Sanjana02's Recipes

Tuna Patties.

Mix all the ingredients and chill for about half an hour. Heat the oil in the pan and shape the mixture into patties and fry. Make sure not to turn the pattoes too early as there’s a high chance of them breaking. Brown well. Yum ready to eat. - 27.8413

Herbed Halibut

Clean the fillets and season both sides with salt and pepper.Mix all the other ingredients and form a thick paste.Spread the paste about a tsp on both sides and sear in a pan with olive oil. Do not worry if the paste does not stick to the fish. Once the fish... - 24.5029

Healthy Kheer

Although its been a while since Diwali has passed but my sweet tooth isn't satisfied yet and I wished to try something without feeling guilty. I decided to try this recipe of Indian Kheer with splenda i.e an artificial sweetener. I usually have it at home as... - 33.8255

Batata Vada

Yesterday I made these delicious potato fritters, well actually they are not fritters but really good round an inch and a half sized balls dipped in seasoned chick pea paste and fried and called Batawada in India.These are a local favorite in Mumbai city and... - 33.1714

Mexican Tacos With Indian Twist!!!

Mexican Tacos with an Indian twist. I love experimenting with food and these tacos turned out to be an instant hit at my place, so I definitely wanted to share it with you. Do let me know how it turned out for you. - 39.8871


Rasmalai is made from Rasgulla and saffron flavored milk.The sweet and delicious balls of Indian cottage cheese or paneer which are made from whole milk or cow milk are immersed in a sugary syrup and served as a sweet dish in India.However this dish is... - 30.2279