's Recipes

Video 1 Making Jam And Infusing Fruit

How many times do you get confused while buying jams for your home? You don't have to bother about it anymore after you watch this making and canning jam and infused fruits video. If you have the equipments, this is such a great way to eat fresh jams or... - 84.1698

Video 2 Home Canning Fruit In Syrup Or As A Pie Filling

If you like to enjoy the fruit of your hard work for a long time; here is a video showing canning apricots in syrup and as a pie filling. If you have all the canning equipments this video is very useful for you and the chefs also make a nice succulent pork... - 79.2078

Video 5 Home Canning Whole Meals; Chili And Stew And Meat Sauces

This video showing making and canning chili stews or meat sauces is such a life savior as it shows how you can prepare these dishes in bulk quantities and keep it for a long long time. A perfect choice for inviting guests over and having a feast without... - 94.9491

Video 6 Home Canning Pates, Meatloaf And Fish

How nice will it be if you could open a can and have some pate whenever you wanted and what if that pate was your own homemade? Here is a making and canning pate video which will make you dream come true. Get the instructions and get that pate ready for the... - 87.148

Video 4 Home Canning Vegetables; Soup And Ratatouille

This making and canning vegetables and soups video is a great way to deal with surprise guests. You can preserve your own fresh vegetables, soups or even ratatouille and use it whenever you need it. What better way to save your time when you want to spend it... - 87.2578

Video 3 Home Canning Tomatoes; Tomato Sauce & Salsa

Do you sometimes feel too lazy or tired to cook tomato sauce when you need it the most? This making and canning tomatoes tomato sauce and salsa video is a perfect solution for your problem. Now you can have fresh tomatoes or a sauce straight out of a can. - 94.8832