Trythaifood's Recipes

Thai Ho Mok Pla

The authentic Thai Ho Mok Pla(Fish Curry Wrapped in Banana Leaf) is simplified. What better way to learn how to cook this dish than from this video! - 101.006

Thai Khanom Jeen

For all Thai food lovers, here is a Thai khanom jeen, which is a very popular dish from the north of Thailand. In this video you will see how it is made in an authentic way and the fresh flavors and a mix of textures is a royal Thai treat for the taste buds.... - 89.9424

Thai Luk Chup

For all the sweet teeth here is a master piece of desserts. Thai luk chup is an out of the world dessert, which was served in the royal palaces in ancient times and even now it has high regard among Thai people. This video shows how this truly artistic,... - 108.283

Thai Sungkhaya Fuhktong

Looking for exotic desserts? Check out this Thai sungkhaya fukhtong, which is an amazingly light dessert and the way it is cooked makes it really exotic. In this video you can see how simply it is made and you will realize that how cooking is not only about... - 91.4289

Thai Food Cooking: Tod Mun Pla (fish Cake)

If you are looking for the recipe of anytime snacks, you should try these savory fish cakes. This authentic Thai recipe is so exotic that your guests would love to go for second helping. So, watch the video to learn in details and enjoy an awesome afternoon... - 117.116