Drbhaldave's Recipes

Aloo Tikki In 3 Style

You don't need training to prepare snacks and Bale Dave justifies that! Straight from the kitchen cabinet, he digs out simple ingredients like boiled potatoes and spices. In few easy steps, he makes mouthwatering small cutlets, which can be served hot with... - 49.9509

Marinated Tuna & Green Beans With Spicy Mashed Potato

How about a dinner that is wholesome in nutrition and very tasty as well? From Bhal Dave's kitchen get the right blend of both. Tuna marinated in Indian spices & green beans with mashed potato is a perfect fusion you have been seeking! - 69.8647

Sev-puri Chat And Homemade Ricotta Cheese Turkish Delight

Planning to entertain guests at home and looking for some fast quick-fix snacks? Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to pull off yummy chats and cheese dessert in a snap in the recipes here. Easy to make and good to eat, these recipes can be prepared using easily... - 74.7787

Easy Burrito In Minutes

Who doesn't like yummy burritos served with yummy seasoning? The three burritos recipe presented here gives you different variations to this Mexican delight. I'd have loved if they would have given more non-vegetarian options. But there is no harm going... - 42.9257

Soya Grinders Sandwich And Soya Soft Tacos

If you are looking to treat your vegan friends anytime soon, these vegan sandwiches and tacos might come handy. Chef Bhal Dave uses healthy, high-protein soyabeans to prepare grinded sandwiches and taco stuffing. Next time you are craving for something vegan,... - 80.0385

Baked Snapper On Artichoke Pesto With Mashed Potato Flakes

Whether you have caught a red snapper and got your hands over some fresh ones at the supermarket, this video tells you exactly what to do with it. Chef Bhal Dave details two easy to prepare red snapper dishes that can be prepared easily at home using your... - 62.4342

Grilled Corn With Boca-burger

Bored of Subways and Mac D's? Here's something healthy, tasty and nutritious to get you out of the rut. Chef Bhal Dave prepares delicious burgers and teams it up with grilled corn to add a dash of health and newness to boring burgers. Worth a shot! - 69.8654

Grilled Cajun Flavored Shrimps With Tic Tac Toe Salad

If you love shrimps, you are totally going to love this recipe. Chef Bhal Dave grills juicy, tender prawns and serves them with bread toasts. An easy, effortless way to satiate your stomach on especially hungry days. - 69.286

Easy Vegetarian Burger

Wish to add some difference to your meals? Try grilled corn, boca-burger on buns garnished with vegetables. Chef Bhal Dave presents easy to make vegetarian burger, which you can make from available ingredients and enjoy at home. Just enjoy! - 67.6481

Grilled Cajun Flavored Shrimps & Salad

The patent style of cooking generally is recipes borrowed from our granny's and mom. This makes these recipes from Bale Dave very interesting because they are experimental and combined with ingredients to suit everyone's taste. Shrimps rubbed with Cajun and... - 66.9925

Breakfast Special - Khakhra With Cheese Topping, Bacon & Egg, 3 Mung Dal

Healthy and lip smacking breakfast menus would really give a great start to the day. May it be Indian style Khakhra with cheese topping, English Bacon or scrambled egg or assorted menus with Mung dal (Yellow lentils), you just have to stir your way to... - 51.4786

Fresh Green Beans In Curried Sauce

There is nothing like savory, spicy curried beans to compliment your steamed rice or freshly baked chapatis on especially hungry evenings. Chef Bhal Dave takes you through two luscious curried green bean recipes, a la Indian and Chinese style. Prepared with... - 38.3072

Healthy Puran Poli

Give your everyday breakfast a sweet twist with yummy puran polis. Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to prepare this yummy stuffed rotis in a snap. Just get your ingredients and measurements right and there's no stopping you from making perfect puran polis at home. - 82.811

Healthy Whole Wheat Naan

Make your cooking healthy and tasteful without any worrisome hassles by cooking it with Bhal Dave. Recipe guides you through how to make a whole wheat naan in a snap. You can team it up with any dal or curry to make a wholesome treat. - 67.4704

Apple Chutney And Sev Puri

Some guests have poured in unannounced and you don't know what to do? You can still impress them with your culinary skills preparing easy to make rice dishes, lemon rice and curd rice, sweet chutney and Indian snack Sev Puri, straight from the kitchen of US... - 71.7971

Fancy Aioli With Egg Yolk

Even with leftover yolks you can make a classic omelet aioli, team it up with beans rice and salad and serve for lunch or dinner. If you are wondering how to make this, just follow chef Bhal Dave who can help you prepare it in minutes. - 54.5989

Sambhar & Masala Dosa Stuffing, Popular Tex-mex Dish Fajita

If you are looking for ways to impress your guests over meals, try your hands in Bhal Dave's fusion combination of Indian style sambhar with idli and dosa stuffed with potato. There is also a surprise with Mexican style Fajita, which can be prepared at home... - 58.0904

Home Made Snacks And Easy Topping Ideas

Jazz up your left over pizzas and pasta into a delightful treat adding decorating and garnishing tips from Bhal Dave. He simply and easily uses ingredients from kitchen cabinet to change ordinary stuff into extraordinary affair. By a simple tweak he turns the... - 56.2225

Aloo Methi Paratha, Cocktail, Stuffed Sweet Peppers, Cocktails And Desserts

If you are planning a party, you surely cannot miss trying different style of drinks, appetizers and something oriental. All you need is to take a quick look into what Bale Dave has to offer, and he does not disappoint! Cranberry Vodka and Apple Juice with... - 59.2494

4 Dinner Dishes With Chicken Cutlets, Chicken Chunks, Curried Salmon & Vege Chinese

A sumptuous dinner is always irresistible. How often would you like to enjoy different dishes for dinner, but somehow failed to find the right combo. Bhal Dave's dishes are the perfect answer. Team up assorted dishes to spice up your evenings. - 61.5706

Sprouted Mung Beans With Naan

Sprouted Mung is a healthy food but not all the time we excel to cook it to perfection. Have you ever tried serving sprouted mung stir fried with Naan? This simple ideas can turn your dishes stunning, isn't it? - 73.3072

Spicy Dahi Vada

Leftover foods are not meant to be thrown away but reused to make something exciting - just like Bhal Dave's Dahi vada from leftover idli batter. Also you get tips how to carve an avocado and how to use it. Such tips helps you to make easy and simple meals... - 60.0982

Mexican Chunky Salsa

Planning to dump the calorie laden ketchup? Time to switch to healthy Mexican salsa. Chef Bhal Dave whips up yummy salsa using fresh yields that just adds to the taste and health of this condiment. Next time you are looking for something to go with your... - 62.6411

3 Baked Tilapia Dishes With Italian Soups For Dinner

Though we would like to prepare perfect baked Tilapia fish often, we struggle to find the right spices that would make it taste different every time! Here is an excellent way of marinating the fish before baking using Mexican, Cuban and Moroccan spices. The... - 45.9238

Vegetarian Mexican Dinner - Lasagna, Salad & Dessert

For all the Mexican food lovers, nothing can get better than this. Chef Bhal Dave arranges a special platter of Mexican dinner with Layered Poblano Vege Lasagna, Cuke Radhish & Tomato Salad & Layered Lime Cream Trifle Dessert. These toothsome dishes can be... - 65.8223

Pickled Hot Green Chilli Citrus Flavored Quick Sauce

Want to make your food hot and spicy but didn’t know the right way to do it? Bale Dave's pickled hot green chilli citrus flavored quick sauce can turn any bland cracker to good use if used as a spread and can also be used as marinade on chicken or fish for... - 62.0092

Delicious Eggplant Sandwich

Have you ever tried eggplant sandwich? Eggplant can make the sandwich more nutritious and tasty. It can be your favorite breakfast dish once you try making this simple and easy recipe. Innovative cooking with easy tips can make cooking delighting. - 60.7693

Broccoli Florets And Poached Egg With Hollandaise Sauce

If your kids enjoy restaurant food, you can cook with equal brilliance at home and impress them. Find out from Chef Bhal easy versions of Broccoli Florets and Poached egg with Hollandaise sauce. Serve for breakfast or snack and win hearts! - 49.4956

Superbowl Special Baked Mushroom, Crunchy Salad With Crackers And Italian Style Veggie Balls In Marinara Sauce

What Superbowl party is complete without some exciting food? Chef Bhal Dave presents a couple of exciting Superbowl dinner ideas and details the recipe. So, if you are stuck for ideas on what to cook this Superbowl, here is your cue. Check the video to get... - 59.6101

Stir Fry Japanese Dinner From Bag

If you have always got enchanted with the restaurant Japanese dishes, try Bhal Dave Japanese recipes! He guides you to make an addictive Yakisoba stir fried noodles and soy cutlets. He mentions each step in detail for your ease. Now you and your family can... - 69.7917

Madrasi Tacos And Quick Chowpati Samosas

If you are craving to get a bite of Indian food, here it comes! Straight from Chennai comes Bhal Dave's style of Tacos and samosas from chowpati. But the ingredients used can be right from the kitchen. When you want a snack, now you know where to go! - 61.359

Quick Breakfast

Do you hit a duck everytime you are asked to decide on an elaborate menu? Worry not, for Chef Bhal Dave presents a whole slew of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to make your food bashes all the more happening, healthier and unique. Just pick your cues... - 52.7053

Bhal's Green Roasted Chilie Sauce Or Mole Poblano

Looking to spice up your meals? Try mole poblano or roasted chili sauce to jazz up your boring, bland meals. Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to prepare easy, hot-n-spicy chili sauce and 3 dishes with the chili sauce as an ingredient. The video contains the... - 70.4768

2 Methods Of Cooking Tilapia Fish Fillets

If you love tilapia fish but do not know how to add variety in cooking them, try Bale Dave's exotic ways of baking and poaching them. The fish can be baked in foil wrap easily in a simple and quick method. Try a different taste poaching fishes in Japanese... - 59.2072

Matar Paneer Curry With Peas And Cheese

It is not common to find dishes, which blends both health and taste. Delicious curried peas and cheese, popularly known as Matar paneer in India, is recreated with brilliance by Bhal Dave. He has simplified the process to making this dish and had made sure... - 61.7885

Sprouted Mung Beans, 'blt' & 'rice-a-roni' Food Mix

How about a San Francisco treat from Bhal Dave? Home made dishes from him like sprouted mung beans, BLT and Rice-a-Roni are healthy options which you can treat your family anytime. So, get-set-go! - 68.914

Instant Potato Halwa

Done to death with carrot and suji halwa? Now add a new halwa to your culinary repertoire with potato halwa. An absolute cinch to make, you can easily prepare this tongue-tickling dessert at home with the help of this video wherein Chef Bhal Dave explains... - 60.0622

Thepla With 3 Mixed Greens

If you have been searching for the right way to make authentic Indian bread Thepla, you've reached the right place. Bale Dave provides right direction in cooking the typical Thepla in his kitchen back in US with a combination of three green leafy vegetables... - 53.8574

Oatmeal In Buttermilk, Khakhra, Masala Chai For Breakfast

If you are unsure about how to prepare hearty, healthy and appetizing breakfast, read on! The breakfast recipes here prepared in Indian style by US chef gives you some variety to try different menus using wheat, oatmeal, grapefruit, and buttermilk. Serve it... - 50.706

3 Easy Bell Pepper Meals Ideas

Most often, we are left confused when it comes to preparing bell pepper. Kudos to Bale Dave, for offering great ways to prepare and serve bell pepper. In a simple and home-kitchen friendly way, he uses bell pepper for pizza topping, salad, soup and stuffed.... - 61.5663

Easy Spicy Biryani

If you love the concept of one dish meal served with accompaniments, you are going to love Biryani. Rice mixed with assorted vegetables and spices, adds the right flavor to the one of its kind dish. For those who don’t love hot and spicy food, stay away... - 66.1253

Homemade Macaroni And Cheese

Have you tried making macaroni and cheese to perfection but failed? Chef Bhal Dave shares simple and easy-to-follow recipe on how to prepare macaroni and cheese. A great baked healthy recipe that can be prepared in minutes. - 66.5275

Tasty Multi Nuts Chikki

If you have so far tasted chikkies only from departmental stores, now you can try them at home. Enjoy chikki whenever you want with easy recipe prepared with simple ingredients from kitchen. Munch on health and sweetness anytime! - 60.2275

Eggs & Soups Dishes

How nice it would be to treat yourself with a scrumptious breakfast in the morning with scrambled egg and toast! Here Bhal Dave presents various ways to make omelet in a simple and easy manner. Try appetizing soups with Potato, celery and asparagus.... - 61.3295

Tuna Taco With Chipotle Sauce For Dinner

Want to enjoy a homemade spicy fanfare? Try tuna taco and garnish it with chipotle salsa to get the perfect Mexican cuisine at home. Easy detailing by Bhal Dave can help you to make this delicious dish in minutes. - 65.0888

Sabudana Khichdi With Corn Bread

No matter how much you squirm at the thought of chowing down a bowl of khichdi, this video will delightfully surprise you. Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to make healthy, tasty sabudana khichdi at home and teams it up with corn bread that just tastes awesome.... - 80.8552

Instant Rice Pilaf And Bhel Puri

If you are a sucker for instant meals, then you are simply gonna love these recipes. Chef Bhal Dave presents two instant, easy to make food that will satisfy your growling tummy easily. Healthy, tasty, and easy-to-make, you can pull off instant rice pilaf or... - 63.9785

Pear Salad Dressing, Catfish Rub And Falafel Sandwich

Looking to whomp up something super delicious for your backyard bash? Try these easy-to-make pear salad dressing and catfish rub. Chef Bhal Dave uses choicest yet easily available ingredients to make innovative yet mouth-watering delicacies that are sure... - 78.9055

Curried Tuna Fish On Fulka Rotli & Salads

Have you ever chosen an alternate item to cook a dish if you have run out of any ingredient? Bhal Dave offers a superb idea to replace curried potatoes with Tuna to get a brilliant tasting curry and serve with fulka rotli. Team it up with lettuce salad with... - 56.0817

Mixed Dal Khichadi & Kadhi For Dinner

You would like to end your spicy weekend food fiesta with a simple khichadi and kadhi combination, but somehow get puzzled by the fact of making the perfect khichadi and kadhi. Bhal Dave simplifies it out in a way that even novice cooks can make the... - 76.1004

Curried Yellow Rice & Refreshing Leftover Khichadi & Kadhi

If you are tired of eating bland steamed rice, try easy to prepare yellow rice by Bhal Dave, who gives it a new look and feel with added vegetables and spices. He also shares tips and tricks to refresh leftover khichadi. Cooking is so much fun isn't it? - 58.7534

Various Usage Of Flavored Sauted Onions

You have always got amazed with taco which available in restaurant chains. Bhal Dave helps you make those perfect taco which with sauted onions. Now you can enjoy restaurant quality food out of your home kitchen with the help of Bhal Dave easy cooking... - 60.9212

Every Day Homemade Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

There is nothing like homemade food, but to prepare three meals a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be tedious. Not any more with Bhal Dave's four breakfast meals combo, delicious lunch menus and hearty dinner platter. You will thank him for the easy,... - 56.0963

Sun Dried Italian Herbs

With little time and effort, you too can make your own homemade Italian herbs and spices. How? To learn the easy methods, you need to first watch this video. Follow the easy instructions and now you too can enjoy the goodness of homemade herbs and spices. - 92.4422

Spinach Soup, Soya Burger And Bell-pepper Risotto

Feeling hungry and want some nice and healthy food! Spinach Soup, Soya burger and Bell-Pepper Risotto - all these can be easily prepared at home and served with a twist. Bale Dave makes sure you can try these different recipes at home kitchen with ingredients... - 39.7661

Easy To Make Snacks And Salads

If you are looking for easy-to-make homemade snacks and salads, then look no further. Bhal Dave whomps up a slew of yummy and filling snacks and salads that won't just appease you, but will also go down well with the oh-so-fussy-kids. Try preparing any or all... - 39.8338

Barbeque Sauce Menus With Baked Fish Fillets

If you are running out of time to flavor the meat dishes, add easy to make Barbeque sauce. Combine with Snapper Red Pacific fillets and Salmon silver fish fillets to make exotic recipes our chef has presented here in style. These dishes are not at all... - 53.2295

Breaded Fried Tilapia & Curried Okra

Frequenting Indian restaurants seeking flavors of homeland assuming it can't be prepared at home; you are wrong! Bale Dave presents exotic Indian fried and curry dishes, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Cook up the mouth watering dishes and enjoy... - 47.6671

2 Mexican Dishes For Dinner

How nice it would be to have Mexican for dinner! But you don't have to go out for it. Bhal Dave's instant enchiladas and mouthwatering salad can be cooked with ease at home. So when is your Mexican dinner planned? - 68.5722

3 Different Style Meals - Italian, Indian, American

Bored of having the regular dinner meals? Switch to fusion dishes, combining Italian, Indian and American. Bhal Dave impresses with his platter of assorted dishes Eggplant Parmesan & Avocado Salad, Curried Pepper and Frozen vegetables made in a simple manner.... - 67.604

Burger With Okra And Baked 'blt'

Pep up your outdoor parties and picnics with burger and baked 'blt'. You can enjoy great snacking with easy details and ingredients by Bale Dave, who has done an impressive job. Pack as a snack or serve as a snack, you will just earn praises for the dishes. - 39.2536

Indian Spicy Chhole Bathure

If you have tasted India's popular Chhole Bhature and loved it; yet thought you would never make it in your kitchen, chef Bale Dave from US now creates the same taste in his kitchen and passes it over to you. Simply follow the instructions and have a fabulous... - 61.5212

Easy Shrimp Dolmas

Shrimp Dolmas was not an easy recipe to make. Many times you must have wondered whether this can be really cooked perfectly at home. Now all your worries will be answered by Bhal Dave easy and simple recipe. You can now enjoy perfect Shrimp Dolmas from your... - 56.1773

Pan-grilled Teriyaki Marinated Tuna Fillets And Teriyaki Marinated Veggie Sausages With Creamy Mustard Parmesan Dip

If you are a patron of Japanese food, you will surely enjoy this teriyaki dish. Chef Bhal Dave presents two yimmy teriyaki based dishes and teams them up with zesty and creamy mustard parmesan dip. Try this at home and floor your folks and friends with your... - 76.2212

Open Faced Tomato Pizza Pie

Tomato pies have always been your favorite when friends and family are around. Now you can enjoy your festive season as well as holiday outings with perfect open faced tomato pies. Bhal Dave helps you to make perfect tomato pies for your family and friends to... - 61.0815

Indian Diwali Sweet Mohanthal

For this Diwali, why not make sweets at home? Following Bhal Dave's process to make Mohanthal would just add to the sweetness of the festival as you beam with delight at your making this delightful dessert. You can also try it whenever you feel like having ... - 65.9887

Rice Roni Fried Rice & Pan-fried Tuna For Dinner

Pan-fried tuna-mufuletta was not an easy recipe to make. Many times you must have wondered whether this can be really cooked perfectly at home. Now all your worries will be answered by Bhal Dave easy and simple recipe. You can now enjoy perfect pan-fried... - 65.6945

Suji Halwa, Sheero And Upma

If you have a sweet-tooth, then you will simply love this video. Chef Bhal Dave experiments with semolina to give us three exciting dishes — suji, sheero and upma, all of which brims with flavor and taste. Very easy to make and extremely appeasing to the... - 79.9889

Garlic Pickle And Green Grape Pickle

If you are looking for ways to preserve garlic, you couldn't get a better option than this. Chef Bhal Dave details the nitty gritty of pickling garlic, and thereby preserving it for long. So whether you love a dash of garlic pickle with your steamed fish or... - 74.7202

Easy Basil Dressing Mexican Salad With Tacos And Cocktails

Mexican food not only tastes good in restaurants but can be prepared at home too. Bale Dave offers different Mexican dishes straight out of his kitchen. He spices the Mexican salad with different and easy dressings, grills tuna fillets for tacos, bakes... - 59.1858

4 Cheese Chilli Relleno Enchilada

If you love Mexican dishes but have never tried them at home, gear up to make Chile Rellano stuffed with cheese at your home kitchen, and fall in loved with it forever. Bale Dave creates an amazing version of it with four cheeses chile rellano wrapped in corn... - 60.8629

Khakhara With Egg-salad

In a mood to enjoy fusion meals? Bhal Dave uses khakhraa as tortilla for egg salad and uses chutney as dressing. There is also Burrito with curried french beans. That is some terrific combination, which makes this dish all the more enticing. - 68.5779

Sopa De Albondiga Aka Fishball Soup

If you love tuna fish but do not know how to add variety in cooking them, try Bhal Dave's exotic fishball soup. The fish can be mixed with rice, eggs and spices in a simple and quick method. Just follow the video and enjoy great ways of serving the fishes. - 59.4349

Condiments - Curry Patta Chutney

You no more have to compromise with stored Indian condiments from a grocery shop. Just make it at home with ingredients from your kitchen cabinet with aromatic curry leaves and use it as a flavoring on rice. Likewise you can also make low salt pickles with... - 60.1318

Rich Fruit Cake

With holiday season almost knocking at your door, it's time to get your mittens and oven ready and get on with some baking. And Chef Bhal Dave's fruit cake is the best and easiest way to get started. Easy to make and good to eat, these longstanding Christmas... - 56.5734

Pan Grilled Lamb Chops With Harissa Sauce

You have always loved the tender pan-grilled lamb chops, but failed to make it at home. Bhal Dave explains in a simple and lucid way how to make perfect pan grilled lamb chops. Friends and family will get amazed wondering if that could ever be cooked at... - 60.1954

Harissa Sauce For Lamb Chops

If you are bored of trying similar dishes all the time, try the tongue tickling North African Harissa sauce serve over pan grilled lamb chops. If you are wondering how to make it, simply follow the easy process by Bhal Dave and cook a sumptuous dinner... - 68.4609

Favorite Cocktail Mixes - Red-hot Marissa, Sunrise Tequilla, Green Mojito

If you have been raving about cocktails you have tried at the pubs, you can now also make them at home and what more, you can also add color as per your party theme. Bhal Dave presents his favorite cocktail mixes like red hot marissa, sunrise tequilla, johnny... - 51.9504

Minty Pork Chops, Appetizer, Salad & Sandwich

You always wanted to cook smoky pork chops with mint flavor, but somehow could not make it. Your worry finds an end here with Bhal Dave, who in a simple manner explains you to make perfect smoky minty pork chops. Easy to make, these yummy pork chops sure to... - 56.6065

Thepla With 4 Mixed Greens

What better way to treat yourself for breakfast than this authentic Indian flavored flat bread, Thelpa recipe, coming from a US chef! Bale Dave has customized it with a twist of four green vegetables - scallions, radish greens, coriander and fenugreek leaves... - 50.0119

2 Different Rice & Beans Dishes With Cajun Breakfast

Here is an excellent assorted breakfast by Bale Dave. He dishes up a tasty way to enjoy rice and bean meals combined with different vegetables. He has reproduced breakfast dishes from America, originally from Chef Emeril Lagasse and interpreted in his manner.... - 53.1119

Easter Special Curried Eggs In Dal

Easter is incomplete without eggs and Bhal Dave stirs in more spice with this exotic curried egg in dal. The curry can be easily prepared with available ingredients from kitchen cabinet. Try this tasty egg curry and serve to earn surprising and great comments... - 65.0005

Easy Eggless Omelet/vegetarian Pancake

If you refrain from egg but still want to try omelet, you can enjoy eggless omelet! Making this vegetarian pancake is easy and can be prepared with ingredients from kitchen cabinet. You can enjoy it baked or pan-fried and can be served with toast. - 56.9478

Oceans Of Pasta Aka Cold Salad

You love Italian cold salad but have never tried it home because you didn't know how to make it! Leave your worries at bay and watch Bhal Dave stir his way to make a perfect cold salad. Now you can recreate the magic in your own kitchen! - 59.2775

Italian Dinner For Family

Wish to treat you family to a Italian fare? Chef Bhal Dave prepares an exciting slew of Italian delicacies to tickle your taste buds. From luscious lasagna to hearty soups, you will find inspiration for a three course dinner to treat your close ones. - 77.4504

Burrittos With Green Chutney And Bean Dip

When hunger comes calling, there can be no better way to satiate oneself than yummy green burritos that are a cinch to make. Bhal Dave here details the nitty-gritty to assemble delicious, healthy, green burritos without toiling hard in the kitchen.... - 60.1619

Quesadillas For Lunch

Love your Tex-Mex food? If yes, then you are surely gonna love this recipe video wherein Chef Bhal Dave presents quite a few ways to relish yummy quesadillas at home. You will be surprised to see how you can make delicious quesadillas at home using leftover... - 79.6911

Japanese Style Tempuras

If you love Japanese food but are averse to those raw fish dishes, then tempura could be your bet. Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to prepare crispy tempuras at home using the freshest vegetables and seafoods. Surprisingly wholesome and easy to make, these... - 69.8462

Fancy Naans & Curries Cabbage

You have always liked those hot naan with dal and curried cabbage, but you were unaware hot to get the perfect dish in home kitchen. All your problems will be put to rest by Bhal Dave simple and step wise method of cooking your favorite naan meals with dal. ... - 66.3327

Goan Coconut Shrimp Curry And Curried Garbanzo

If you are a foodie, then you would probably know that there is nothing quite like steamed white rice with Goan coconut shrimp curry and curried beans for a quick weeknight dinner. Bhal Dave whomps up hearty Goan-style coconut shrimp using choicest spices,... - 41.5899


This festive occasion, try making some sweets at home. Chef Bhal Dave here recreates 'mithai magic' with the traditional Indian sweet magaj, that is a treat for the senses. Gram flour fudge packed with goodness of nuts and milk makes for truly an... - 65.2263

South Indian Tamarind Rice Lunch & Idly Sambhar Meal

Want to make a quick lunch in case you are busy? Special lunch rice dishes from South India, prepared in an authentic way by US chef Bale Dave would be just the right choice. Tamarind rice and idly can satiate your appetite and combination of Sambhar, a... - 62.4775

Flavored Mashed Potatoes

If you have tried mashed potatoes at home, the chances are that they tasted bland. Not to worry, you can pick up some fast tips to flavor them the way you like from Chef Bhal Dave. He stir in few simple ingredients to create magic with the dish. - 59.4201

Carrot Orange Ginger Soup

Nothing could be more hearty, soothing and satisfying than a bowl of flavorful, colorful carrot orange ginger soup. Bhal Dave whips up a creamy, smooth carrot soup spiked with flavors of zesty ginger and sweet-n-sour orange that you too can easily prepare... - 65.4609

Stuffed & Baked Beef Stake Tomatoes & Baked Green Burrito

If you desire to enjoy baked dishes, you couldn't get a better option than this. Chef Bhal Dave details how to make beef stake tomatoes and green burritos. So is you want to take a bite at Italian cuisine prepared at home, here is how to go about it. - 65.7192

Vegetarian Pizza With Alfredo Sauce

Vegetarian pizza with a delicious topping is a favorite and here Bale Dave makes it easier with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Alfredo white sauce topping made with Parmesan cheese is a different but delighting combination to make the pizza tastier.... - 53.4952

Grilled Salmon And Asparagus Spears With Raisin Sauce

Have you tried grilling salmon steaks to perfection but failed? Chef Bhal Dave shares simple and easy-to-follow recipe on how to prepare grilled salmon and asparagus with raisin sauce. A great grilled salmon recipe that can be prepared in minutes. - 61.0806

Easy Decorative Vegetable Dishes

Who doesn't like colorful vegetable dishes that not only looks appealing to the eyes, but is also appeasing to the taste buds? Bale Dave uses multicolored seasonal yields to make a string of dishes like khichdi, carrot salad with rice, and sandwich. - 40.5713

Chinese Fried Rice With Cucumber Salad And Salmon Sandwich

Nothing could be more appeasing to the taste buds than restaurant-style home-cooked Chinese fried rice. Chef Bhal Dave uses leftover ingredients to whoop up a slew of mouth-watering delights like fried rice, cucumber salad, and salmon sandwich that you too... - 61.5098

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms With Teriyaki Marinade, Moffuletta Olive Salad Sandwich, No-beef Taco And Sunrise Cocktail For Lun

When you are looking for a quick-fix for lunch, this video might come handy. Chef Bhal Dave prepares a slew of easy-to-make lunch delicacies that includes a side dish, a main dish and a drink. A perfect meal when you are looking to treat yourself to... - 78.2016