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Kosher Salmon Sushi

This recipe is intended for a kosher replacement for sushi, using special kosher salmon. This is a wonderful kosher recipe for people who enjoy salmon with the crunch of the cucumber. So if you're looking for a recipe to make uramaki"inside-out roll", you can... - 103.047

Kosher Corned Beef With Mandarin Sauce

Kosher Corn Beef with Mandarin Sauce is an excellent dish for your festive feasts and holiday tables during Rosh Hashanah or Hanukkah or otherwise too. The sweet honey-orange sauce goes perfectly with the corned beef. Watch this video for the details of this... - 109.803

Stir Fry Kosher Tilapia Fillets With Ginger

This video recipe for Stir Fried Kosher Tilapia with Soy Ginger is a wonderful dish to enjoy during the nine-day (Tishat HaYamim) period when Jews do not eat meat. It is fragrant with ginger and flavorful with the soy sauce in which the fish is cooked. This... - 118.608

How To Marinade Kosher Fillet Steak With Tofu Red Wine Marinade

Upgrade your “Healthy Sandwich” repertoire with this easy and delicious kosher recipe. It has the tofu which will please the vegetarians and tender and succulent beef for the meat lovers. This makes for a healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner and is... - 111.316

Kosher Corn Beef Recipe By Aviglatt.com

If you're planning for a family treat then this dish should be a part of your menu. It is easy to make and the chef recommends it also. Your family will surely enjoy it. Watch the video for the short and easy recipe. - 114.554

Stir Fry Kosher Tilapia Fillets With Ginger - By Aviglatt.com

Looking for an easy and quick recipe, then look no further. This is a seafood dish, made of fish. The fish can be served with rice. The chef explains the recipe in a quick and easy manner. - 108.248

Rib Steak Rub Recipe & Tips - By Aviglatt.com

Summer is here and so is the barbecue season.Ariella from Kosher Urban cuisine by aviglatt.com, shares with you tips and tricks on how to make the most of your barbecue. She shows you how to prepare the perfect rib steak. One of the most important parts in... - 106.251