Samina Tapia's Recipes

Eggless Chocolate Cake

This great chocolate cake is sure to add the chocolaty twist to any occasion. This chocolate cake recipe is quick and easy to make and a must satisfy for any palate. - 51.2966

Bihari Sweet Khajas

Sweet Khaja is a Bihari sweetmeat or mithai often stuffed with a khoya or dry fruit filling, deep fried in ghee and then dunked into a fragrant saffron-flavored sugar syrup. It simply melts in the mouth. This is the Indian version of “Baklava” made during... - 49.0159

Sabudana Puri

Sabudana puri is a popular and delicious vegan, fried snack made of Sago. It is eaten by Indian women who fast during the festival of Navratri,which marks the onset of autumn and is celebrated in different ways all over India. It is a festival of worship,... - 45.8307

Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce And Coffee Ice Cream

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F for bread and 375 degrees F for pudding. 2) Grease a 4X4 inch loaf pan with butter or oil. MAKING 3) For making bread, mix together baking powder, flour, nutmeg and salt. 4) Mix together butter and cream. Beat... - 53.3314

Quick Cheese Sauce

In a saucepan over low heat, blend all ingredients until hot, thickened, and cheese has thoroughly melted. - 28.3331

Peachy Holiday Ham

Combine all the ingredients and pour the mixture over ham. Place a small piece of aluminum foil over ham so the top does not get tough. The sides are left open. Turn occasionally, once or twice during cooking time. Bake at 350 degrees for 3-5 hours, depending... - 37.639

Pork Chops With Apricots

GETTING READY 1) Trim all fat from pork chops. MAKING 2) Take a square baking dish and arrange the chops in it. 3) Add brown sugar, salt and pepper, orange juice and orange peel over each chop. 4) If canned fruit is used, pour half the liquid from it over... - 39.5868

Frugal Bean Loaf

Soak beans overnight. Cook beans with desired herbs and salt, 1-2 hours or until tender. Add 3 tablespoons bacon grease, 1 cup stewed tomatoes, chopped green pepper, and onion. Mix mashed beans, tomatoes, and stir in 2 well-beaten eggs. Form into loaf... - 41.6412

Marie Biscuits

These classic Marie biscuits are the all time favorites with evening tea or coffee. Quick and simple to make, these sweet biscuits are a must try! - 43.392

Pecan Caramels

Mix sugar, butter, and cream in heavy pan or kettle. Cook until soft-ball stage (236°F.on a candy thermometer). Remove from heat. Add cinnamon. Beat until almost cold. Add nuts. Drop by spoonfuls onto marble slab or wax paper. - 39.5317

Pumpkin Spice Jack O' Lantern Cookies

Heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease cookie sheets. In large bowl, combine all cookie ingredients; stir until well blended. Drop dough by 1/4 cupfuls 3 inches apart onto prepared cookie sheets. Using back of spoon, spread into 3-inch round pumpkin shape with... - 49.1448

Methi Malai Tikka

A melt in the mouth starter of boneless chicken marinated in hung curds cheese and cream, flavored with fenugreek and grilled or barbecued. - 46.556

Autumn Leaf Cookies

In large bowl, beat sugar, butter and cream cheese until light and fluffy Add orange juice, vanilla, egg and orange peel; mix well. Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup; level off Stir in flour, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt Cover with plastic wrap;... - 50.2088

Pork Sausage Stuffing

Brown sausage over medium heat, breaking apart with fork. Remove to a bowl. In the sausage drippings brown the onion until soft and golden. Tip onion and fat into bowl with the sausage. Add remaining ingredients and mix well with a wooden spoon. Use the... - 34.7773

Lucknowi Galouti Kabab

One of the more delicate kebabs from India, made of minced lamb, goat, veal, or beef. It is a flat, shallow fried Kabab that makes for an excellent starter. Try this melt-in-your-mouth starter with mint and coriander chutney. - 49.8759

Hummus With An Indian Twist

This great tasting, versatile dip is easy to make. It can be served with pita/tandoori bread as an appetizer, can be used as a dressing for a simple cucumber and tomato salad, can be used as a topping on Crostini, or used as a spread for sandwiches and Katti... - 39.6599

Ranch Style Eggs Over Polenta

1. Spray or spread cooking oil on the bottom and sides of a broiler-safe baking dish. 2. Cut polenta in 1/2" thick disks. Place these disks on the bottom of the greased baking dish, overlapping them slightly so that there is no space in between disks. 3.... - 37.9868

Black Forest Cherry Gateau (schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

Lightly grease three 7-inch (18-cm) layer cake pans. Preheat oven to 350°F.(175°C). To make cake, melt chocolate in a double boiler over low heat; cool. Cream butter and sugar in a medium bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, almonds and... - 48.7901

Easy Toffee Apples

Wash the apples and wipe them quite dry. Fasten each one on the wooden skewer. Melt the toffee in a heavy bottomed saucepan over medium low heat. Add a little milk if required to thin out. Remove pan from the heat. Dip each of the apples quickly into the... - 35.8428

Macadamia Cream Pie

In the top of a double boiler, mix the sugar with gelatin, cornstarch, and salt (omit salt if salted nuts are used). Blend cream cheese with the sour cream until smooth; gradually stir in the milk. Slowly blend the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients in... - 44.3428

Rabbit Pudding

Dry the rabbit joints thoroughly with kitchen paper, Heat the butter in a fry pan and fry the joints until golden brown. Transfer to the Slow cooker. In the remaining butter fry the onions until transparent. Stir in the flour and gradually add the stock Bring... - 46.1891

Lemon Lamb Chops In A Clay Baker

Soak the clay baker Remove as much fat as possible from the chops. Season the lamb chops with salt and pepper. Arrange in row in clay baker. Put a slice of lemon and sprinkle seasoning on each. Close and bake in a slow oven 220°C (425°F or Gas Mark 7) for... - 31.934

Microwave Jam

Prepare fruit and add along with flavorings to a 2 quart glass measure or 2 1/2 to 3 quart casserole. Add sugar and butter; stir thoroughly. Cover with wax paper. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for about 6 minutes or until mixture comes to a boil. Remove wax paper... - 34.8732

Baked Cheese Potato Balls

Heat oven to 400°F. Measure 1/2 cup of the potato puffs (dry); set aside. Heat water, 2 tablespoons butter and the salt to boiling in large saucepan. Remove from heat; stir in milk and the remaining potato puffs. Form into 16 balls, shaping each heaping... - 37.6592

Fried Zucchini

This Fried Zucchini seems to be one of the best Zucchini dishes I've ever tasted! Try out the flavorful Fried Zucchini and let me know how you like it! - 43.3771

Eggless Mixed Fruit Cake

This fruit cake invites a variety of dried and fresh fruits. The mix of fruits has worked so well that you do not miss the eggs at all in the cake! - 54.4959

Eggless Fruit Coffee Cake

This fruit cake is an impressive delight to celebrate those special days. Relish the goodness of mixed fruits with this simple to bake cake recipe. - 53.4083

Eggless Honey Chocolate Sponge

This delectable sponge cake is rich and chocolaty and is flavored with honey. This recipe of eggless chocolate and honey sponge is sure to get your taste buds buzzing! - 53.5022

Vegan Black Velvet Cake

Sweet and tangy, this wonderful black velvet cake can add life to special days. A quick and easy recipe for a complete dessert delight! - 51.9946

Egg-less Banana Sandwich Cake

This banana sandwich cake is the ultimate dessert, anytime, anywhere. Sample this delicious bite flavored with a dash of lemon juice and vanilla. - 54.0843

Unbaked Holiday Fruit Cake

This unbaked fruit cake is a fantastic recipe packed with the health benefits of fruits. Perfect for Holiday parties or family gatherings. You can make and take the cake where ever you want and cut and serve at your destination. Not everyone loves traditional... - 56.6694

Egg-less Ball Cake

Try this yummy and quick Ball Cake recipe and serve it as a tea time snack. - 48.3202

Eggless Cherry Fruit Cake

This rich cherry and fruit cake is subtly flavored with lemon and orange. It is the perfect dessert pick for any occasion, especially during the holiday season! - 52.8944

Egg-less Almond Crumble Cake

Taste this great Almond crumble cake with the dash of lemon flavor. The perfect sweet and soft companion to any occasion! - 51.8607

Date & Nut Family Cake

This date & nut family cake is a true family delight! Enjoy the goodness of dates in the lovely combination of nuts, apples and cinnamons. - 51.3977

Eggless Coconut Crumb Cake

This coconut crumb cake is the delicious pick to finish off any meal or to serve at a tea-party. The recipe is easy to make. A must try for coconut lovers. - 54.8275

Fridge Fruit Cake

This fridge fruit cake is a true connoisseurs' pick. The recipe is prepared first and later is stored in the fridge to get the real taste! - 53.3019

Vegan Fruit Cake

This eggless and butterless cake brings a sigh of relief to those minding their waist. Vegans can also now enjoy a traditional style fruit cake. Indulge your sweet tooth for the first time with no worries of fat or calorie issues! - 54.7948

Vegan Cinnamon Carrot Cake

You'll love this vegan carrot cake made in its classic and traditional style. Simple, quick and easy to make, this carrot cake recipe is a delicious sweet end to any meal, on any occasion. - 54.7253

Egg-less Banana And Sour Cream Cake

This banana cake is meant for the health conscious and sweet-toothed. The goodness of yoghurt and wholewheat flour will for sure mind your waist! - 51.442

Eggless Date Nut Ring Cake

This date-nut ring cake is truly flavorsome and a delightful pick. Enjoy the goodness of dates and nuts in an orange-yoghurt flavor! - 53.1418

Ice Box Fruitcake

This ice box fruit cake is a delicious mix of fruits and nuts in butter and honey. A real cool no-bake recipe to try! - 52.5717

Egg-less Cheese And Apple Coffee Cake

Treat yourself with this delicious and richly flavored apple and cheese coffeecake. A must enjoy snack for all cheese, apple and cake lovers! - 56.1016


Try out this simple egg-less almond cake recipe! Its is sweet and buttery is great for any occasion. - 55.6719

Ginger Sandwich

This ginger sandwich is the ultimate pick for a mid-day snack or to serve with coffee. It's got a distinct flavor of ginger and is softer and richer than gingerbread. - 52.2493

Egg-lessbuttermilk Cake

This buttermilk cake is truly tasty with its fruit-mix. Try it out for a healthy bite or snack any time in the day. This buttermilk cake is a great tea-time treat. - 50.8763

Spiced Apple Cake

Relish this tangy spicy apple cake richly garnished with spices and cocoa. Serve it for breakfast, as a team-time snack or a dessert! - 51.024

Fruity Sandwich Cake

This fruity sandwich cake is one of the best you can try anytime, any occasion. A delicious combination of a variety of fruits, nuts and spices in butter and milk! - 55.3502

Eggless Date Cake

This date cake is a healthy and exotic recipe to try. Sweet, sticky and full of amino acids, dates boost energy levels. Date cake is a popular festive food and is easy to make. This cake can be enjoyed at breakfast,teatime or even as a dessert. - 51.5556

Eggless Sponge Fruit Cake

This wonderfully simple eggless cake recipe is the next to the best pick for vegans. Enjoy this healthy way to snack that checks on your cholesterol levels! - 52.7663

Eggless Danish Layer Cake

This Eggless Danish Layer Cake is rich with chopped nuts. It is delicious as a breakfast cake, teatime snack or even as a dessert. - 48.5445

Healthy Fruit Cake

This fruit cake recipe is a great combination of mixed fruits and nuts. It is not only delicious but also a healthier version of the typical pound cake. - 49.4662

Eggless Milkless Cake

This eggless milkless cake is a delectable bite for those counting calories. Enjoy this sweet and spongy cake with tea and feel light at tummy! - 49.3145

Eggless Crumb Cake

This crumb cake is so delicious and wonderful, with the subtle flavors of cinnamon, ginger and coconut. Try this recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth at teatime. - 52.1658