simple congee to make is this Filipino style dish! A video that demonstrates the recipe with ease and simplicity though lacking in quality of the video! See the video for more on this congee! - 89.9138

Pork Cooked In Coconut Milk

Try some delicious pork cooked in coconut milk! It s dish that must be tried with some steaming hot rice! See the video for more on this video! - 73.8472

Beef Stew

Enjoy a warm robust beef stew made with the flavors of Filipina concoctions! See the video on more of this recipe, though the audio is not there, the video can still be followed - 80.0292

Sautéed Hot And Sweet Shrimp

Make some shrimps which is sweet and spicy both at the same time! An easy recipe being shown in the video, thought without audio instructions! See the video for more on this recipe! - 67.0172

Grilled Bbq Pork

Experiment with flavors and cuisines! If you haven't tried Filipino dishes this is one easy grill to do on the onset of summer! An easy video demonstration of the recipe with clear audio direction, except the quality of the video is a bit undone! See the... - 73.0578

Beef Jerky

If there is dish you have grown eating since childhood, the beef jerky is the best recipe to - 69.9505

Filipino Beef Steak

Another one of those dishes that you tried from a cart and attempting at home! This is one of those recipes which the chef shows, a video with simple ingredients and simple techniques to make this dish! See the video for more details. - 84.4257

Filipino Cured Chicken

Nothing like a popular Filipino style chicken dish for lunch or dinner with some rice! A video showing you how to make this simplistic dish! See the video for more! - 79.9011

Pinoy Recipe - Grilled Chicken

Try a grilled chicken over the weekend. Marinate the chicken and then place them on the grill and that’s all there is to it! See the video for more on this pinoy style grilled chicken which has fish sauce blended in. - 77.7264