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Bulgur Pilaf With Green Lentils

A perfect bulgur pilaf recipe! - 32.8619

Kidney Beans With Beef Franks

a delicious fall stew with kidney beans - 37.4507

Imam Bayildi

İmam bayıldı is one of the most popular olive oil dishes of Turkish cuisine. It literally translates as "imam (the priest) fainted." The rumor goes that imam faints, out of stinginess, when he learns the amount of olive oil used to make this dish. İmam... - 45.3669


Here's another delicious certified Turkish eggplant recipe. I had mualle first in İstanbul at Çiya Restaurant. The owner and chef of Çiya, Musa Dağdeviren, is not only a great chef but also a passionate researcher of forgotten Anatolian recipes. He has... - 42.9322

Eggplant Stew With Rice

I'm still posting eggplant recipes, and I still have more, because eggplants and zucchinis are the main things we've been getting from farmers market every week for over a month now. And I took the opportunity to show how Turks are crazy about eggplant! Cive... - 41.5046

Stuffed Peppers With Bulgur

This dolma recipe is definitely for those who love bulgur. If you don't like bulgur, then your recipe for stuffed peppers is this one. On the other, if you like bulgur, this is a great recipe with fresh herbs and refreshing lemon zest. - 34.3266


This summer stew is a specialty of Çanakkale. Çanakkale, the northern Aegean/ half Thracian city, has a rich cuisine, but once you taste its famous peynir helvası (cheese halva) and fresh fish from Dardanelles you forget to ask for more. - 41.3602