Rcsbriskethouse's Recipes

Cashew Bourbon Chicken

A delicious twist on a classic chinese and cajun recipe, that will send your taste buds on a journey into the world of mixed cultures, sweet yet spicy works well withh egg rolls or fried rice or just put it over some jasmine rice or cajun dirty rice - 49.7799

Smoked Salmon Cucumbers

a delicious healthy appetizer for your st patricks day menu - 22.8838

Reuben Pizza

A creative mix between italian and irish culture very unique - 32.0555

Irish Herbed Potatoes

A traditional irish dish perfect for your st patricks day menu - 25.9943

Dilly Corned Beef Dip

a delicious st pats day dip for friends and family to enjoy, simply creamy and unique - 32.5872

Leprechaun Punch

A wonderful sT PATRICKS DAY TREAT FOR ALL AGES - 37.8596

Turkey Reuben Sandwich

A traditional irish recipe that's simply delicious and easy to make - 38.3094

Cabbage Roll Casserole

a wonderful and delicious twist to a traditional irish dish - 16.4047

Taco Casserole

A great little twist on a mexican casserole dish - 44.7193

Chicken Cheese Tortilla Casserole

A great little casserole thats packed with flavor,the salsa and ro-tel in the dish sets it apart from other recipes - 47.9168

Creamy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

A wonderfully delicious recipe that has is a popular comfort food around the globe, creamy yummy goodness - 46.869

Zucchini And Tomatoes

a delicious soup that'll warm you up on those cold days, a wonderful blend of tomatoes,onions,garlic,and zucchini - 42.5753

Vegetable Soup (for Special Diets)

A wonderful and flavorful soup for special low to no protein diets. - 38.4494

Vegetable Egg Rolls

A delicious Vegetable egg roll that won't make you feel guilty - 47.4659

Aloha Ribs

These ribs are flavorful and fun, and the name suites them perfectly aloha meaning hello and good-bye hello cause i'm glad to have this recipe and good-bye cause your gonna need a pillow after eating these ;) - 36.5559

Sweet N Spicy Ribs

A flavorful recipe thats both naughty and nice these ribs will reel you in like a fair maiden and then slam you down with the spice. - 44.8008

Baked Mostaccioli

A dish that can be fixed quickly and easily with a delightful taste that everyone will enjoy - 44.0949

Cherry Glazed Spare Ribs

A delicious mouth watering rib recipe that's sweet and delightful - 36.8986

Injected Ribs

a wonderfully juicy way to prepare ribs - 28.7807

Blackened Ribs

A spicy kick to spare ribs that'll have you screaming laize le bonton roulet - 33.761

Hobo Bread

An easy bread recipe that everyone can enjoy instead of baked this bread is prepared on a griddle or in a skillet - 27.3325

Duck Ribs

A delicious fusion of chinese and american goodness - 21.033

Rattle Snake

A drink for those special occasions that has a taste of it's own - 19.5922

Pomegranate Beef Fajitas

A wonderful combination of exotic fruit and beef straight from RC's Briskethouses Kitchen - 43.9234

Old Fashioned Bbq Chicken

Barbecued chicken that'll knock your socks off - 40.3447

Cherry Smoked Turkey Breast Stuffed With Leeks And Garlic

A Great meal with a wonderful smoke flavor, the most juicy and flavorfull recipe that's a breeze to fix - 41.2809

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno

A wonderful spicy appetizer for any occasion - 28.7938

Penne Tuscan

A wonderful Dish for those romantic or special ocasions or anytime - 39.2117

Banana Butterfinger Cheesecake

A wonderful Creation from RC's Kitchen that meshes americas favorite candy bar with a classic american dish - 49.3206

Caramel Apple Chicken

A Tasty dish from chinese and american fusion that is simply scrumptious - 43.797

Mesquite Smoked Brisket

a simple and delicious recipe for that brisket you've been afraid of cooking - 42.6873

Apple Mesquite Smoked Prime Rib

Prime rib recipe, A juicy thick delicious steak well worth the time. - 32.3608

Smoked Chicken, Curry Corn, Collard's, And Colcannon

A complete chicken meal with veggies and potatoes - 41.3529

Swiss Peppered Steak

A delicious house hold favorite, that's so easy to make. a great comfort food - 36.6808

Baked Parsnips

A wonderful irish addition to any meal that will become one of your favorites - 24.3647

Apple Barley Pudding

a wonderful traditional irish pudding for everyone to enjoy - 32.8733

Irish Pound Cake

A wonderful fruity irish cake that's sure to make you smile - 44.4283

Lemon Curd

A sweet but tangy treat from ireland - 32.6339

Irish Coddle

Another traditional irish dish that is rich and packed full of meat and herbs - 42.8152

Spuds N Cabbage Soup

a wonderful creamy irish rendition of potato soup, quick to become traditional in your home as well - 45.8819

Apple Mash

another irish dish that will have your tastebuds doing a river dance - 32.2297

Potato Farls

an irish favorite, that has similarities to the american side potatoe cakes, this is fun to cook and good to eat - 36.8275

Corned Beef And Cabbage

a delicious authentic irish dish served with a wonderful horseradish sauce - 42.3124


A traditional Irish Dish, It has a wonderful taste the perfect change from normal mashed potatoes - 37.8016

Rc's Chili

For those cool fall days and cold winter evenings this dish will warm you up from the inside and keep you warm and full for that perfect night of sleep - 48.769

Onion Petals

The perfect appetizer for those holiday get togethers and parties or anytime - 42.3197

Easy Beef Stroganoff

Simply delicious, with a wonderful cream sauce that'll make your mouth water - 39.1328


A delicious traditional salsa for every occasion - 38.0073

American Chow Chow

A wonderful Native American fav, perfect for chips or anything else, a little spicy but awesome - 34.8176

Smoked Stuffed Burgers With Portobello Mushrooms

A perfect combination of cherry smoke and bleu cheese with portabella mushrooms and stuffed onions inside a burger, this one will please any guests - 44.7197

Basic Carbonara Alfredo Sauce

A creamy Alfredo sauce with crumbled bacon mixed right in the sauce for an added slightly smokey taste, very cheesy and very creamy - 36.7037

Chicken Kiev

A wonderful take on the traditional Chicken Kiev, this one is mouth watering and wonderful, each ingredient compliments the other - 44.3045

Reuben Sandwich

A great traditional sandwich made with corned beef, sauerkraut and a sweet red dressing perfect for snacks - 40.7468

Creamy Deluctible Potato Soup

Wonderfully creamy and rich another perfect fall dish - 38.6534

Collard Greens Okie Style

A spicy Okie Traditional side dish, taste wonderful - 34.5968

Banana Butterfinger Cake

A beautiful addition to a classic cake mix - 30.102

La Z Boy Gumbo

A delicious spicy cajun classic made the lazy way, perfect for those fall and winter evenings at home with the family or with friends - 42.9785

Chocolate Marbled Almond Cheesecake

A creamy sweet treat for the holidays - 42.1611

Strawberry Trifle

A wonderful all occasion dessert that's sure to put a smile on your face - 35.9491

Good Ol Chicken Fried Steak

A taste of country with every bite this is the way granny use to fix it. - 39.6197

Crock Of Savory Stew

The perfect stew for those cold winter months or just for plain old fashioned comfort food like grandma use to make - 32.613

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

A Cheesy crunchy recipe that'll have your friends eating out of your hands when it comes to entertaining - 29.377

Smoked Apple Bbq Sauce

A sweet BBQ Sauce thats works well with poultry - 31.4267

Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

A creamy spicy treat for all those pepper lovers - 36.8194

Vegetable Stir Fry

A wonderful stir fry that everyone can enjoy - 39.6681

Creamed Oysters With Spinach

A delicious seafood soup forr those wintery months - 31.1499

Melon Salsa

A wonderful salsa that will tantilize the taste buds - 40.2557

Tropical Sunset Cocktail

A refreshing drink for parties and holidays , bring a little cheer to your friends this season, be careful this one will get you hammered if your not careful - 34.5947

Brie Cremeux Stroganoff

A wonderful french twist on a classic german dish, thi recipe is so creamy and delicious it's sinful - 39.8057

Oklahoma Stir Fry

Stir fry the Oklahoma way, this is how us country folk like to cook - 42.2362

Smoked Beer Butt Chicken

A whole chicken that is just over flowing with juice and talk about tender mmmmmmm perfect for cookouts and to make a name for yourself - 38.7999

Inferno Buffalo Wings (caution)

These wings are not intended for anyone under the age of 18, they are very hot but ooooooh soooooo goooooooood with a great flavor - 35.2043

Beer Battered Chicken

A Classic Country dish that's homeade and delicious - 41.4894

Roasted Crab And Clam Bake

This is a very nice dish for get togethers - 36.1821

Blackened Steak

A cajun Fav Blackened Steak - 41.9539

Skillet Jambalaya

A nice cajun treat for those just starting their journey into the cajun culinary field - 37.7583

Creamy Spinach And Carrot Soup

The perfect warm up soup for all occasions - 37.3687

Craked Salmon And Pecan Cheese Ball

A wonderful addition to dinner parties, this cheeseball is delicious and easy to make. - 40.7714

Garden Stuffed Mushrooms

A great appetizer for any occasion - 35.4062

Chocolate Mint Silk Pie

A lovely creamy Chocolate mint dream - 44.5623

Tiramisu The Easy And Affordable Way

A wonderful Calssic Italian Dessert meaning pick me up - 45.7533

Rc's Ribs Smokin Chefs Episode 2

A preview of how RC holds the title for best ribs in Oklahoma. A perfect episode for grillers, funny and entertaining yet instructional - 40.7756

All Purpose Rub

A multi purpose rub that works on all meat and poultry - 35.7791

Pan Fried Ribeye With A Portobello Shallot Cream Sauce

tender rib eyes simmered in a rich wonderful cream sauce - 46.0681