Asha sharma's Recipes

Simple Hari Chatni

This green chutney recipe is by far the best Indian condiment ever. There is no limit to its versatility, you can use it with snacks, appetizers, main dishes, as a sauce for curry or even as a marinade. The more you make it the more addicted you will get to... - 111.363

Pyaaz Ke Pakode

If you are looking for a snack made solely with onions, this pyaaz ke pakode is the best recipe in the world. I actually recommend double the recipe if you have more than two people as these disappear very quickly. Take my words and try it out. - 122.261

Aloo Ke Pakore

This aloo ke pakore is one Indian snack which has become international favorite. Watch this video to make these mouth-watering pakore which are popular worldwide and a bite of this crispy snack will take your taste buds to a whole new world of snacking. While... - 119.843

Paneer Ke Pakore

Paneer ke pakore is one dish which reminds me of my childhood and that, how crazy we kids were for this delicacy, whenever it was festive time or we had some guests over we would keep lingering around the plate just to get some extra pieces. Even you would be... - 115.439

Palak Ke Pakode

This palak ke pakode recipe is my new favorite as I had never tasted such a crisp snack in my life. Watch this video to try this spinach dish and you would never forget that first bite all your life like me. - 112.286

Indian Vada Pav

This Indian vada pav is as popular in India as a hamburger in the USA. But the best thing about this recipe is that it is way too easy to make than a burger and it is delightfully delicious. Watch the video and give it a try and it will warm your belly and... - 130.006