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Exotic Guacamole Ricotta And Tuna Cake

Exotic dishes are not only about fancy ingredients or cooking styles but also about doing it right and doing it clean. Take a look at this exotic guacamole ricotta and tuna cake to find out how an easy and simple dish can be turned into an exotic one with a... - 83.7905

Bacalhau A Braz

Simple neat and clean cooking and a creative presentation can turn a normal dish into a gourmet. This is exactly what has been done with this bacalhau a braz recipe. There is no technicality in preparing this dish, but cutting the ingredients neatly, cooking... - 81.2714

Herbed Mushroom On Toast With Cheese Sauce

If you know your ingredients well, you can turn them into sumptuous dishes like this herbed mushroom on toast with cheese sauce. This does sound like a big deal but its so easy to prepare and looks amazing on the plate. Watch the video for details. - 74.5019

Poached Salmon Loin With Red And Green Sushi Rice

This poached salmon loin with red and green sushi rice will add true colors to your family's eating experience. Take a look at the video to see how easy this dish is to prepare but how exotic it looks. The young ones are going to love it and this dish is... - 76.5084

Simple Swedish Crispbread Pizza

This simple Swedish crsipbread pizza is probably the easiest and the fastest pizza you have ever made and the crispiest and the most delicious you have ever eaten. Watch the video for the simple steps of making it and next time you are running out of time,... - 75.5509

Chicken Breast With Quinoa And Yogurt And Mint Sauce

Take a look at this chicken breast with quinoa and yogurt and mint sauce recipe video and you will know that your home kitchen is not less than a restaurant when it comes to preparing classy dishes, all you need is an idea and that is shared in this video. So... - 76.4729

Mushroom And Three Cheese Salad

This mushroom and three cheese salad is so easy to prepare but the combination of ingredients makes it a truly international dish. This recipe deserves a place in your gourmet menu. Take a look at the video and stir it up next time, when you have a special... - 76.3936

Triple Flavor Prawn Lasagna With Salmon Loin

This triple flavor prawn lasagna with salmon loin is a treat for the seafood lovers. The lasagna is also special, as it uses three different flavors of lasagna and is prepared in a unique way, giving it a nice twist. Try it and see how delighted your seafood... - 78.8222

Alentejo Veal With Sushi Rice Salad

Combining a meat with a perfect starch or vegetable calls for creativity and this Alantejo veal with sushi rice salad is a perfect example of it. Watch the video to see how a simple dish is prepared in a classy manner in a home- kitchen? So get ready to take... - 95.7224

Exotic Chorizo And Ricotta Tart

Exotic chorizo and ricotta tart can be compared to hidden treasure. As, to get the treasure you dig in the ground; similarly you need to cut past the flaky crispy puff pastry to reach the succulent and creamy chorizo and ricotta hidden beneath. It is a great... - 67.9224

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Roasted Turkey Codfish with Potatoes Codfish Carpaccio Tuna with Cream cheese Chocolat Mousse - 26.8692

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